Wednesday, December 29, 2010

letter recieved 12/29/10


Hey whats up? So it was a lot of fun talking to you guys on Christmas. My companion it was his first time talking to his parents on his mission. So it was funny we talked a lot about it. The first call home on your mission is by far the weirdest! You get on the phone and the entire time before hand your nervous cause you have no idea what your going to talk about, And then your nervous as to if they think you've changed I don't know why you think these things but for whatever reason you do. Especially since every day you go out and talk to random people you have never known at all. But in the end it was by far the sweetest of all the phone calls.

Lets see as far as funnies go this week there hasn't been any that really stand out in mind I think. Oh haha the other day I was talking to the new Elder that lives with us. His name is Elder Wilkinson. And lets just say sometimes he doesn't always think clearly. So I was like yeah for Valentines day lets just invite girls over for dinner and will feed them. His response I didn't know we were allowed to have investigators over in our apartment. Haha I was like oh yeah its no big deal with the four of us here we will easily have a third priesthood. Well needless to say I had him convinced until his companion finally goes Wilkinson it was a joke we can't have girls over. So its so much fun to have this kid in the same apartment. Poor kid though cause I love to bother him so bad. I honestly should be nicer though.
Second thing is I went to the office and was sitting there and President goes Elder Davis what are we having for breakfast since Sister Simpson seems to always make what you want. So in my defense one time she did make breakfast burritos cause I requested so he did exaggerate it a bit. Well we kept talking and I told him I had a crazy idea he response again with oh no and your going to tell me? So my idea was renting a limo for all the Missionaries in the Zone to unify us well he shot out 3 reason why not to do it and said what do you think my answer is now. So clearly it was no. So that put an end to my sweet idea but that is alright.

Anyways this week its the last week of the year then were on to another year. In Helaman five its where Nephi and Lehi are introduced. They are told that they were given the names of their first parents to be better put it says this "Behold, I have given unto you the names of our first aparents who came out of the land of Jerusalem; and this I have done that when you remember your names ye may remember them; and when ye remember them ye may remember their works; and when ye remember their works ye may know how that it is said, and also written, that they were bgood.given unto you the names of our first aparents who came out of the land of Jerusalem; and this I have done that when you remember your names ye may remember them; and when ye remember them ye may remember their works; and when ye remember their works ye may know how that it is said, and also written, that they were bgood." And the reason was for this "Therefore, my sons, I would that ye should do that which is good, that it may be said of you, and also written, even as it has been said and written of them." I enjoyed these verses it made me think of the new year and some people I love and admire. Grandma as we know was well loved and any that knew her would talk of how great she was. Now then we don't have her name as ours. But we can remember and in so doing we can live the next year as she would. We can remember the great things she taught us and the great ways she loved us as well as others. When your taught something you must apply it because your responsible now for that knowledge. And we were taught a lot of great things by grandma so apply it in your lives and you will find you will be just as blessed as she is. I love ya tons set some good goals for the new year. With out a goal or vision your just lost. Love ya it was awesome hearing your guys voices bye for now.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

letter recieved 12-22-10


Whats up? So to answer the questions you had. Well the new ward is interesting. They have had a lot of missionaries who, don't get me wrong are good missionaries just didn't know how to work with members. So to say the least it was a not so stellar welcome hahhaa. It was good though we met a family named the Jongs and they are really cool. They were probably the friendliest.
But lets see President Simpson finds it super funny that I am back in the Metro he said today as I walked in and someone said my name Haha is that Elder Davis who will spend pretty much all his mission in the Metro. My response I dont' know President am I finishing here in Halifax. To which he replied there is a high possibility that I will be here till the end of my mission holy crap buckets. That will be 20 months of my mission in the metro.
Yes Kelly is super funny she took us out to eat that day and then took the picture. But it will be interesting to see how things go. We have no investigators here right now. So its back to finding.
The good news is that Steve and Karen in New Glasgow they are doing really well so I am least glad that things are going good there. Oh yeah before I forget today I was backing up and was a little spacy totally almost ran a lady over hahaha she totally was swearing and getting all crazy. Just a funny side note. But in Halifax its crazy I live with 2 other Elders so there is four of us total in the apartment. Its pretty sweet like it so far thought I wouldn't but to unify the apartment I had us all shave our arms. Yeah its pretty sweet! We feel unified were probably going to shave our legs as well. But that is also because there is a new Elder that is a little socially akward ya know. So I keep trying to do things to force him out of his shell. Hopefully it works.

But as for the work here we are knocking a lot. And trying to get know the members of the ward. Hopefully things start picking up. If it wasn't for the fact I have been here so long and didn't know some of the members it would of been pretty awfull for a first Sunday. Well anyways things will pick up enough of the crying.
So today I was thinking well actually this last week I have been thinking. In John 10 its says this in verse 24 Then came the Jews round about him, and said unto him, How long dost thou make us to doubt? If thou be the Christ, tell us plainly. 25 Jesus answered them, I told you, and ye believe not: the works that I do in my Father’s name, they bear witness of me. It was interesting often times we find ourselves thinking it would just be easier if he came and told me that he was the Christ and that this is his church. But would it be easier. The answer is no not at all. Judas stood and watched Jesus do these great works and I am sure on occasions heard him bear witness of who he is. But he still betrayed him. So then we see we must believe. It doesn't ever get easier life is and will always be hard. So we must push on. 26 But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you. 27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: This one was simple but a good one that I liked it is each day when we look back on our day we should ask ourselves did we hear his voice and so live the day that he can say he knows us and we can say that we do indeed follow him? 28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. 29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. The ending is my favorite we are his. This season let us not forget him. As long as we live our lifes in a way the gospel teaches we shall never fear for we shall be Christ forever and instead of giving us a temporal gift he will give us that which will be forever. And that which will be bring us everlasting joy. I want ya to know I don't say it a lot in letters but I do know that Christ is our Savior and King. He did rise on the third day and because of him we will live again. We are his and we should never be ashamed of him or his church. Each day testify of him bodly and proudly. I love ya mom dad Anslea Keaton Dax
Devyn and Alea. I love the rest of ya guys you have been one heck of a family one I proudly talk about you guys all of ya bring a twinkle to my eye and joy to my face. Take care this Christmas season and hey I can actually truly say this talk to you on Saturday love ya!

Elder Davis.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

letter recieved 12/15/10


So transfers are in and I am going to Halifax crazy eh! Never would of guessed. I thought for sure I was going to Newfoundland or Fredericton but I am going to Halifax so back to the Zone where I spent my first 13 months hahha. So it should be a lot fun. I am bit nervous I am getting doubled into the spot there. And training a new Zone Leader which will be fun maybe a little nerve racking though. Mostly though because I have never been doubled in. So this will be a really cool new experience and opportunity. I am not sure how long I will be there who knows it could possibly be my last spot but that could not even be the case it will be interesting to see what happens. I am upset though to leave here things started looking really good as last week we found four new investigators but I guess that is the way things go sometimes. Its also going to be hard I have to like this area where else do I get to make trips to PEI New Brunswick and Cape Breton Island all in one transfer. Its also hard because with the branch being so small you get to know a lot people and get to know them better then I have most members in other areas. In my other areas you would get to know one or two members but never would you get to know pretty much all the members really well. The other hard thing will be to leave and not be able to talk to Beus as much as I was here. So that is going to stink and hopefully somehow he can get moved to the Metro again so we can talk and go on exchanges again. So other then that today I will be packing/be a little nervous as to what lays ahead. The one comforting thing is at least this time when I get doubled in I won't have to worry about it being due to crappy missionaries as the last missionaries that were here are both really good. So I am sure things will work out fine and I am sure I will have a lot of fun.

Well this week was a good week. Transfers always make things interesting and exciting. But this week I wanted to say something that I realized is important to say and needed. I wanted to say thank you and I love you. Both you and dad. In a scripture sense I feel I have the parents of Alma the Younger. You guys loved me even when I was rebelling. And when it came for me to be humbled just as Alma's parents you guys were there helping me and still showing me not discust but love. At times when I thought I couldn't walk anymore and things were to hard and life wasn't worth trying to fight and keep going. You were there to give me the push I needed. You were there telling me I could keep going and despite how things are now they will be better. And they did always get better. So thanks you guys are unsung heroes. I am where I am today because of you. I know where I would be if you weren't for who you were. The thought of that makes me cringe at that thought of it. Well things here are good I am excited at what lays ahead. Thanks for everything I love ya. And talk to ya in a little over a week holy crazy.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

letter recieved 12/8/10


So I did know that Teriney was coming. its great that they were able to surprise you MOM.
But I am sending some pictures of Zone Conference its was the first one I have ever done a training at got a little nervous. Then also sent a picture of a sweet sunset and also of Zone Leader Council. So I figured I would send those.
As far as talking to Dave ha who told you. He told me not to tell you. It was so funny though cause we were sitting there and all of a sudden a member comes and gets us and makes it look super serious so I was like what the crap? Hm.. this doesn't look like something good is awaiting around the corner. Then we get there and a member says Dave says to say hi so I started laughing and I was like what the crap? So then yes we were able to sit down and talk for a bit wasn't to long but it was a lot of fun well I was laughing pretty hard. I felt bad kind of took up all the time because as soon as I quit talking next thing I know bam he had to go so the member didnt' really get to talk to him. But yeah I did get to talk to him and apparently he broke as he told you that he talked to me.
So then the next after that we have Zone Conference and it went well we had a good training or at least I thought it was. It should of been it was put together by MTC department lol. Then that followed up with a talent show. And well lets just say I did my first play. Looked like an idiot as well. We did the Christmas Carol only a little modified to more a here and now setting. I couldn't do any of the lines without smiling cause well every time I would look out into the audience I would either see President or Elder Beus sitting there with a big oh grin. But anyways I was glad to get that over with. Then we sang some Christmas songs and the best was when we sang Grandma got ran over by a Reindeer. And it goes into the second verse and starts talking about how Grandpa was drinking beer and playing cards and I look over at President and he had the best look on his face. He just refused to sing. He sat there in silence and I am quite sure he was upset. So then the Christmas packages came in which for everyone that was there last Christmas this may have been the only reason we came again was to get these letters. It interesting I am horrible at writing hand written letters I actually despise writing them. But those letters definitely made my day and even made me tear up a little bit. So to everyone that wrote thank you.

I wish to especially say thanks to my brothers and sisters these were the ones that got me the most. I teared up as I read them. The compliments were perhaps the thing I needed at that very moment of my life. Thank you Anslea, Keaton, Dax, Devyn, and Alea for the letters you guys are great strengths and examples to me. I know it is a great blessing to have you in my life thanks for everything.

So life here is good. We are approaching the end of transfers. Next week will be week six crazy eh? Hopefully I don't get transferred no one wants to get transferred before Christmas. But only Tuesday will tell I guess. I hope you enjoy Teriney and her crazy family I am glad that she was able to surprise you and I can imagine it made your day. I always think it is funny how now all the surprises are on you. Never anyone else. I love ya tons thanks mom for everything.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

Zone Confrence,Sunset at Green Hill

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just some of the wonderful blessings of a mission.


Its December holy cow could time go by any faster the months just fly by holy smokes!
So as for the lack of sleep. Simple you just put tin foil in your windows or you can get one of those things that put over your eyes. Anyways just ideas to think about. Its not healthy to not get sleep so make sure you get plenty.(I have had 2 overnights at kohls were I work part time)
I will definitely want some good Mexican food when I get home plus you know I was thinking that on the way home Mattas is right there and it would be so sweet to just stop by and eat there. I often have dreams about eating no joke. Plus I was telling grandpa I am not a fan of Turkey for whatever reason I just don't think it taste good at all. Everytime I eat here I am just like crap are you kidding me turkey why turkey. But that is ungrateful so enough of that.
So Dax happy birthday bro. What the crap you let Nicholas(one of Kyle best friends from the mission) teach the kids how to blow fire for some reason I am not to surprised that he knows how to do that. But yeah you will have to get some pictures. So with the craft are you still going to do the scriptures for them or just the picture of them temple. Anyways you should take a picture I never see these things well mostly cause I don't ask. (talking about Christmas gifts for his Mission President)

So what is new this week. Well we had a good week we were able to meet a sweet lady named Jackie she had a kid named Brad and she let us in and they both sat and listened we thought they were going to come to church unfortunately they were a no show so that stunk. But we will go back and work with them. We have met some other good potentials that we need to call and get over and teach some more so we are pretty excited about that.
So this week I was thinking a lot particularly after listening to a song that talks about a guy who was forced to carry Christ's cross. His name was Simon. I wasn't sure about this as I never recalled reading it. So I looked it up and sure enough its in Matthew 27 verse 32 and its so short all it says is "And as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name: him they compelled to bear his cross." I thought it was interesting someone carried Christ cross. Why? Was it for Simon or was it for Christ? I am not completely sure who it was more for I assume probably both in very different ways. Elder Talmage said that they believe that later Simon came to be numbered among the believers so for him possibly it was his conversion. But what about for Christ? As I thought about this is what I came up with we know that Christ did nothing save it be for the benefit of the World. He was wounded and bruised by a whip into whose straps were woven metal and bone fragments and all this for our transgressions. He also bled from every pore which they say if we were to experience just bleeding from one pore we would faint from the pain a lone. Surely going through this he could of carried the cross. Again Elder Talmage said that the Soldiers wanted him to go faster so they grabbed Simon to carry it. Now then I believe it had to happen just as Christ had to know what it feels like to feel alone for we know he did feel alone on the cross according to Elder Holland. So I believe that this happened so he would know how we feel when we ask him to carry our burdens when we drop to the ground due to spiritual fatigue. I am not sure but it is something interesting to think about. I love the atonement I don't understand nor do I think I ever will fully understand I know its real the powers it has to release you from guilt and help you feel a peace and joy is something that is unmistakable and very very real. I love ya guys tons thanks for everything you have done for me.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

letter recieved 11-24-10 Man I love this Kid


Whats up things here are good. It snowed then now its freezing rain which is just weird the weather here makes no sense at all. Anyways I drove for my first time in a flurry storm holy crazy I thought I was going to die.Luckily I made it out OK and am still alive and didn't get in any accidents.
So lets see last week in church I gave a talk on genealogy don't ask me why they picked a missionary to give a talk on that makes absolutely no sense to me at all. So I get up and had no idea what to say for once. It was interesting I kind of thought it was the stupidest thing you could ask a missionary to speak on. But whatever life goes on and I gave the talk mostly heavily relying on Elder Nelsons talk since I had no idea what to talk about myself.
Oh yeah I got my first case of food poisoning holy nasty. We stopped and at a restaurant after exchanges last week and things went fine. Minus all of a sudden the next morning after taking a shower I start gagging next thing I know I am upchucking yup nothing like stomach acid definitely sucked.
So this week we have as well just been trying to find a new apartment since our is gross and always smells and literally there is mold in the walls, most nuts thing I have seen by far. So our quest is now to find someone to teach as well as get a new apartment is quite an undertaking.

As far as everything else its been an uneventful week. I want to remind everyone of the importance of prayer though. When Aaron taught King Lamonis father he invited him to pray to know of the truth of things. Joseph Smith also prayed from both of these experiences we see the power of prayer. One example led to thousands of baptisms and the other led to the restoration of the gospel. Prayer according to Bible Dictionary it says "Prayer is a form of work, and is an appointed means for obtaining the highest of all blessings." So we must pray it is essential. Christ was the example of all things and certainly in prayer was he an example he prayed always good bad happy or sad. No matter the reason he prayed. It is the only way to talk to the Father. So if we want divine help we will pray and it will not be a burden but something that will become instinctive and natural to us in our life's. The times when things go the worst is during the times of your life you prayed the least. President Simpson said that your spiritual life will only be as good as your prayer and scripture life. So its simple pray. We all want more faith and faith is a blessing of obedience its a commandment to pray so do it and watch the blessings come. Anyways love ya tons talk to ya later.

Elder Davis.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Letter recieved 11/17/10


Whats up so sorry this email is coming in late and I will have to be fast so everyone else in the family sorry but I have to be quick.
But this week has been a lot of fun we have been in Leadership Training. Which is 9-4 everyday for the last 3 days I forgot to tell you this last week sorry I am sure you were trying to figure out what the heck is going on.
So some funnies of the training one there is an Elder that looks exactly like Clark Griswold and no joke I was laughing so hard when I was staring at him. I just kept thinking about the time that Clark comes in and says well good news guys I was just watching the news and they said they spotted Santa, then Eddie chimes in are you serious Clark. So of course while thinking about this I looked like an idiot cause I was giggling.
The trainings started off bad as we had two other Elders with us and some of them took long showers, so we were late. Of course due to being raised by you I was freaking out and was in a bad mood the rest of the morning wasn't good.
In the end all that happened was when I arrived President said Elder Davis your finally here and then drops did the Assistants tell you that you need to pick out the opening hymns and prayers which of course to top off the morning they didn't tell us. So yeah that was that day in a nut shell. But other then that it kept on going and President of course as usual made some good comments. One of the best was he called Sister Simpson up during a role play and had her play an investigator and his comment was she will probably kill me for this tonight. So we all laugh and he goes hahah no really she will. She just gave him the look it was awesome.

Serious side though we were able to learn a lot more. Here is the interesting thing this training happens every other month and its always the same stuff so this is the second time I have heard it. And the cool thing is I still walked away learning a ton of stuff from it. One of things that I liked the most is the fact we don't need to fix everything as missionaries we feel like we must solve every issue. Another thing was that it is OK to sit and be quiet for a bit while you think about what they said and try to listen to what the Spirit says. It was awesome we were able to apply me and Elder Gammell he has been out for a little bit and we were able to get hopefully a new investigator out of someone that came out trying to kick us off her door. So I am pretty stocked to continue to apply this. But I got to go I love ya tons talk to ya later.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Letter recieved 11-10-10


Holy smokes Buddy is getting married that is so crazy tell him I said congrats what girl has he been dating?
So you guys have Stake Conference this week huh that is nice I am sure you are excited about it.
So I am laughing at Dave's email telling me that he took my spot as well as Devyn writing one that he took my spot I was like oh brother you guys are all nerds. Definitely brought a smile to my face.
So that is crazy that Eden is getting baptized she doesn't seem that old at all just weird to think that she is really that old already.
That is to funny how is things going with Nicholas being at the home? Does he call his mom at least and let her know how he is doing?

Lets see nothing to crazy has happened this last week as far as funnies. Its been raining like crazy and its warmer which stinks. I really do hate knocking in the rain it just makes it ridiculous. Elder Beus was down for the week and we were able to go on a exchanges that was a lot of fun. I enjoyed giving him a hard time as usual. He is a dork for sure. He seems to be doing really good though they are up in Sydney by themselves and they are three hours from any other set of missionaries its crazy to think they are that far away.
So nothing to crazy has happened here its been kind of uneventful really I got sick again which stinks. Its the apartment there is mold everywhere its gross but I think we cleaned it up enough that we should be fine or at least I hope if not we will just have to move out which isn't super exciting but right now a good possibility. So who knows it all depends on if we continue to get sick or not.

As far as Kyle he has disappeared off the face of the earth it seems like. So we will continue to work and find others that is all you can do really. No point in getting frustrated over it doesn't do ya any good except make you see all the negatives of every thing. So life will go on. This week has been pretty uneventful due mostly to me being sick so hopefully next week I will have more to report on anyways love ya tons talk to ya later.


Elder Davis.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Crazy Elders

Beautiful Prince Edwards Island

There hearts will go on and on

Elder's Davis' and Boyd

Letter Recieved 10/3/10


Whats up so we got some sweet picks from going up to PEI I will be sending you some in this letter. A hint think Titanic and then think that we were on a ferry at night time all alone hahah yes our hearts will go on. But nothing to crazy has happened this week. Its Elder Boyd's last P day in the mission haha poor sap has to go home. He is so depressed unfortunately I was not able to get him to sleep walk at all the entire time he was here.
Yes Tuk stupid word,Its just a beanie lol its so retarded. Almost as dumb as Elder Beus every time I talk to him he says at the end cheers. So Nicholas backed out eh what a chicken he was probably to afraid to ride the rides.
In the zone not a whole lot of changes were made only one change was made actually and it was one of the Dieppe Elders getting transferred. So everything else will remain the same and I will be staying obviously which will be nice because that is one more PEI trip and of course honestly New Glasgow is a sweet place to serve in.

As for the Disney trip that sounds like it was a blast glad to hear that you guys were able to have fun and have a safe trip. I can't believe Doug was afraid of riding Tower of Terror.
But Eh lol yes its a very commonly word used by all Canadians but don't tell them that because they will deny it, Its there way of us using huh. We say it a lot and most of the time we don't really notice us saying it. But yeah I think that is why they are in so much denial. Don't worry about sending up the Volcom shirts I will just ruin them here. That is sweet that you found some sick clothes.
So advice with Nicholas get him to make the family breakfast burritos he makes some pretty good burritos, And also he has a bed wetting and drooling problem so if you could put some sort of covering over my pillow and mattress that would be great and save us a lot of money. Hahha just kidding.

So this week was pretty good we were able to go out to PEI and do a baptismal interview and then the next day we went on exchanges with the Elder is in Amherst so I was in Amherst and its a different place. Kind of weird to be honest ha. Just different people in general. But it was a lot of fun I was able to go with Elder Chastain who haha is so trunky it will be funny to watch him this transfer since its his last. Then we went and to Dieppe New Brunswick Monday and came back yesterday so its been pretty crazy and I am super wiped. But all is well. We are still working with Kyle and Emily as well as knocking to try and find more investigators. So we are just working and of course having fun. Anyways that is all for now thanks for the letter and thanks mom for all you have done for me. I was blessed with a good mom. Love ya.



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

letter recieved 10/27/10


Yeah the package was awesome. As for taking Elder Boyd out to eat well we will do it in a bit. Its been pretty crazy lately, this week we have be gone a lot. It all started with last Saturday. When we went up to Sydney to do a baptismal interview that is one heck of a drive. I slept most of the way. But we didn't end up getting home till 10:15 that night. It was a lot of fun though good to see Elder Beus we went to his apartment and took a bunch of nuts you find on the ground put it all over the apartment, He has still yet to acknowledge that prank.
I am curious to know what the card said that Nicholas gave you. He is a dork I love how he is coming to live down there for 2 weeks. I could just seem him being super happy about that. I showed President and Sister Simpson the pictures of him Kelly, Stowell, and Keeney. They were laughing so hard at Nicholas they really loved him as well. As for Keeney yes he is a dork I am not surprised he hugged you the moment he saw you. He was always like that. Funny kid full of energy and I am not shocked much by him teaching the kids how to shoot rubber bands. As for Stowell an elder was saying the other day they remember watching a new Elder who had not to many friends standing by himself not knowing where to sit and Stowell invited him over to sit with him. So as you can see he was always pretty kind to people.That is funny that you got him with the microwave.
So Monday we went to Zone Leader Council and President always uses big words so I look like an idiot when he says do you know what I mean when I say that and of course he looks at me and I have a no idea look. So then he explains it so the best quote is Well Elders if I don't teach you anything at least I can always say I expanded your vocabulary. He is a funny guy. But Zone Council was good he taught a lot about working with members and helping the new missionaries out since there is so many. Elder Saunders who is the new Assistant is sitting there. Background story so we were talking about what to do with Christmas Zone Conference and we all decided that it was funny when Nicholas dressed up as Santa. So President looks around and says well who is going to do it this year. Sister Simpson goes well Elder Saunders and he is my height. So Presidents response is no he is more the size of an elf I felt so bad. So did Sister Simpson apparently so she made him apologize. But the rest of the week we have an exchange.Tomorrow we are taking off to Charlottetown PEI again to do a baptismal interview. So like I said we have a busy few days.

On the spiritual side. We were able to do those baptismal interviews and they were awesome. The Brewsters are a great family they are older but there youngest daughter Chelsea is getting baptized as well. I was able to meet them when I went on exchanges with Elder Beus up there,And it was a lot fun talking to them again. I felt bad they wanted us to stay up there and watch there baptism but we weren't able to stay up so like I said earlier we left. But things are starting to look really good here. I was on exchanges with Elder Bench Friday and we were knocking and we finished a street and one of his investigators gave him a referral. So we went to the referrals house well tried to ended up finding out that the house number was made up. So we ended up going to the next street we had planned out to knock. And we were standing at the side of the house and I couldn't figure out what street these other houses were on. So me and Elder Bench decided to knock it anyways so we start to head up and we look up to a guy yelling hey missionaries come in here. Obviously we go in. And we meet Kyle (weird teaching a guy with my own name cause I thought I was talking to myself.) and Emily. So we taught them the restoration. And commited them to be baptized when they received there answer to their prayers. They said that would be willing to do that. So Monday we go back and we taught them again and this time we commited them to November 20th and they agreed so we are pretty pumped for them and greatfull for this great blessing. Things though are starting to look good we are getting some good solid contacts we need to call and set up appointments with. So we should start seeing some good success. Its helps that so many elders before hand have worked really hard in the area.

Anyways bye for now love ya,


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

letter recieved 10/20/10


So lets see a bit has happened since last week. So this week we picked
up a new Elder his name is Elder Boyd so were in a threesome. I
have served around him before so it is fun. He is the one we got to
sleep walk. Unfortunately he hasn't been sleep walking here yet.
Elder Redford told us last night he was talking. So I was bummed as I
lost my chance to talk to him. So that is the new crazy, his companion
went home I feel bad for the kid. Lets see the also told me I talk
about Elder Beus and Nicholas to much so lately I have been focusing
on that since I don't want to annoy them. It is obvious that they
were my favorite companions. As I have more pictures with them but to
not make it obvious I will try to take more with them so they don't
feel as bad. Anyhow I am laughing that Nicholas is addicted to
fashion. That is so funny if he is reading its not my fault dude just
remember don't over do it.

So anyways I am glad to see you made it back from the trek soundly and in one piece. It is a good experience I will be honest I don't ever plan on doing it again though.

Kelly McNair ( she is her visiting from Halifax) called us the day before she left to the airport and sounded excited
to meet you guys but we didn't get to talk to her because we were in a
district meeting. But I am sure you will have fun with her she is super funny.

Anyways as far the area things are going well were finding a lot and
lately we have been trying to figure out ways to help the zone. After
President asked a question in our interviews that I realized I had no
idea what the answer was. So I was like well I felt stupid and so
after that we were knocking and talking about ways to make sure this
doesn't happen again. So we came up with an implementation. It is
the first one I have done and man I didn't realize how many people
love to argue. It sounded genius to us and it was something that has
been done before and well we sent it out and the phone goes crazy with
Elders saying we are focusing on numbers not people and my favorite is
one told us that we were using unrighteous dominion. I got a kick out
of that. But I would say it taught me a lot its been a good
experience. So that is what is happening here we are mostly working as
hard as we can to find the elect it will come in time I am sure. But
talk to ya later love ya tons.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

letter recieved 10/13/10


So that is so funny that you are up on the trek right now.
When I got to Sydney Elder Beus asked about you and when I told him where you were he goes oh man that sucks well hopefully she makes it home a live.
That is crazy to see that Keaton and Dax went wake boarding I was showing a bunch of guys one Elder said that he never was able to even get up on the board so congrats to them that is way sweet that they did that. How is Tanner Flaherty?
I am not surprised though that Nicholas did good he was always good at speaking. And yes when he tells a joke you would if you don't know sarcasm think he is serious.
So not to much is going on here we are just enjoying Sydney its a beautiful place. So I am just mostly enjoying the company of the Elders up here we played football earlier this morning and Elder Beus wore this disgusting leather hat. It was by far the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

As far as spiritual lately I have been studying charity and love. Its interesting haven't yet figured it out. I am thinking it is different. At least I am pretty sure it is. In verse 5 of Section 4 it says you need both charity and love. So I am trying to figure it out, And every time I think I have it understood I read something else and it completely changes. So I am not sure really the contrast but I do know that both are crucial in the missionary work. Especially charity because without charity you are nothing as 1st Corinthians 13 says. So who knows its exciting makes studying a little more lively. But I am glad to be going back down to New Glasgow its always good going on exchanges but its like staying at a hotel when you get back home your glad to be there. Love ya tons best of luck with the trip and talk to ya later.


Elder Davis

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Letter recieved 10/6/10


So conference was awesome this week. The talks were all super good I particularly liked Elder Scott's talk.
Some crazy cool news we got a new car its super sick for sure its a Subaru Impreza and it has like no k's on it at all. So literally its brand new I think its a 2011 anyways the coolest part about the car is it has a speed mode and yes I did try it out and sure enough it is as President Simpson said a "Zippy little car".
This week we are going up to Sydney on Monday to Wednesday. I am pretty excited two good friends and great Elders are up there. One of course is Elder Beus can't wait to see that kid, And the other is Elder Boyd. So things will be really cool there.
I am still lauging at the pictures of Nicholas and Stowell how was dinner with them? Did Nicholas go on a date? I told you would love the kid he is by far one of the funniest people I know. I am not going to lie I miss the random ideas of stuff we would do. I am glad to see that he looked happy. I am sure you guys had some good laughs. Don't believe any of the positive stuff he said about me but you can believe the negative hahaha.
This week has been a long one kind of, Friday and still today I am pretty sick got some sort of flu. It bites I have completely lost my voice so that meant I had to cancel an appointment as well as sit in for a day. President when he saw me said why are you here if your sick such a concerned guy lol. He knew though I was there for the new car. To be honest I didn't feel like that bad just was drained and well had no voice. But Sister Simpson called and told me to rest because it was stupid for me to go out when I really can't even talk. So poor Elder Redford had to sit in yesterday. I passed out and woke up and was bored myself so we went walked around downtown New Glasgow which is not effective but at least got both of us out of the house.
I am super excited for Garin and Sara though man what a good blessing for them and their family. What is the babies name?!

This week as far as missionary work goes we were dropped by Rosemary she didn't give much of a reason other then she didn't feel like she wanted to continue on with this at this point in her life. So that was a major bummer. I realized by now that all we can do is invite everyone still has that thing called agency. Also I just think of the quote that Sister Simpson gave on being discouraged she said that "Discouragement was a weakness of your faith" yeah definitely acts as a punch to the face for the times you did get discouraged. I realize though that every great missionary in the world faced discouragement and lack of success one way or another. Even Ammon and his brothers said that were about to turn around and come back. So this is just a test good things will come I just have to kick the sickness and get back out and start working. That way Elder Redford won't get crazy from sitting in. Anyways nothing to new has happened were just trying to call some of the contacts we have to set up appointments.
I love ya tons and hope you guys are enjoying the new baby.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Letter recieved 9/29/30


This week was super fun with Elder Redford he is a good elder, good replacement for Elder Nicholas definitely miss Elder Nicholas though. Poor Redford the last few days is probably sick of hearing stories about when me and Elder Nicholas served together. So your taking Nicholas shopping eh? When does he get there? Did he randomly call you or what? You will love that kid though he is a super funny guy. He will probably rank as my favorite companion. We towards the end were told by people in the ward that we complimented each other really well, And they could tell that we got along well with each other.
So did I tell you Elder Redford is 6'4 good gosh he is so tall ha ha. What we do is we go to doors and say we are reenacting bible stories and today were doing David and Goliath and that I will be playing Goliath and Elder Redford will be David well after a while it dawned on me that these people truly thought that Goliath was the short one and David was the giant. So yeah that won't work anymore at all. But to be honest I have been nice to him haven't done any welcome to the area pranks like Nicholas did with me. Just been to tired to do it.
So this week we are in PEI doing exchanges which is always awesome because PEI is by far the most beautiful part of our mission. It all starts right with a awesome ferry ride to the Island which is an hour and a half long. Then you get here and you just see beautiful country side. And the Charlottetown apartment is a ocean view apartment which is super sweet. You wake in the morning and get to go jogging on the boardwalk its so awesome. Only not so cool thing is me seeing a skunk playing around up ahead which made it super like oh crap if I get sprayed I will be pissed so needless to say we turned around right there and made a jog back home. Which was cool cause on the way back we were able to watch a cruise ship pull in it was super sweet to see that. I went on exchanges with an Elder Burr he is super funny and way sweet Elder. Favorite saying from him has to be Satan sucks.

Spiritual side though we were able to get ahold of Rose and we are going to go see her Thursday since Monday she was busy with school so were still being hope full with her. Also here in PEI I was able to teach a younger guy from Nigeria. Super humble guy. He went back to Africa to visit and when he came home a lot of his stuff was stolen it was sad I felt really bad for the guy. So as we taught him he knew what made a prophet and he knew the power of prayer. So we went on to teach him and we in the end committed him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. To which he said I would love to read it but I don't where to get it. I was truly humbled by this but even more humbled by him being genuinely thankful for us giving him the book for free. We set up a return appointment and I am excited to see how things go with him. I know that Elder Burr will be able to help him and I am sure he will be baptized. Iyk is his name and man did he teach me a lot about how much I take for granted particularly the Book of Mormon. To him it was a gift but most my life to me it was a burden something I had to read for seminary all though I can't say I really did that either. It helped me realize truly how sacred and how much I should love this book my challenge is for everyone to look at the book and see it for truly what it is. Many don't have it and many may never read it. Anyways though I love ya mom thanks for everything take care enjoy conference crazy its already time for that.


Elder Davis.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Letter recieved 9/22/10


So the transfer is done and yes I am sad to see Elder Nicholas go. Unfortunately we had one more exchange to go on Monday and Tuesday so that took sometime away. But when we got back we shared some good laughs and then I started realizing holy crap he is leaving. So the rest of the day was more of a crappy day as I realized I was losing one of my best friends. It is good though he will do great things back at home and he served a good mission. He has truly taught me a lot about being a better missionary particularly finding joy in the work and being a better leader. His lessons will not be forgotten nor will the laughs. I will be flying a flag at half mask if you would like to join me. As for my new companion it is Elder Redford I know him pretty well and am excited to serve with him he will be a good replacement with Elder Nicholas leaving. Oh get this Elder Beus got transferred into the zone which is really cool I am excited due to the fact I will be able to go up and spend sometime with him at least once this transfer.

So Sara is almost ready to explode eh that is so cool tell her congrats for me. What is it going to be? And Eden is getting baptized holy crap I remember when she was just a baby and she would always come down the hall when I was playing the a game or something and then we would end up playing some sort of a game. But good for her and Issy I bet they are both excited is grandpa still going to baptize Issy then?

So Doug and the camp out that is freaking funny that he took his Ipod up there I am pretty sure that most of the camp outs that was a strict no no. But when your the boss who cares right. Did he say he enjoyed it though? Tell Ans that is super sick that she won that competition! How many people competed in it? How often is she going to be working for Karen now?

So this week was a pretty cool week. Thursday to Sunday we knocked a lot and I mean a lot. To the point I started going insane, And towards the end of the night Sunday we were walking up to a door and we were knocking in a little town called Eureka and we walk up to a door and a lady was there on the phone then got off. So that was super unusual normally they stay just so they don't have to talk to us or they fake a phone call. We then say hello and introduce ourselves and she says do you want to come in? After we came back to reality we were like of course we would love to. Then we went in and talk to her found out she use to investigate in Alberta and moved here two years ago and hasn't seen any missionaries since crazy right. But we decided to reteach her the Restoration. And at the end the spirit was there and we knew we needed to invite her to be baptized. So we extended the baptismal commitment and she said yes so the date is November 5Th I am pretty stocked she was just a really humble lady. It does amaze me though how the Lord makes you work as hard as you can and then when he sees you have done all you can he then blesses you. Its a lesson I hopefully don't forget in the future. But that is all for now everything is good here just a little sad to see a good friend go. But talk to you next week.

Love ya mom,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

letter recieved 9/15/10


Holy crap I forgot it was dads birthday sorry dad.

So this week was pretty cool we made another trip to PEI. So that was kind of crazy. The third one this transfer which is alot of fun but the only problem with traveling so much is that it makes you super tired. So on the way there since we had to leave super early of course I just passed out. Then we get there and we meet up with Elder Burr and Elder Saunders give them hugs.Elder Burr said "Elder Davis you are much better hugging then hugging the phone" I was Burr your by far the funniest but yet weirdest Elder I have met yet. He is a funny kid. He has only been out 3 months now but he is really sharp. Has some good stories about how he sleep walks and what not. So I was laughing at him. Other then that we also went on exchanges with the District Leader from Amherst I went with Elder Haskell. Who unlike me is super serious. He is a different kid. Just innocent if that makes sense. Like he is the type that when we were on the drive back we were listening to a John Bytheway talk. "John goes and its called a ram.." and Elder Haskell gets all into it with the audience on the Cd goes Rameumpton. I just shook my head and was like oh no. Thought about asking him, I bet you got into the game shows on TV as a kid didn't ya. I did refrain though I was pretty shocked. Well by the end of it we had a really good exchange he is a good Elder. Had a lot of doctrine conversations not gonna lie not many laughs were in it. It was good for me though. Although when we met up with Elder Nicholas he goes Elder you look like you haven't laughed within the last 24 hours. So things were back to good and we went back to laughing at the retarded stuff again.

Spiritual side though right. Well if I had to be honest the exchange I was dreading I thought for sure it was going to be the most boring thing I will have to suffer for 24 hours. I was hugely proven wrong, It was a good exchange I ended up inside feeling bad for so badly miss judging this Elder. He taught me a lot about being genuine and sincere during prayers. And can he ever pray, my gosh. So right now we are back to finding a lot of the investigators.the ones we had are blowing us off which is hard. President gave a great talk to us in Zone Council about how we need to not have discouraging eyes. He said that the Lord doesn't have discouraging eyes and neither should we. Inside I thought that is easier then it sounds President then of course he said Elder Davis what do you do to deal with discouragement. So I was like well I just go work. So in a sense he had me teach myself. I am convinced discouragement and depression on your mission only come from when your not working hard. Because when your not working hard you have more time to sit and wallow in your pity and thing woes is me. Look around most of life's biggest complainers have to much time on their hands. Grandma is a great example of this when she was sick or even when she passing away she was worried for others thought less of herself and more of what can I do to help. I realized to much in my life or even on my mission I have asked "why me?" instead of why not me or Lord what can I learn from this. I don't know I am rambling on now so I will go for now love ya guys tons.

Love ya mom,

Elder Davis.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Letter recieved 9/9/10

This week we didnt hear from Kyle til late Thursday evening. His letter was short as you can see he has been in much training this past week.

This week I went to my first Zone Council, that was pretty intense but interesting we discussed a lot things and a lot things that we thought should be changed and need to happen in the mission to help it grow. Not gonna lie most of the time I was like where does everyone get these ideas I better start figuring out some of these ideas it was interesting but a good growing experience. Then we follow up with three days of trainings from 9-4 a day. Its new trainings that every mission is doing. They are going over some really good stuff that will truly, if applied lift the mission. Things such as how to be better question askers, listen better, be better at resolving issues. How to not just teach people lessons. Most important how to have the help of the Holy Ghost. It was very intense I enjoyed but am glad it is over mostly so we can start applying it in our own area. Also because that is to many days of just sitting there.

But other then that nothing to new is happening here just dreading the fact that Nicholas is almost done,Im going to miss that kid. Oh by the way Stowell is engaged crazy eh?

Love ya though,

Elder Davis.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Letter recieved 9/1/10


That is to funny that you were able to meet Casey Edgar she is a super sweet person. I was glad I was able to go there when I did and get to know her and her husband Rob. They are great people like a month after she was baptized she was made 2ND counselor in Young Women's crazy eh? But yeah that is to funny that you were able to talk to Kelly as well she is a funny person she actually came up that Monday and fed me and Nicholas it was really cool of her she has a become a good friend enjoyed being able to serve around her and get to know her. By the way that little fish's name was Sheerkahn named him after the fierce tiger from Jungle Book he was a tough catch I totally forgot about that though.
But who was saying I cut my hair? as for buzzing my hair I hate dealing with my cowlick so instead of spiking my hair in the front which who knows I might start doing. I just buzz my head. Plus in the heat its super nice. But yes we went up to PEI to do a baptismal interview it was a last second thing, And we couldn't get money fast enough to go. But I will actually probably be going again somewhere around September 11Th for another baptismal interview it will be interesting. But the last few days I have been up on Cape Breton Island its an interesting place I was in Sydney which is the Second Largest city in Nova Scotia it was a good time.
It was a three hour drive and made that again today to get back and teach Micheal and Karen were really excited to go teach them tonight it should be a good experience.
Sweetest experience of all this week was teaching Micheal and Karen. We walked in and they seemed tired as most parents of young kids are and Micheal who we both have been worried about. Mostly because he has never practiced any religion. Just seemed really skeptical well as the lesson went on we were able to teach them and Karen left. So it was just us and Micheal which worried me a little but as time went on Micheal ended up saying that he wanted to continue learning and wanted his family to continue as well because he knew it would be good for them. So we continue to teach about the importance of Prayer and taught the importance of having a Christ centered home and then showed him the 4 steps of praying. After which we asked him to pray and he did it was simple but powerful it was his first actual prayer. It was an amazing experience.

Anyways in closing you might of seen that this week Hurricane Earl is coming. I am pretty pumped for it. But also next week we have a Leadership training so it will take place on Wednesday so I don't know when for sure I will be emailing so don't worry the hurricane didn't get me.
Love ya,

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thanks Cassie Edgar

the first picture is of the baptism of Cassie Edgar back in August of 2009. Then you have Elders Farrance,Davis,Willis and Trump at Cassie's Wedding. Then Brother and Sister Edgar took him fishing and he was ever so proud of his Mackerel.
Notice he still has hair I have advised him to grow it back.......

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prince Edwards Island

This is the Ferry ride over to PEI. Also his new Comapnion Elder Nicholas and Some people they have been teaching

letter recieved 8/25/10


That is cool to hear that you went to Stowells homecoming talk. I am not at all surprised that he did good he was a very good elder, And one of my favorite assistants.
That is crazy to hear that trek is already coming up didn't school just start and if so when are they going to do it?
Well this week was kind of crazy when we got back from PEI (Prince Edward Island) we went home through Dieppe, New Brunswick and stopped at another District Meeting to see how they are doing as well as give a quick training. Then on Sunday we drove to Port Hawkesbury its a super small branch that we go once a month to and teach how to do missionary work its crazy small. There is only 12 active members. The building has only 2 rooms, 2 small bathrooms and a kitchen area. Its funny the two rooms are just for the branch presidents office and the next one is for primary. Anyways the craziest thing this week is that we have been knocking in Ammonihah and met a nice lady who told us to get our Demon A out of her yard or she would remove us herself it was funny.

But things have been going really well for Elder Nicholas and I we have started teach a younger family named the Hotsons. Hopefully things go well they seem really sweet. Karen the wife said the prayer last time without us asking her to. Its always a neat experience when the investigator prays its way more powerful. Kelly came up to New Glasgow she took us out to lunch and she was telling us that she is still planning on going to Arizona.

I was reading in Act 5 it was intense it talked about Peter and John being arrested and beaten and then afterwards they said something interesting. And they departed from the presence of the council,they were rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name. It made me realize that I shouldnt be so upset when hard times come but that I like them should be grateful that Lord considered me worthy enough to suffer or whatever the cause may be for his name.
Anyways I love ya tons thanks for everything.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

letter recieved 8-18-10


So the week has been super funny. Lets start off with me and Elder Nicholas get here, And he says that we had an appointment with someone Elder Beus found but he didn't know him. So he goes and says do you want to knock it and talk to him. So I am like sure ,So I go up and a girl comes to the door. I was like hmm.. something is not right so I go hey is Tim here? She goes no Tim isn't here I don't know him at all then another girl comes up and was like Jade you didn't tell me two guys are at your door. So I was like whatever this is stupid this is a total prank. So the transfer started off right got prank ed right away.
Then Saturday was Elder Nicholas birthday but due to us being busy we went out to eat Friday we went to Jungle Jim's and I had everyone sing Happy Birthday he was so embarrassed. Then I also called everyone in the Zone and had them call and wish him a happy birthday.
Then Sunday comes and we get a call at 6 20 and were informed that we would be both giving talks in Sacrament meeting. It was crazy. Not the best wake up call by any means at all. Then after that we decide after dinner instead of brushing our teeth at home we will brush in the car so we are driving and Nicholas that punk starts trying to make me laugh by just snickering well anyways I drooled tooth paste on myself. But other then that nothing to crazy has happened well a lot has but just can't remember all of them right now. But we live in an apartment the town we live in maybe has 5000 in it at 9 everything is shut down its crazy. Oh yeah its cool I am PEI right now its crazy I forgot my cord for my camera so I can't email the pictures I took of the ferry ride over or of some of the other pictures but I will get it to you next week.

So as far as the work we do a lot of the same things I did before we still knock a lot. Al though because our Zone is in 3 different Provinces and we have 4 district leaders it requires more travel which is fun but hard due to you not being in your area for 3 days of the week sometimes. But its interesting the Lord has really blessed us Monday before we left we got 3 new investigators. Two of which I am sure will be baptized. Anna is one of them and she is older and has the read The Book of Mormon enough to highlight it like crazy. But we are going back over to her house tomorrow and we are going to extend the Baptismal Commitment we were going to last time but ended up getting kicked out due to her husband needing to go to the hospital. Anyways this week has been humbling I have learned a lot had fun but mostly seen a lot of blessing I am grateful for the Lord and him helping. Also for putting me with Elder Nicholas who has been teaching me a lot. But that is all for now love ya tons.


Elder Davis

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Letter Recieved 8/11/10


Whats up? So that is so crazy that Presidents letter took that long to get there. Holy smokes, but yeah President is a good guy that was very considerate of him to take the time to send the letter saying that.
I am glad that you enjoyed the text message from Darlene she is a super great lady I am going to miss her when I leave here.
Crapo and I are doing good, things improved and we were able to talk about it and move on and continue to get work done. As for our investigators everyone is doing well. Brandon is doing really well is one of the coolest guys I am going by tonight I will have to get a picture with him and his family. I know he will be baptized hopefully I will be able to attend it when it happens.
As for District Meeting they are a lot of fun. As for what I teach its really already planned out I just follow the schedule President makes and maybe at the end I will give a training on a Christlike attribute. But from now on out I won't plan another district meeting for a while so that will be a treat. That was the hardest part you would plan one then the next week you would plan another and get trainings ready for the next one.

I am glad that you guys had fun with the Beebe's. Was it hard to say good bye again? I wish I could of seen Bishop dancing. I am sure that Jake and Kea were a blast to watch. Did the Colburns go by chance? How is Brother Blair doing now though? I need to email him. I wasn't able to write him a letter since I got his last one which was forever ago. But I will write him back and send him an email. But other then that if you don't know its transfers this week.

Elder Beus is coming back as the new Assistant. I was so excited I know he will be a stud it will be super cool to be able to serve under him. I am leaving to New Glasgow to serve with Elder Nicholas so I am super excited for that. The crazy part is I am going to be a Zone Leader which is scary. I never saw myself as that type of person. But since it won't kill me I know it will make me better. But in our Zone we cover PEI, Montcon which is in New Brunswick and all of Northern Nova Scotia so its quite the area. Which means a lot of traveling. It will be my first area outside of the Metro which will be new. Mostly because the other areas have branches and its normally small towns. But with that I will be able to take a lot of beautiful pictures that I will send home. But mostly I am excited to serve with Elder Nicholas he is a good friend and I am sure we will enjoy each other. But anyways talk to you guys later love ya tons.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Letter recieved 8/4/10


That is so cool that Charlie is leaving on a mission but he was always a good kid.

That is so crazy that you found two Sean John ties at Ross, But ha thanks for the new socks I really needed them my others ones are getting holes in them now.
Keaton is in Jr High holy crap he is such an oldie now. Ans will be able to drive him to school now eh? What is the name of the new school that Dax and them are going to? So how do you feel your birthday is coming up tomorrow are you excited what does that put you at 45 hahha just kidding. I won't say your age on here.

As for my new investigators a lot of them have kept there interest. The cool thing is the mission is changing a lot we have been able to get into so many more doors. Its crazy I remember that before that was unheard of the only time you got in was to get yelled at by some crazy Atheist who tried telling you that you were wasting your life and that your brain washed. But we are currently working with a guy named Brandon and he used to be on baptismal date but then dropped. So when we taught him we found out that he was comfortable with doctrine he didn't feel like he knew enough. Because the missionaries before would just watch movies and never taught him anything so we are going over tonight to teach him more. And I know he will get baptized its just waiting till he is married. But other then that nothing to new has happened here either. Just trying to enjoy myself as much as possible.

Love ya though mom

Elder Davis.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank you Darlene

Elder Davis,Stowel,Crapo,Sckow,Clayton, and Elder Bench

Elder Davis, Crapo,Sckow,and Clayton

Every Missionary MOM needs a Darlene

Hi Heather,
Attached are a few pictures of your son and his companion and some of the other missionaries that are serving around him. This picture was taken today in front of the temple, from left to right is Elder Sckow,Elder Clayton,Elder Bench,Elder Davis,Elder Crapo and Elder Stowell. I took these today because most of them have new ties on that I bought this week and Elder Stowell leaves to go home in two weeks so I wanted a few pictures.
Well things are good here the weather is really good its not so humid anymore. I wont be coming to Arizona this month so I'm planning a trip to PeggyCove on a Pday in late August for the missionaries so stay tuned for some beautiful pictures. We all love Elder Davis as you already know, he is like my son they all are, in the past two weeks your son has received two ties from me.
Im sorry that he lost his pants at the dry cleaners. He was pretty unhappy about that.
Im sorry to hear about your daughters dog, will she get another one eventually. Please tell her that I'm sorry. Please send me some other pictures of your family I would love to see more.Thanks for updating Elders Davis Blog page weekly I love reading it. That's what I first read when I come home on Wed. I just want you to know that he is very spoiled here and we love him very much and when he leaves it will be a very sad day in Cole Harbour. I believe that he will move into being a Zone leader when he leaves here and i predict that he will leave here to go to New Glasgow or New Brunswick to be a Zone Leader. I also believe that he will go to NFLD in January. I usually try to predict where our missionaries go from here in Nova Scotia and usually I'm correct, so it will be interesting to see how or where he goes from here. but right now he is here he thinks for another 8 weeks. but when transfers roll around its any body's game. Well enough about that. Enjoy the pictures and I will get you some more in the coming weeks. Please know that he is safe, loved and well taken care of.
I love you very much and thanks for being my friend in Arizona. Its so nice to meet new people and the mothers of our missionaries that serve here. I usually adopt them when they are here and i try to give them a piece of home that they don't have. love Darlene

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

letter recieved 7/28/10


Whats up? I am glad to hear that it sounds like you had a lot of fun in Colorado. This week was pretty good it was hot and had some rain. But other then that it was a normal Nova Scotia week.
That is to bad that Ladybug (anslea's dog)died ,but a plus could be is that you won't have to hear her bark everytime someone knocks.
This week was a lot of fun though we had district meeting, And of course Elder Smith( he loves to tease this elder) is there and I did give him a hard time. So his companion is telling us about how he taught him the five waves right. He said he taught the the double shooter. Then his companion says Elder Smith did the double shooter to a car full of girls. I was laughing so hard. So of course I go on to say easy shooter. He got embarrassed and was like Elder Davis I swear its not true. It was such a good time I just kept shaking my head and saying Elder stop ok you just got to stop flirting and trying to get girls your here to baptize not to date. So needless to say it made my week.

But this week was Zone Conference and we had a lot of fun there it was an awesome time. President taught a lot about eye of faith. It was a good training. We also were able to knock into a guy named Jason who was taught six years ago and then moved and the missionaries lost his info so he just dissapeared so we knocked into him and he let us in and we taught him. We also were able to teach a lady named Anna who is going out of town this week, But said next week she would come to church with us. So its been fun we have been able to go and talk to a lot of people and get some lessons so hopefully things continue to go well and we continue to find and then baptize. But thanks for everything mom love ya tons.



Sunday, July 25, 2010

Letter Recieved 7/21/10


Yeah Darlene is awesome. She has been to nice to me as well as every missionary that has passed through.
So here is the funny of the week. I was at a Dinner Appointment and I was talking to the members and they go "we were over at the Rodriguez's "some members in our ward. They made some of the most amazing food ever,and I was like oh yeah what was it and they go well it wasn't taquitos. It was like a round thing and you put beans on it, lettuce, cheese, chicken, and what ever else ya want to put on it. So I am laughing as I know what it is. I drag it along on and I turn to Elder Crapo and Was like you know what it is? He says no.They keep going I know it starts with a T its just not a normal name though. So I am like you mean a Tostada. They go yeah how do you know I was well lets just say I have had a few in my life time. That is how much not Mexican food it is up here. Tostada is foreign and amazing to them. You would of thought they made like a 5 star dinner from them the way there were describing it. I was laughing so hard.
So of course when we leave. I turn to Elder Crapo and go that is how much better the States is then Canada we actually have a lot of good food. Since he is Canadian he tried to argue but it got him no where. Poor kid I have like 3 American flags in the Apartment. And not one Canadian I always joke I am going to say the Pledge of Allegiance and often times invite him.

Colorado should be fun. On the serious side we are still knocking a lot and getting ready for Zone Conference tomorrow. We have dropped some people and now just need to call and try to set up appointments with some of the other contacts we have found. I am sure if we keep it up will baptize this transfer. We have enough time to do it. But sorry for the shortness I don't have anything to new to update on. I love ya tons and hope ya enjoy Colorado travel safe. Love ya Kyle.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thank You Darlene Kearley, this mom loves you......

Hi Heather,
I couldn't remember which email address to use so I used both of them, Here are a few pictures of your son on his birthday, he had a great day the sister missionaries called and sang happy birthday. I took him to dinner for Chinese food that was his choice. I bought him his card that he is holding in the pictures. The other missionary that is in the picture with him is his new companion, he seems to get along very well with him, And of course the other ugly one is of him and me. Then after I left him at his apartment, my son and my niece and myself went to walmart and we went to marks work warehouse and there were these pants there for 5 dollars, they were not quite a dress pant but they are good for the boys to wear out tracking so I bought Elder Davis and Elder Crapo pants , and they fit them to a T so I was happy about that, then we went to Walmart and we bought them ties also, Elders Davis is a spoiled boy right now. He is very happy to be celebrating his birthday and his year on his mission
We love Elder Davis just like he is part of my family, he is like a son and I would do anything for our missionaries. Well i hope that you enjoy the few pictures that I took of him on his birthday. Please enjoy and I will talk soon.
Love from Canada

Elder Davis' turns 21

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Elder Davis, Elder Hendricksen,Elder Stowell and Elder Nicholas. Football on the beach good times.

Letter Recieved 7/14/10


That is funny you could only imagine Blair dropping the bed post on his foot. Man that hurts nothing hurts more and makes you want to say some bad words then when you drop metal objects on toes or fingers.
Its crazy how fast the month of July is flying by actually how fast this transfer is going by. The teaching went well I have a good district and for the most part dont really have to worry about someone crazy doing something stupid cause to be honest if anyone in the district would do something crazy most likely it would be me. I think President knew this hence the reason I am the district leader now. I was actually just thinking the other day when I was kicked out of Sunday School class for some of those reasons. Crazy how fast things change.

Mashed potatoes and chicken though. What kind of birthday meal is that? I mean you got to go for the green chili burritos. But that is crazy that Alea is 10 right? Tell grandpa thanks for the gift and thank you mom and dad for it as well.

So this week we have been trying a new door approach and have had a lot of success. We also knocked 29 hours which may not sound like much but when your only counting knocking as finding and not including all the time you spend walking to places its a lot and super exhausting. This week has been a very long week. Its been mega hot and humid which literally takes everything out of you. But we have met some cool people one of them is named Stephany and we are going to go teach her Friday and the cool thing is she is also independently trying to quit smoking. We also met a guy named Matt who used to take the lessons and wants us to come back and reteach him again. He has a copy of the Book of Mormon and has been reading it on his own for years. But yeah blessings have come for the work and its exciting to see.
Thanks for everything mom can you believe I am turning 21 crazy eh?

Love ya tons though,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Whats up ?So the new Elder, I did work him pretty hard we knocked about 5 hours each day but we had a lot of success from it which was cool. We were able to meet some new people and get 3 appointments so I am really excited. I didn't make him chafe that I know of, but I did make him have to soak his feet in water nice eh? Hahaha I feel bad in all honesty.
A little a bout him though he is from Alberta so he is a native not to worry though. I am working on making him realize that America is better then Canada. He is stubborn though. I think I am going to start saying the Pledge of Allegiance every day since we have an American flag in our apartment.Yes you guessed it there is no Canadian flag. He is the middle of six kids there is three boys and three girls just like our family. He reminds me a little bit of me when I first came out minus the fact he really likes to read a lot. Which is cool. As for pointers I would love some from Colburn so this is me officially calling you out.

As for your new calling that is awesome you will do great in it. You really did do a good job last time you were in it. All the young women loved you. Look what you did for Heathers older sister Rachel. Who told you that you would be in there till Alea and Devyn get in? That is wicked awesome. Then again crazy enough they aren't to far from entering young women's. What Devyn is only like a year a way pretty much. I can't believe that.

Fourth of July sounded a lot better then it was hear. We knocked apparently no one here celebrates it. Its really a shame.
I wish I could see Postma just breaking it down and ripping out some crazy dance moves. Just Dance when did you buy that game? I don't think we had when I was home or did we?
How is everyone else doing like Garin and Sara? Nate and Amy? Jesse? Adam how is he doing does he have a calling yet?

My year mark is tomorrow its honestly kind of excited slash depressing. Its gone by way to fast. I don't feel like I have been out a year at all. It feels like 6 months. But we will probably still go knocking we have a teaching appointment. Kelly's birthday is that day so we will probably go out to eat with her and celebrate a little bit of both right. So I am excited next week the 13Th is Elder Stowells birthday so we will celebrate our birthdays together so it should be a lot of fun.
Some Elders for there year mark burn a shirt. President has asked us not to teach the new Elders any traditions like that so I will for go that. Honestly I doubt I would of burnt one anyways.
yes mom you had me when you were really young( I told him I cant believe he is 21, I said either Im old or I had you when I was really young) love ya tons.



Wednesday, June 30, 2010

letter reciever 6-30-10

So transfers came in today, And the sad news is that Elder Nicholas is no longer and Assistant and got moved to New Glasgow with Elder Beus so I am excited and of course jealous of that. They will both do really well!
Elder Hendriksen is going home and I am deeply upset about that. I really have come to love the kid he is a great friend and will be missed. He has taught me a lot about how to be a better missionary. So the news of who my new companion is, I am training and as of yet have no idea what is name even is. I am really nervous about that, But it will be a good experience.
President had a trainers meeting last night and committed each of us to be exactly obedient. He put a lot of pressure on us. He said three or four times "as you train so goes the mission" so yeah I am definitely worried about that. He reminded us to be loving and kind, And to not forget that they are new and will have no idea what is going on. I will also be a district leader this transfer. So I am feeling a little bit uneasy right now I have two things I need to learn how to do and hope I can pick them both up. So this transfer will be a lot of fun as well as a great growing experience. I will probably be losing a lot of my free time due to call nights which I will have five of those a night and during emailing I now get to write district evaluations so that is the bad news I am losing free time. I know that this is what I need to do and will do it joyfully. Next week I will tell you who my new companion is, love ya tons keep me definitely in your prayers.

Love ya tons,

Elder Davis

Love ya tons mom

Thursday, June 24, 2010

letter received 6/23/10


So camp sounded like a lot of fun. President Salmon was always a funny guy I am glad to hear that everyone had fun and there was a lot of laughs. As far as carrying the finger around in his pocket that is just gross. I am sure that it makes for a great object lesson.

You asked how Elder Hendriksen was doing and he is really well. He is a funny kid he hasn't done anything to crazy lately or maybe I am just used to him being crazy all the time. The work is going good we are working a lot and have recently dropped a couple of investigators. Which stinks but its something that has to happen after a while they just don't want to commit and then you just waste your time there.
Here is the weekly funny. So the other day we were on the bus, And this kid is on there and we can say he is kind of socially retarded. He is sitting there talking to people and a young couple get on the bus and he says "so you glad you have a kid". You must be I mean otherwise to bad its here. So they go yeah we like him. After a while they get on the subject of what school they went to. He said that he was called a "rare"there because he was the only one that didn't drink smoke or do drugs and sleep with a girl every 5 minutes. He goes but I don't like to be called "rare" I prefer the word "descent" ,And then it dawns on him he just slammed the guy he was talking to so he backtracks and says not to say your not descent just I mean you could of made better choices. Your a good guy though. I was laughing so hard in the back of the bus and to this day swear there was a hidden camera.

So this week Elder Pieper of the Seventy came to the mission.He taught us in Zone Conference and it was awesome he is an awesome guy. He basically asked everyone in the room if they had any questions. So he got a bout 6 questions. Then spent the next 3 hours answering every question. So it was amazing he brought up a lot of good points that I think we were all doing but he showed us how to do it in a better way.
Afterwards I was sitting there and Elder Willis is giving me a hard time for wearing this white tie I have with grayish stripes. Really nice tie. I was telling Elder Willis how much President liked the tie and saying all these other things which were lies. Then I hear Elder Davis could you come here real fast.I Turn around it was President I was like crap I knew that the tie was a risky move. Well I start walking with him and he goes if you could step out here real fast Elder Pieper wants to interview you. So yes now I am definitely pooping my pants. So I get in the interview and it was really nice we just talked about where I am from what I did for work back at home, how long I have been out, what I think is the hardest part of missionary work, and how do I want to finish my mission. Then in the end I got a hug from the guy. So you can now say your son has hugged a general authority. I kinda feel like a big deal even though others were interviewed and hugged still feel like a big deal. But that is all for this week love ya tons thanks for the letter.


Elder Davis.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Elder Davis and the Purple Headband

I guess this is what missionaries do when they get bored, or maybe not

Letter Recieved 6/16/10


Whats up? So right now your in Girls Camp hahahaha!!
Things have been really good.I can tell you a funny story about the Head band right. So it was sitting there and I was complaining about how long my hair was and decided to just to put it on. Plus to be honest I did it to make people laugh. One time I I got a hold of those diamond things you put on your nails and will just say my face was decorated in them. I will have to get you more pictures. I have some of Peggy's Cove as well.
I wish you could of been there to see Elder Hendriksen climbing up the Moose it was so funny. But not as funny as him trying to figure out how to get down. We were laughing so hard he just kept yelling what do I do? How do I get down? It was so funny. So back to him and his feud with the Sisters. So every time we go to District Meeting he decides to wink at them and stuff like that right, so the other day all during sacrament they were staring at him. So he calls them and says Sister Billings no matter how attractive you might think I am you have to stop staring at me people are noticing and its just makes me feel really awkward. It was so funny she paused for a moment and then goes ha really why did you call? He goes no really that is why I called. Then she went quiet for like a good minute and goes is that it he said yes she goes well OK bye. They haven't talked to us or acknowledged us since Sunday it was so funny.

But this week I did a training on the Holy Ghost and linked it to the Liahona. So interestingly enough the Liahona was given to them to guide them through the wilderness and to food and also had messages that would appear on it. So when you go through how it worked. It only worked when they had faith, were diligent and took heed to things that was written. So with the Spirit it is a gift that we all obtain when were 8. But it is a gift that only works when we don't complain, we do everything we can to be better, and when we follow the counsel of our Prophets. So that was a fun training to prepare and something I figured I would share with you. Love ya tons mom.



Sunday, June 13, 2010

6/13/2010 Cow Bay Canada Elder's Davis' & Hendrickson

Elder Davis and Darlene Kearley

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Letter recieved 6/9/10


Whats up? So that is cool that you had Stake Conference. We had that as well.It covered all of Canada and Elder Ballard, Elder Pace, and President Uchtdorf spoke it was awesome. They all did a really good job.It was really cool I have never seen that before they covered the entire country.
That is cool to hear that you got a letter from Sister Simpson she is a great lady and one of my favorite people to talk to out here.
That is funny that Jeff(Payne) is down. He sure does come down a lot he should just move back its clear he can't handle being gone from here.
Its crazy how fast time is flying out here,yesterday was my 11 month mark isn't that crazy. Its so surreal and I have never been doing something in which time literally just slips away like it does here.
The reason I am sitting like that is I was making fun of a Elder who always sits like that it is one of the funniest things to watch him do it. Plus apparently that is the proper way to sit I don't know, it is definitely a little girly!

This week has been a lot of fun just mostly spent it knocking. We were able to meet a lady named Trina who at first wasn't to interested but as we kept talking to her she started to wind up to be more willing to listen to us. So she was really cool and she has a pretty cool family. Its one of the funner things from knocking is meeting new people and be able to talk to them. Its interesting most of the time they really have no idea how much, One the gospel can help them and really how similar it is to the believes they already have. But nothing else really has changed were still working with Brandon and he is doing well. I really like the guy. He is a good kid and since there wedding date has really started to listen to the lessons with more interest. But I got everything you sent this week. Thanks a lot for everything I love ya tons. Congrats on the job.



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

letter recieved 6/2/10


Whats up so this week was good. Nothing to crazy has happened just mostly been knocking and fun stuff like that.Lets see yesterday we got soaking wet. Elder Hendricksen was funny to watch during the rain. Poor kid sometimes the weather just sucks here. He just kept going only four more weeks and I am done haha. Things are going good here for me. Yesterday we had interviews with President. That was pretty funny I walk in and he goes you have any concerns I told him no not that I can think of. He goes well I don't have any concerns to address with you either so just keep being happy and work hard and then gives me a hug at the end. Walk out and Hendricksen goes in and talks to him for 15 minutes. I was like wow what are they discussing. So we get out and I ask Hendricksen what did you talk about. Oh well we talked about President Monsons health. If President Monson actually signs all the call letters and ministerial certificates (which by the way I washed mine woops haha). So it was funny to listen to,they seemed to have quite the interview.

But as far as the new investigator, (the man from Korea) So he did go to the right ward after all. So we turned them back over to the Dartmouth Elders which was like oh man. At the same time it was OK right. Because we also learned that night that this one investigator who was once on baptismal date, But dropped it mostly because he was married. Is getting married in August so I am way pumped. So we are going over to teach them Friday. It will be nice because now we can actually work with him and already he has shown more interest then before. Before his girlfriend Savannah who is a member would always set up the appointments,If needed call and cancel.Now he has taken the initiative to call us and set up appointments and what not. So I am pretty excited to see how this turns out. I am sure everything will work out. But that is it for now nothing to new or exciting going just trying to find people teach and keep myself busy. Love ya tons.



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Harrison Family

Letter to Dad Recieved 5/26/10


How is everything going? That is so awesome to hear that you got the job. Even funnier that they are going to send you to California how awesome is that. At least you will be able to be confident in your skills and not have to worry about rolling up on some situation you have no idea what to do.
Its funny how the Lord a lot of the times likes to bring us to the point where we are spending more time on our knees then we are standing. Its something I realized a lot on my mission I feel like at times I go through the Nephite Pride cycle where the Lord is blessing me and I get confident in my own skills versus being grateful and relying on the Lord. Then something bad seems to happen and you just have a crappy week sometimes even a crappy set of weeks. Which really makes things hard. Then you start to begin to humble yourself, And turn more to the Lord and you begin to do anything and everything with in your power to get a investigator. In a miraculous way the Lord provides. Only after he has seen your willingness to be humble and turn to him and rely completely on him. Then putting forth the faith and going and doing which the doing part at times is the hardest. Its the way things always seem to work for me anyways.
But have fun working at a job you enjoy I am glad to see that you are excited again. Thanks for everything. Love Kyle.