Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Letter recieved 10/6/10


So conference was awesome this week. The talks were all super good I particularly liked Elder Scott's talk.
Some crazy cool news we got a new car its super sick for sure its a Subaru Impreza and it has like no k's on it at all. So literally its brand new I think its a 2011 anyways the coolest part about the car is it has a speed mode and yes I did try it out and sure enough it is as President Simpson said a "Zippy little car".
This week we are going up to Sydney on Monday to Wednesday. I am pretty excited two good friends and great Elders are up there. One of course is Elder Beus can't wait to see that kid, And the other is Elder Boyd. So things will be really cool there.
I am still lauging at the pictures of Nicholas and Stowell how was dinner with them? Did Nicholas go on a date? I told you would love the kid he is by far one of the funniest people I know. I am not going to lie I miss the random ideas of stuff we would do. I am glad to see that he looked happy. I am sure you guys had some good laughs. Don't believe any of the positive stuff he said about me but you can believe the negative hahaha.
This week has been a long one kind of, Friday and still today I am pretty sick got some sort of flu. It bites I have completely lost my voice so that meant I had to cancel an appointment as well as sit in for a day. President when he saw me said why are you here if your sick such a concerned guy lol. He knew though I was there for the new car. To be honest I didn't feel like that bad just was drained and well had no voice. But Sister Simpson called and told me to rest because it was stupid for me to go out when I really can't even talk. So poor Elder Redford had to sit in yesterday. I passed out and woke up and was bored myself so we went walked around downtown New Glasgow which is not effective but at least got both of us out of the house.
I am super excited for Garin and Sara though man what a good blessing for them and their family. What is the babies name?!

This week as far as missionary work goes we were dropped by Rosemary she didn't give much of a reason other then she didn't feel like she wanted to continue on with this at this point in her life. So that was a major bummer. I realized by now that all we can do is invite everyone still has that thing called agency. Also I just think of the quote that Sister Simpson gave on being discouraged she said that "Discouragement was a weakness of your faith" yeah definitely acts as a punch to the face for the times you did get discouraged. I realize though that every great missionary in the world faced discouragement and lack of success one way or another. Even Ammon and his brothers said that were about to turn around and come back. So this is just a test good things will come I just have to kick the sickness and get back out and start working. That way Elder Redford won't get crazy from sitting in. Anyways nothing to new has happened were just trying to call some of the contacts we have to set up appointments.
I love ya tons and hope you guys are enjoying the new baby.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

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