Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Letter Received 8/26/09

To start this off I will share some Canadian lingo with you. Mario Canadians pronounce it Marry-Oh and Pasta is Past-Uh hahaha oh ya garage is grage or like carriage only replace the c with a g. I feel bad for Tanner that is crazy he is ok right? The tropical storm was so wimpy I wanted something crazy to happen since we had to stay in doors and it was nothing more then a monsoon without dust. The blog I haven't seen it we can only go to,, and well our email so I haven't been able to see it. I am sure it is fine. And pictures I don't really have any new ones I can start taking some crazy ones though I guess. And ya totally get the jacket there I havent been able to find one here yet they don't have them out. And the pants from salvation army work fine they are only like 4-7$ so you can never complain there. And tell Jake his derby cars may not be fast but everyone loved the joke he told me to tell for my farewell talk. And ya the ward meeting we had to kind of lay it down we got shut down. So we got them to think about it. And if we get shut down again we are going to share with the L Tom Perrys talk Bring Souls Unto Me and then if that doesn't help who knows what will. This week has been kind of slow and depressing. My companion got sick so that is never good the dork has been sick for a while and just didn't tell me cause he was like I was training you so I didn't want to be lazy. So we took him to the doctor and he had to rest for a couple of days. And then to make things worse Ken dropped us and he was supposed to be baptized this Saturday. But I was reading in Alma 8 and the samething kind of happened to Alma right but the angel came and told him to go back. And when he did what stood out when I was reading it was that he went in a different way. So I read that and thought today in the temple of different ways or approaches me and Elder Trump can take to get Ken back on track I know all will be well Elder Trump is a good elder and Ken is ready so it will get fixed. Yeah I got Jims letter it was good hearing from him. I need to write Ben. And no I haven't gotten any of the packages at all weirdly enough oh well it will come. And ya I finally found the Dr. Pepper but they will charge me an extra 1.20 for all the cans to recycle so no way will I buy that. I just will stick to my minute made cans haha its good juice right. But the highlight was last week at Wal Mart I was walking through there. And all of a sudden I think of Brexton. So I told Elder Trump about how my best friend at home was a 3 year old and how we would hustle me everytime and get me to buy him toys. He thought it was the funniest thing I got schooled by him. But oh well Brexton was awesome so hey he deserved it. And tell Brinton laugh it up but the talk actually needs to be shared with my mission there is two elders like in the last few months that got engaged to two members.But yes do tell Colburn that punk to write me or at least email me its been forever since I have heard from him. Both of which were like 5-7 years older then them and had a kid or two already. So yeah crazy stuff eh. And there is your eh I was on exchanges last week with another kid in my district and he was saying for his homecoming talk he is going to get up and say at the end I would like to now bear my testimony in my missions native language haha he will do it to. Oh next week I will have some good Bro Muggah stories he called us and left a message that went like this elders I need to visit with you and hear the good word I just worked ten days straight for a total of a 148 hours and I had two accidents so things went bad. He is the guy that drives the sign truck for road construction haha we were like you would think he was a doctor. So we called him and he denied calling us but still made an appointment for us to drop but his house to say the least it will be very interesting.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Letter Received 8/19/09

I got to the office every Wednesday to turn in gas and k reports since my companion is the District Leader also Dear Elder still works out here so we check our mail. Groceries here are expensive if you buy bottles you have to pay 10 cents per bottle. And you pay I think 5 cents for groceries bags so a lot of the times we just don't buy them and we buy the frozen juice cans. Well I just buy my pants from the Salvation Army since there gonna be ruined anyways and you just wear a jacket from what i am told you wear like a snowboarding jacket. The temple here is really small the missionaries pretty much feel it up. Elder Beus went to Truro which is about 45 minutes out of the metro. I heard from the A P’s that he is doing really good. No I didn't get my package from Jessie. Canadians are so dang lazy here they only work like 4 days a week. So it takes forever to get mail here from home cause they never work. this week has been pretty eventful we had our baptism for Cassie and then we had Zone Conference as well. Both Sister Postart and Sister Peterson are really nice people. Sister Peterson makes us cookies all the time ha ha it’s cool. But tonight were going to ward council and it might get a little crazy as were going to address a lot of stuff. But anyways I will pray for dads work and everything else hope things are still going well they are here except it’s really hot here. Like 94 degrees plus humidity.
Oh ya my typical day. I wake up and me and my companion just stare and don’t talk cause were way to tired. Then we study. But for the most part we knock a lot and do a lot of service here. There is one lady Elizabeth who we do a lot of yard work and stuff and have begun to teach her now. And for whatever reason she thinks she has to give us food. And every time we eat it were pooping like crazy the next four days It’s crazy you can't fart cause your to scared. But the missionaries here have to do a lot we have to visit less actives which sometimes gets crazy. And we have home teaching families so ya idk we do a lot of things for the ward I just never noticed it at home I guess. But we are going to get the ward more missionary minded we don’t get referrals and there is a lot of stupid things going on right now its a good word but everyone hates someone here.
blog what the crap I told you none of that garbage. I am not going to send pictures now that I know this bad move was made. But our apartment is ok its had its years of missionaries you can tell. No a/c makes it crazy hot at night time. But idk I am told by the end of this week it should begin to cool down. Who knows we will see. Luckily/not good for no entertainment Brother Muggah is gone to Digby so we don't have to worry about him calling us to visit or come help him. And who is in control of this blog?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pictures received from MTC

The first picture is Kyle in Canada
The next few are of his companion and other elders in the MTC
The Last is of his 2 BFF's His mission leader at home and his good friend Doug who was also a Ward Missionary

Letter Received 08/12/09

Hahaha ya I heard about that thought you would like it. But my companion is great he was sick for four days and didn't tell me I felt bad. Um food we ate at the bishops and his wife made us a cake that had tofu frosting freaking gross. But um ya brother Muggah called us and talked about how he thinks he is a 3 Nephite nothing new with him I guess haha. Sis Billard another less active told us she is gonna die like 4 days in a row crazy lady. Haha but ya I sent the memory card last week its mostly just the mtc. Oh I ran into someone that knows grandma and grandpa Davis. I got a nickname as well its Angel this lady is losing it and cant remember are name so she gives us nicknames haha I don't know about Angel but w/e. But Tuesday I was just thinking about stories of people tracking down missionaries and I thought for sure that will never happen here. Thursday comes and our dinner appointment got cancelled so we were standing in a store since we ordered pizza and out of nowhere this guy comes up and talks to me about how he wants to meet with us. Hopefully he calls us he wouldn't give us his number but it seems promising. So that night I am saying night companion prayer and I said thanks for letting us meet Anthony. At the end of the prayer my companion said his name is Max. Hahah ya woops. But today we did dodge ball and my district picked out outfits for each other and all of them included short shorts i will have to get a pictures of it for you. But anyways I got to go hopefully you get my letter soon I can't seem to get my library card since I have no proof yet of living here.

Letter received 8/5/09

Ok first off this is my P day and happy b-day to you! But elder Trump is from Kansas is a awesome guy really out going and bold and funny so he is really good for me. He works me into the ground everyday and our goal is exact obedience I love this kid. We have to investigators with baptismal dates its freaking awesome so now were trying to build up a teaching pool. This mission is hard but we still keep our goal at a baptism a month doesn't sound like alot but it is the people are devout catholic or Anglican and don't want to change but oh well there is people here ready we talk about it every night. I met a lady named Dorean she is 54 just got baptized and is handicap. But when she got baptized she told us she saw Jesus. I know after talking to her she really did see him. They said when she came out of the water she was just glowing I am really bummed I wasn't there. She is amazing to talk to from what she told me Jesus looks amazing. But this place is awesome are ward is really awesome and Bishop Evans is an awesome man. What did he say? Cause that first day he called on me to bear my testimony haha. But I wasn't to nervous. There is only a 100 people. But here is some amusement for you haha. There is a less active named brother Muggah who told us he is a prophet/three nephite and he told us Heavenly Father doesn't use words when he talks he uses tones and sounds that is why in 3rd Nephi the words Jesus spoke couldn't be written what else oh ya the Word of Wisdom isn't true he said it was written by a Jack A. Until I told him that jack a was Joseph Smith he didn't know how to respond at all. My companion told me afterward don't worry he is in the top 10 of weirdest people you will meet. They don't have dr pepper here its crazy oh well everything is so expensive I couldn't afford it. Milk 6.29 here for two gallons and cereal is 5$ just for a box. Crazy stuff. But the mission life is good its pretty simple really you work hard everyday and the day goes by fast. But here is something crazy I ate some Korean food talk about gross they gave us some noodles that one I can’t describe the other just looked like a tongue oh gosh I was struggling to put it down. Then they gave us some weird pie. My favorite part of the meal had to be the watermelon. But hopefully we find some more investigators. And um I forgot what our address Trump can’t remember it either he just got here. But I will try and get it. Soon who all wants it? But anyways hope you enjoy your b-day there its probably what 1 30 there? its 4 30 here. Oh ya everything is in Ks here not mph and there is no one dollar bills it’s a lunes and tunies i think that is how you spell the lunies is a 1$ coin and the tunie is a 2$ coin. But anyways i got to go love ya so much mom and dad.

Letter received from Bishop

Hello Davis family

I wanted to say that we have your son in our Ward , and we are very pleased to have him.
Last November I sent my son out on his mission to Oklamaha City and it was a new experience for us so I have made a point to contact the family's of new missionaries coming into our ward .

I called on Elder Davis to come up and share his testimony on Sunday , which he did very well.
He is paired with a fine companion and I am sure they will do well.

The Sackville Ward has about 120 to 140 people out each Sunday . We cover a fairly large area , it would take
about an hour to drive from one side of the Ward boundries to the other. That is probably a little different than your ward . We are a younger family ward and have a number of fun activities .
Elder Davis seemed to fit in well , many members made a point to meet him and wish him well .
We will do our best to look after him . I know that he and the three other elders in our area will be out to our home
on Thursday for supper .

I understand you are in Arizona . My daughter lives in Ahwatukee with her husband and four children , they attend the Foothills Ward .
All the best to you and thank you for your efforts over the years to bring up a son worthy to go on a mission , and be able to serve here .


Bishop George Evans

Letter received 7/29/08

Hey I need to send this real fast so my new companion is Elder Trump I am going to be in Sackville, Novia Scotia which is part of the metro area which means every p day i get to go to the temple which is really small. But on a scarier and really hope not fact my trainer is also dl which the president said is good cause he will also teach me how to do leadership positions. But President Simpson is a really funny guy really sarcastic but seems to have a lot of plans on how to get things going here so I am excited to see what is gonna happen. Sister Simpson is really nice to they made us breakfast today. And we didn't get to bed last night till 1 it was crazy we had to go through customs. But tomorrow will be my first real day in the field it is 815 right now and on Sister Simpsons laptop it says it is 514 hahaha. But I need to go get my bags my companion should be here shortly. Lets pray that me not being able to drive will be able to keep me out of all leadership positions!!!