Monday, June 27, 2011

letter recieved 6-27-11


This week was a good week. We were able to meet with Stephen and Nicolle as well as Scott and Katie. So real quick to Scott he grew up a pretty crazy life style. And so I always love to get him going with things. In one lesson I said something about how you would call the office whenever I didn't email. So now he calls me a mommas boy and I get a kick out of it . The other day I was like yeah man one time for Halloween I was Peter Pan and I wore the outfit for like months man. He was like are you kidding me dude. If you were my kid I would hit you with a Chinese phone book. I was laughing so hard. He is a dork of a guy. But I love to get him going. He always goes I bet you did this didn't you. And I am like oh yeah man my mom told me it was cool is it not. Then he just laughs and goes dude your funnier then a kick in the nuts. But there is a couple of good highlights this week we get to go out to eat with Stephen and Nicolle for lunch that will be a blast. Its funny to get those two together. They always make me laugh. Every time I go there we some how wind up quoting Clark Griswold's Christmas vacation. Mostly the part when Eddy goes every time she turned on the microwave I wound up pissing myself and forgetting who I was for a half an hour. I love that part. Great movie I remember when we would watch it every Christmas.

This week I was thinking a lot about myself. And how constantly I make mistakes and how I can constantly misjudge people its not good. Then I came across 2 Nephi 4:17 that said O, wretched man that I am it gives you hope in a sense when you see those words. Because it brings you to the conclusion that really were all struggling in this game of life. And even a prophet recognizes that he is far from perfect. Peter was constant rebuked by the Savior. And this is the same great Peter that people would hope just his shadow would touch there countenance so that they would be healed. So the point is if you mess up SO WHAT! Fix it and move on if you don't do that then you don't understand the Atonement and I suggest you begin a deep study. Now this isn't to say that you can go do whatever you want that is just stupidity. But when you mess up don't let it drive you further into sin which can and normally does happen. The devil catches you with a chain slowly brings you down to his level. By telling you lie after lie. They are all wrong. So when you mess up and we all will. Let it go and allow the atonement to take place in your life. Anyways I love ya tons and will talk to ya later.

Love ya,


Monday, June 20, 2011

letter recieved 6-19-11


Hey this week has been really good in a lot of ways. But I am glad that the Young Women are getting baptized. What a great date for them to join eh right before the 4th of July.
So lets see the funnies of the week. Well we went to Rand and Liz's on Monday and had supper with them. And that is always a blast because well its just funny to get Liz upset. Then I told them the Red bull story and we were going to photo shop a can of red bull in my hand and send it to President being this would of been two days before interviews. It didn't work out cause well the photo shop program wasn't on his computer anymore. I was like dang it. Well that would of been really funny to walk into an interview with him receiving that email lol. So anyways then this week has just been crazy.
Me and Elder Biddulph go on exchanges and remember he is 6'7 and 240 lbs so it was just the funniest thing. Mostly because for whatever reason he is always funny to give a hard time to. So its always funny us walking around cause literally I feel like Rob and Big I always just want to do some stupid Rob and Big episode but then always end up thinking of how much of a bad idea that would be. So we knock on a door and there is this woman standing there. And Elder Biddulph introduces and then just goes in and he is walking in her house,I think alright.I say is it cool if we come in and share this message with you. Well at first I was like well she let us cause she was scared but then the lesson ended up being really awesome. And we picked her up as an investigator so we are really excited for that. Other then that not a whole of funny things happened other then Scott our investigator grew up a really hard life well we were walking with him and he sees this guy coming and out loud he goes I bet this guy is gay something. I was like Scott man you cant say stuff like that.

So this week has been one of miracles literally the things that the Lord has done for us here in Charlottetown is nothing but amazing. I can't think of any other words to describe what has happened. We have really solid investigators that despite constant attack from Satan are staying strong and not getting discouraged. But are continually pushing forward. So it made me think of the last Helaman it talks about how Satan went around and spread rumors and caused contentions throughout the land. It literally sounds like today. He even had many convinced that there was no Christ and that he wouldn't come. Horrible was the times and for the believers I am sure it must of seemed overwhelming. And then if things arent bad enough for them things get complicated and the non believers gather the believers and say if the sign isn't given of which the prophets prophesied of then they will all be put to death. So then we see the famous prayer of Nephi who goes and pleads with the Lord for the lives of others. Then the voice of the Lord comes and tells him to lift up his head and be of good cheer. For on the morrow come I into the world to fulfill all that has been prophesied. When we were dropped by the Harrisons this was the scripture I turned to it was something that for a while I kept to myself but shared it recently. Just as the believers then we to should take comfort never fear nor be troubled. Things will get bad how else would we know happiness if we never felt bad. But always always remember that the Lord does care and he will never leave us alone. Anyways I love ya tons take care and talk to you next week.

Love ya tons,

Monday, June 13, 2011

Letter recieved 6-13-11 BEWARE PRETTY GRAPHIC STORY


So this week I have been sick not fun at all. My voice left so it literally sounded like I was going through puberty I was like are you kidding me. This is just enough. So I decided to rest and then Sunday I thought I was good woke up and went to get in the shower to get ready for the day got out and just up chucked it was so gross. I ended up throwing up just mucus it was so gross I just stared and thought man that was a lot of mucus in my belly well it really wasn't just mucus but it sure did look like it. So that was kind of crazy just being sick and what not. But it has caused me to do some really weird things like just saying stupid things in lessons like asunder when there was no need for me to say the word. Or getting ready to quote the first vision and just going blank so I completely butcher and the great thing was that the investigator had no idea lol. In her mind it was completely right. Elder Unger was like Elder how did you get away with that. I was like well I just realized she doesn't know what I am supposed to say so well if I just present well and pray the Spirit is there well then in her mind it will be just as beautiful. So anyways things here have been funny and getting crazier then ever. I am hoping that today I will get some rest so that way I won't be so sick during this upcoming week. But we will see what happens. Anyways yesterday we went to a baptism of a kid in the ward there was a couple of non members so we had time to do a presentation. And we decided to do it on the presentation. But you know I have to make people laugh so I got up and said that we were going to act out the story of David and Goliath. It got some good laughs. But well now most members call me David lol.

So this week was good Scott, Katie, Jason, and Carson were able to come to both Church and the baptism. The members in this branch are amazing always willing to help out with missionary work in whatever way they can. Next Steven and Nicole who we met Monday came to church as well. And they agreed to be baptized on July 23 which is yes a week after I leave but I do know that it was day that God has prepared for them. So it is good despite us being sick and not being able to work much we have still been able to see a lot of miracles. A cool thing that I learned was a bout Nephi the first one. We all look at him and see someone that was goody good right well that is not good wording he was someone that was always obedient. And never seemed to complain and was always willing to just do whatever. Well in verse 16 it says this "And it came to pass that I, Nephi, being exceedingly young, nevertheless being large in stature, and also having great desires to know of the amysteries of God, wherefore, I did cry unto the Lord; and behold he did bvisit me, and did csoften my heart that I did dbelieve all the words which had been spoken by my efather; wherefore, I did not frebel against him like unto my brothers." The high lighted part is of course the part I wanted to point. Out he first had to pray unto the Lord for and then as he did this he became the Nephi we know today the one that taught us obedience and the one who never rebelled against his father. So my challenge is always pray unto the Lord so that he to can visit you and soften your heart help you believe all things.

Well I love ya tons talk to ya next week.

Love ya,


Monday, June 6, 2011

Letter recieved 6-6-11


Hey whats up? So this week there is a couple of funnies. Well the first we got a van again yes laugh it up. But I love the van the thing is so fast. Literally I can normally get to the white line before the other people even touch the white line. It was so funny Elder Unger was so embarrassed. He is from California right so these aren't big. I was like well Elder the thing is I would care but really its not like were picking up girls man so no need to worry about that. Then as I pulled up to an area to knock I was like oh boy I see the downfall to the van we look like a couple of pedophiles I was so embarrassed at that point so when we knock we just kind of hide the van so that way people think when we ask to teach they don't think they need to grab their kids in fear.
But in all honesty I really don't mind I am just glad we don't have to walk or worse ride bikes. You know how much I hate bikes remember how hard it was for you to get me up to do the Bicycling merit badge. I really didn't like that. And I might add I remember people saying well you will like so that way when you will be used to when you have to do it on your mission. Many thought in anger I said no I will not ride bikes on my mission. But I think I may have been a bit prophetic. I don't know maybe its really just that the Lord really cares about me and knows I hate stinking bikes.

Anyways so next funny is me wondering around Walmart asking what to get a one year old. And so this really nice lady is just taking me through the toy section. Being the dummy I am I go so you mean to tell me that its not good to get him Lego's. She likes oh no that is definitely not good he could swallow it. So I was like well crypes now of these toys even seem fun to play with. Then realizing she thought I was serious I go I am just kidding I am sarcastic by nature. She did one of those fake laughs ya know. And I thanked her for her time and suggestions. (one of his investigators son turned one his name is Jason. As for legos oh boy he fed his baby cousin pieces of a snicker when he was 6 months old, cuz he wanted some)

So that brings me to the cool point Jason turned one which was never ever supposed to happen. It was super awesome to see that. We have been talking more to Scott and found some concerns that will take some time but he will still get baptized. Another miracle of the week is that the Harrison's are agreeing to be taught again. Well I mean the Elder set up a time to go and meet with them. And so I am super excited we had a special fast Sunday for them. It would honestly make my mission if they got baptized. When they get on date I will definitely be begging President to go to the baptism. The next is that the Lord led us to six new investigators. Which is the most in one week in any area I have ever picked up. So hopefully things go well we will have a great week a head of us. Their are some really cool ones like Samuel he is from Kenya had to flee Sudan when his family became Christian. He had such a hard life. But the coolest thing he said was I will read this book in a week because I know that God didn't send you here for nothing. Plus its better then watching TV lol. His priorities are so much better then mine its amazing. But he has a problem because he doesn't see the need to be re baptized so we will work with him on that. As well as we met a sweet lady named Amanda and we will be going back Wednesday to meet with her and her husband. And we we have enough time to still go out and work and find more people. Truly this week has been one where I have sat back and thought why or how. I don't know the answer to either. But I am grateful to my Savior and my Father in Heaven who allowed this to be. We have both been trying to always ask and expect a miracle and has we have done truly the Lord has done many great things for us.

Anyways mom enjoy girls camp you will do great with teaching the lesson just be prayerful and the Lord will tell you what to say of that I am sure. The girls love ya because you are real, down to earth and they know you care for them not because your a scriptural genius.

Love ya tons though,


Thursday, June 2, 2011

43 days ! almost home

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