Monday, June 20, 2011

letter recieved 6-19-11


Hey this week has been really good in a lot of ways. But I am glad that the Young Women are getting baptized. What a great date for them to join eh right before the 4th of July.
So lets see the funnies of the week. Well we went to Rand and Liz's on Monday and had supper with them. And that is always a blast because well its just funny to get Liz upset. Then I told them the Red bull story and we were going to photo shop a can of red bull in my hand and send it to President being this would of been two days before interviews. It didn't work out cause well the photo shop program wasn't on his computer anymore. I was like dang it. Well that would of been really funny to walk into an interview with him receiving that email lol. So anyways then this week has just been crazy.
Me and Elder Biddulph go on exchanges and remember he is 6'7 and 240 lbs so it was just the funniest thing. Mostly because for whatever reason he is always funny to give a hard time to. So its always funny us walking around cause literally I feel like Rob and Big I always just want to do some stupid Rob and Big episode but then always end up thinking of how much of a bad idea that would be. So we knock on a door and there is this woman standing there. And Elder Biddulph introduces and then just goes in and he is walking in her house,I think alright.I say is it cool if we come in and share this message with you. Well at first I was like well she let us cause she was scared but then the lesson ended up being really awesome. And we picked her up as an investigator so we are really excited for that. Other then that not a whole of funny things happened other then Scott our investigator grew up a really hard life well we were walking with him and he sees this guy coming and out loud he goes I bet this guy is gay something. I was like Scott man you cant say stuff like that.

So this week has been one of miracles literally the things that the Lord has done for us here in Charlottetown is nothing but amazing. I can't think of any other words to describe what has happened. We have really solid investigators that despite constant attack from Satan are staying strong and not getting discouraged. But are continually pushing forward. So it made me think of the last Helaman it talks about how Satan went around and spread rumors and caused contentions throughout the land. It literally sounds like today. He even had many convinced that there was no Christ and that he wouldn't come. Horrible was the times and for the believers I am sure it must of seemed overwhelming. And then if things arent bad enough for them things get complicated and the non believers gather the believers and say if the sign isn't given of which the prophets prophesied of then they will all be put to death. So then we see the famous prayer of Nephi who goes and pleads with the Lord for the lives of others. Then the voice of the Lord comes and tells him to lift up his head and be of good cheer. For on the morrow come I into the world to fulfill all that has been prophesied. When we were dropped by the Harrisons this was the scripture I turned to it was something that for a while I kept to myself but shared it recently. Just as the believers then we to should take comfort never fear nor be troubled. Things will get bad how else would we know happiness if we never felt bad. But always always remember that the Lord does care and he will never leave us alone. Anyways I love ya tons take care and talk to you next week.

Love ya tons,

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