Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9/30/09 Letter to The Beebe Family

First off thanks so much for the ties and box of goodies its means alot that you guys do this for me I swear you are like Aunts and Uncles to me. And according to Bullys gf Doug is my dad so whatever makes sense now I guess haha. But I am glad that Doug made budget its good to hear that everyone did there part. But yes do please send pictures I would love that. I honestly can say as weird as it sound I teach lessons that you guys as a family taught me my companion must think I am secretly in love with you cause next to my family you guys come up the most haha. But my mom is a super hero shes just sometimes flat out amazing. I am not at all surprised that Doud did great on his talk and blessing I truly believe that the lord had his hand in Dougs life which Doug should be worried about cause that leaves endless possibilities as to why the lord did that but it will be fun to watch all the fun callings and growth that will happen to him. I am sure crazy things will happen after he goes to the temple so tell him to enjoy his break now. How else is your family doing how is crazy Meagan, Taylor, and Emily? And this is what we always need to realize about Elders there is two of us just because one likes to be on time doesn't mean the other understands how to do it. My companion can struggle with it. But he is a great guy so its easy to ignore. Thanks for your prays and so far staying warm is easy. Oh how I fear what is coming.

9/30/09 Letter to Grandpa& Grandma Davis

Hey Grandma and Grandpa,
Its really good to hear from you guys I talk to Sister Postert all the time she is a blessing in disguise she actually knows how to make salsa which is just something Canadians don't understand. She is going home soon which is really to bad not just for the salsa sake but also since she is a really nice lady. But how is St Johns and how are you doing? I will always work hard to keep an honor to the family name but also to help my testimony and work habits grow. Its crazy up here I stack wood and have never done that so I always have some horrible pile I was like I should spent more time in St Johns haha. But I cant believe Jace is going to Norway that is insane what a crazy hard but cool language to learn

9/30/09 Letter to his Dad

Hey Dad,
My week is going great alot of service lately I am glad I had you in my life to teach me how to work other wise it would of been a horrible week. I am sorry to hear about your work truck thats not good and its to bad that people don't respect things and just would rather steal. I always pray for your work and hope its keeping busy in a good way of course. The hunting should be alot of fun and training a dog as well where did he get it? And it has rained alot of the past few days here is been kind of crappy knocking the rain and digging a ditch and what not in the rain just doesn't make for a whole lot of fun. And ya I don't know how certain people can be so comfortable up there my companion is alot like that the guy can get up and just give a lecture likes its nothing kind of crazy. But take care of the family and yourself of course. This will be Keatons first priesthood meeting that is just to crazy. But your a great dad and example of faith and hard work so I am always thankfull for that love ya tons.


Hey this week has been really good I am super tired as I have in the last two days done 15 hours of service. Its been intense and I am still super sore I dug a ditch, then moved 6 tons of gravel and then after that went and stacked 6 quarts of wood. I don't know what I am going to do I am still super sore and dead tired. But its all been good right they both weren't members and one is a contact of ours and hopefully this will help both of the people we talked to and gave service to. I will be perfectly honest though I hate giving service sometimes when I am there I just get lazy and complain way to much inside. But its always when I am done,That I look at the work and the gratitude of those I help that I then go crap I have a lot of repenting to do. Its a lot of joy and something I need to work on being more positive about doing. What is Tanners address again now I need to send the letter but realized I don't know what is address is. Could you actually send 4 copies of the movie the Bedford elders were jealous when they found out I just had two coming. I can't believe I missed Doug's talk, And where is Colburn these days? Oh ya where did you send the package to? The office or my apartment? But other then that Monday night we taught an elect lady about the Book of Mormon she is from the Philippines and she is crazy faith full. She is moving to Truro which is a really sad but my buddy Elder Beus is there so he will make sure she is taught well. Other then that this week has just been crazy busy with alot of service which is always good for everyone.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

letter to his Dad 9/24/09

Hey dad I am enjoying everything I stop and think even on days that are hard they are not impossible. I am still not yet a confident missionary I don't know if I ever will be I am more at a trust right now meaning I know if I do what I am supposed to the Lord will help me but there is alot to learn with being a missionary so the confidence will hopefully come slowly. You don't worry about much here but what your supposed to do. Which is always easy to do it because you have nothing better to be doing anyways. As far as giving service well here we do alot service not cleaning but mowing lawns and alot of stacking wood which is pretty hard actually. Most houses I have been in our clean but I am in a nicer area so I may just want to get ready for some nasty stuff right. As far as the weather here its honestly right now is like our winters all though it hit 25 the other day which was pretty hot but the nights get down to like 10 or 9 so its really nice makes going to sleep alot easier. But me an my companion were talking the other day and we were saying how crazy it is that September is already over this month went by pretty fast. But I love you and thanks for always showing me how to work hopefully work is going well.

Letter to his Grandpa 9/24/09

Hey grandpa I am doing great thanks for asking. I can't complain about much because most it would just be lies or pointless things to complain about right. The mission is an amazing thing it gets you to do things you use not to do. Like in my case eating cabbage turnip and carrots and other boiled vegetables. I don't know how I manage to eat here but never was able to enjoy it at home its just strange to be honest. Its crazy that September is already over its gone by super fast. I get along with my mission president he is an amazing guy I wouldn't be surprised to see him become a general authority soon after this. I was telling Devon the other day that he threatened to shoot me. Haha I asked him what he would do if I got a bunch of ministers from other faiths together in the church and had him address them all about our faith. His response was I would shoot you. How is that for being direct. So I guess I wont be putting together any meetings here. But he is a good guy and I cant complain. I can't believe its Keatons birthday already coming up. But hopefully work picks up for you I will keep you in my prayers
love you so much grandpa.

Letter recieved 9/24/09

Ya the jacket fits great the other day I used it for a rain jacket so its an awesome jacket. It came with stickers which they quickly went to decorating the back of name tags. The camera is a really good camera for being the cheapest one there. Its 10 megapixels whatever that means and takes some really good pictures. The towels were just hard they would get smelly like after 3 days of using them so they just werent working at all. So I got new ones and I don't need any blankets or anything they have tons of blankets in our apartment.
I am not at all surprised by the fact that Doug did well with the baby blessing. I feel bad for him cause I wouldn't be surprised to see him become a bishop sometime down the road, He smart and strong in the church. The whole Brexton thing about not having a bath or shower in our house is perhaps one of the funniest but smartest things I have ever heard. I am impressed that he could come up with that as a reason as to why he didnt take one.
Its really cool here right now the average temperature is like 18 celsius during the day so its always nice and cool out but you still manage to sweat somehow I don't know I am always impressed when I take by back pack off and my back is drenched in sweat its pretty cool let me tell you. I haven't gotten any package except the jacket and the candy. So hopefully I get it soon. And S.O.L. what does that mean could you please tell me I am guessing Stranded on Land but that doesnt make sense. But I currently have enough hair products you barely have to use any shampoo it seems like compared to back home. But here is a crappy story when I was on exchanges with my zone leader we were giving each other a hard time that night. And he gets real serious and goes Elder Davis I see you doing great things here. He goes and whats crazier is when I was told that it was my Zone Leader who said that to me. I told him that was not funny at all. And how was it eating at the Laparras? I imagine they eat some pretty good food. Oh ya I need you to call in because you need to change our stake president info to President Salmon. So I forgot to tell you that last week but you need to call in and change that. But um then I guess you can ask for that to be faxed to you. I am still taking pictures of all the trees they are starting to change already. But ya that should work yesterday was so strangely busy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

letter received on 9/16/09

For a camera I just went with a Kodak the cameras out here just get messed up or stolen in church apparently haha so I decided to just grab a cheaper one and some new towels. And no worries about the phone call and yes Elder Baker is an awesome guy when the aps showed us around the metro he was the one that sat in the back with me and talked to me alot so we got to know each other pretty well he is an awesome elder and just a crazy cool guy overall. Yes both of the packages came thanks so much for everything kind of crazy though the chips and salsa went bad I think. The blueberry muffins would be awesome if you sent them I do have a can opener so you should be fine just sending them. But yeah I need to write alot of letters I have one I need to send to Ben and also the scouts wrote me and so please tell Heidi I will write back its just I always forget to grab them but they will get there I promise. That will be way cool if you talk to Elder Keeney he is a goofy guy made me laugh alot he was fun guy to talk to. Our cars that we drive here we all drive a malibu or cobalt is the most common but I believe on PEI they drive a van I think not sure. But the Assistants drive a truck but those are what all the vehicles consist of. Oh ya we have a big 15 passenger van that is used for transfers. And me and Elder Trump mostly walk because that way you have the chance to offer help mowing someones lawn or just talking to them but our area is pretty big you could drive 30 minutes in each direction and still be in our area so its just a big area and sometimes we do have to drive but we try to walk. And I haven't been able to meet up with Elder Hoffman yet or Elder Rogers they both aren't in the metro oh well we all have sometime to get around each other. Tell dad happy late birthday and Keatons is coming up right isn't it like the 28th I knew they were both this month just can't remember the days. Oh when you were talking to Elder Baker did he tell you that he was going to lose? If he didn't let me explain me and another elder in our district started a ab competition that has now gone across the zone haha so its getting intense. Funny story though when the Elder Baker heard me and the elder talk about it and how just we were going to do it he was like I want in so then everyone else joined. And then we made it a companionship thing where both companions have to have good abs to win. But anyways so Elder Cooper the other ap drops to the ground and just starts doing crunches and stuff then jumps up and goes this will be awesome this is my last transfer and I will go home with a 6 pack. Then follows up with I have never had a 6 pack in my life Elder Baker was like Elder you might makes us lose now its going to be harder for you to get one now. It will be good for me though I most of the time never exercised when I was supposed to I would just sit there and stair at the ground and think about doing a push up. But this will help me become more obedient which is good because President is stressing right now exact obedience so its better to take his advice then not. But as far as our investigators well we have people were teaching one that we were excited for she wasn't home so that really stunk. But the other day I was in Sackville with Elder Packard my zone leader and I planned the day and did an hour straight of knocking. Which got us three contacts and one of which used to be Elder Packards investigator in Windsor and she was like this must mean something if you found me here in Sackville so it will be cool to go teach her and hopefully she won't be super busy like I guess she was in Windsor. So things are going good were in finding stages right now but its cool the whole metro is right now so I am excited as much as I don't like knocking I do like it and you see how when you truly say what comes to mind and not think about what your going to say how it can make the people more interested in what you have to teach them about. Tell Doug and Amanda thanks alot for the money that is really cool of them. I love you guys all tons and hope everything is going ok with you there.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Letter received on 9/8/09

So my week has been really good this week transfers happened I am not the newest missionary anymore in the metro the poor kid came out with 2 sisters so from what I got he is really nervous. Its not really getting cold here since you are walking you actually get hot and I got sun burned the other day. But it is cool its right now it’s a lot like Arizonas late winter early spring weather right. And I can't wait to get Jace’s letter tell him again congratulations from me. My companions mom is from Norway so he is pretty jealous. And tell Doug a pink tie I am not sure I can wear it but will try and get a way with it anyways haha I am excited for that package. I didn't get Jessies package but I got one today and just haven't opened it yet. Oh I did get your sweaters last week. They are way cool. Oh ya please tell Tanner I am planning on writing him back its just I keep forgetting I have a couple of letters written and just sitting on my desk but I always forget to grab them. But as far as the Camera charger do you know when it will be here because on the 23 of September a member is going to take us to Peggys Cove for our P-day and Elder Trump told me its really beautiful so I would love to get pictures taken there. Oh haha listen to this my hair got buzzed using a 3/4 inch guard crazy eh. And yeah that is way exciting that I won't have to get a SR-22 when I get home how blessed is that. And no sadly enough I haven't gotten any fish at all you don't get it much in the metro. But lets see my last few day's have been pork, roast, and some more roast. But the other one before all those I walk in and grabbed a lot of ceaser salad sit down eat it all and then the wife came and slapped down two hot dog buns and two hamburger buns and I just kept thinking oh crap I am screwed. But I managed to put it down and then all of a sudden two types of rather larger cheesecake slices are coming my way. I felt like crying and exploding at the same time haha. And no tell people to email me its fine I hate writing letters its just I might not write alot back but as of right now I haven't been running out of time so I am fine. But things are going really good here it still makes me laugh how you look up like 40 yards ahead and see people running to the other side of the street to avoid us. So me and my companion since were bored and have the same humor cross the other side as well right at the last second. But right now were still trying to find people and make some of our contacts into progressing investigators. I was reading in Mosiah I can't remember which chapter sadly but it was the one where King Benjamin is talking about basically no matter what we do in life we will always be indebted to our Savior. The missionary joke is that when you work hard you get hot wife points right. But thinking on how much I owe my savior I realize how much I need to work hard and give everything I have so I can at least be somewhat closer to my Savior and more importantly show my gratitude for everything he has done for me. But I pray for you guys always and love ya tons. And I am sad this week a good friend and Elder is going home his name is Elder Keeney who is probably one of the coolest guys in Arizona.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Letter Received 9/2/09

That is crazy about the whole fantasy football but not that unbelievable. The jacket sounds great. Oh ya I went take pictures but my camera is dead went to find the cord and there isn't one I don't know where it is it’s not in any of my bags at all so I guess no pictures oh well. And no I haven't gotten my haircut yet because Elder Packard one of my zone leaders hasn't been over yet to cut it, because haircuts are so expensive and he cuts his own hair and does good so I figure I can trust him. Let’s see something cool oh I ate beet’s I think that is how you spell it so now I am just waiting for my poop to be red I ate extra beet’s when the members told me that cool piece of information. But as far as everything else Ken still won’t let us into his house but he at least answers his phone so we are able to talk to him there and we found out that we didn't offend him which is good. But in the mean time we decided we needed to find more people to teach so we started just devoting a lot of time to knocking, street contacting, and going through the area book for Former Investigators. Then we stumbled across one whose name is Jennifer and she was actually just in the potential. So we dropped by and she lets us in haha and says that she read the Book of Mormon but that was it. So we go well what did you like about it. She goes can I be honest I didn't read it I just told you that so you guys would be happy hahahaha. We just started laughing so hard. But it turned into from there what can you teach me so we only had 10 minutes so we taught her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. And she told us to come back September 14th which is far away but she won't be home till then. So that was way cool to run into her. Brother Muggah called so when my companion called him back to confirm the appointment he was all happy at first and then freaked out on him. I ofcourse stood there listening and thought it was the funniest thing I have ever heard he went off on how he can't waste time and needs to find a wife it was crazy but funny. But that is it here. It’s crazy transfers start next week it’s gone by faster than I thought my first transfer would. But hopefully everyone is ok.