Wednesday, January 27, 2010

letter recieved 1/27/10


So well things are going good we are teaching a 9 year old kid named Aden and his mother named Alicia. She really wants her family to be raised in the church she is a former. The problem is that she is living common law which makes it hard cause the guy she is living common law with she really doesn't like us. Oh well I know if we can get Aden in the church she will realize the importance of the church. So we will continue to find and work hard to find more people.
This week was zone conference though and I always love that it always fires you up and you walk out ready to commit everyone to baptism. So we will just have to keep that spirit and do it. Its the only way to get people to realize and feel the spirit.
So funny story today me and Elder Beus were running a little late to our interview. And I am calling Eastern Passage to let them know that they passed. And all of a sudden I hit ice and do this stupid dance and eat it cut myself. I get into the interview. President goes Elder Davis are you sure your ok. I was like I am fine the only thing damaged is my ego.
Time is flying right now I still cant believe we are in the second week of this transfer. Elder Nicholas and Elder Stowell. Want to do a exchange with me and Elder Beus some time this transfer so I am pretty excited about that. But I know we will baptize this transfer I have a way good feeling about it and its not just because I am serving with Elder Beus.
I know something good is coming I can feel it. But love ya tons mom take care and have fun fine time to talk and share the gospel with someone you know. Love Elder Davis.

letter recieved 1/27/10

Hey Dad,

That is crazy that there is that much snow and rain. I don't know what is up. I come here and its the warmest winter they ever had and Arizona has the craziest winter you have seen. But oh well maybe I just bring the heat who knows.
Hopefully things go well with your interview with Eco Lab. I keep you in my prayers I know the lord will provide and lead you to the best thing. I was listening to Elder Hollands talk None were with him. Its amazing the whole message. To often we think we are alone and forgotten. Since my mission there has been countless times were I have felt that, And every time with out fail I am reminded that the lord is with me and watching over me.
Thanks for every thing you taught me I know I say it alot but I truly mean it I love ya tons you were and still are a great father.
Elder Davis.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Letter Recieved 1/20/10


So the mouse story is super funny. I can just hear the way bishop would say it to. He always had that funny way of saying things.
How has everything else been for you guys this week? Well crazy news is that myldsmail is going to be gone the church made a contract up with google so we will be getting new email accounts. I have to set up and will tell you the new address next week. But for the zip code its not d2v its b2v the other Elder hear told me the wrong thing or I just miss heard him.
This week was way cool we had a dinner appointment every night. I love this ward its super sweet. I must admit though I am not sure if its the ward or just serving with Elder Beus that makes it seem so sweet. But anyways we will be dropping a lot of dinner appointments soon. President wants to try out that new schedule I was showing you last week. He said that he noticed that every mission that gave something up doubled their baptisms. So quite possibly we will get rid of dinner appointments all together. He has a couple of other zone leaders trying it out and is going to see what we all think of it. Then he will make his decision. But that is cool that dad seems to have a good job opportunity coming up hopefully everything goes well with that.
Anyways right now in Cole Harbour me and Elder Beus are finding again. Which is cool we found a cool lady the other night named Patricia and along with her we have 2 more appointments tomorrow night. So things will go well. We just got back from lunch with President and we got him to agree to leaving us alone and not splitting us if we get 1 baptism a month so that is for sure our goal now. But anyways
love ya tons. Elder Davis.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

He says it hasnt been to cold, ya right

He informed me this is " a sweet hat" mom.

Burnin the tie 6 months out. Who is his mother you dont wear white socks with dress pants

Letter recieved 1/13/10


Hey how is everyone doing? I am doing great I forgot to tell you that I did get your package as well as the brown pants so thanks so much.
We did teach alot of people last week it was a good week we had a lot of fun and due to us teaching we got along great right.
Anslea is so old now I can't believe it. Its so weird I remember the time when she was young and called me all kind of names other than my actual name that was the funniest thing ever. That and when she did the Austin Powers saying.
But transfers are this week, And things are going to get 20 times better. Because guess what???? Well I will tell you Elder Beus and I are serving together.That is right I am going to Cole Harbour to spend sometime with my best friend. Both me and him were shocked but President just smiled and said make the best of it. So we will I can't wait I honestly didn't sleep well last night and probably won't tonight either since tomorrow at 5:30 is when were companions were going to kick some serious butt. Other then that I don't have to many other things to say. Other then that please tell me you took pictures of Jake in his awesome outfit? And tell Aimee she rocks and is my hero I will laugh about that for weeks.
Love Elder Davis.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Letter recieved 1/6/10


Well this week was kind of crazy we met some more new investigators. One of them named Amy, We were able to teach and get on committed to quit smoking. Tomorrow we will be taking over the stop smoking program. She has had a hard few years and her current life style now is a way to deal with it,but that will change soon. She ran into us four years ago in Halifax and moved then we knocked into her Monday and she thought it was very cool and crazy that we met her again.Some of our investigators were not there for the appointment or forgot which is a typical thing for here. The sad thing is sitting here and complaining about it, Just made me realize the importance of daily contact with them. So now I will work on that.
Its to bad to hear about Aunt Barbara. But it is to funny the comments that Nate and Uncle Curtis made not to surprising though coming from either one of them.
The snake story is disturbing and a reason to why I hate snakes so much.
That is cool of Elder Farrance to write you he is a funny kid if you couldn't tell from the letter. As for the stuff in it most of its not true other then we get along. He is the one the that is a great missionary. He makes me laugh keeps things spinning here for now which is good and refreshing.
A sad and disturbing fact is that it is snowing right and tonight I will be driving in it YIKES. Thanks for the stuff you sent out and thanks for the support.

Love ya tons,

Elder Davis