Wednesday, January 27, 2010

letter recieved 1/27/10


So well things are going good we are teaching a 9 year old kid named Aden and his mother named Alicia. She really wants her family to be raised in the church she is a former. The problem is that she is living common law which makes it hard cause the guy she is living common law with she really doesn't like us. Oh well I know if we can get Aden in the church she will realize the importance of the church. So we will continue to find and work hard to find more people.
This week was zone conference though and I always love that it always fires you up and you walk out ready to commit everyone to baptism. So we will just have to keep that spirit and do it. Its the only way to get people to realize and feel the spirit.
So funny story today me and Elder Beus were running a little late to our interview. And I am calling Eastern Passage to let them know that they passed. And all of a sudden I hit ice and do this stupid dance and eat it cut myself. I get into the interview. President goes Elder Davis are you sure your ok. I was like I am fine the only thing damaged is my ego.
Time is flying right now I still cant believe we are in the second week of this transfer. Elder Nicholas and Elder Stowell. Want to do a exchange with me and Elder Beus some time this transfer so I am pretty excited about that. But I know we will baptize this transfer I have a way good feeling about it and its not just because I am serving with Elder Beus.
I know something good is coming I can feel it. But love ya tons mom take care and have fun fine time to talk and share the gospel with someone you know. Love Elder Davis.

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