Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Letter recieved 1/13/10


Hey how is everyone doing? I am doing great I forgot to tell you that I did get your package as well as the brown pants so thanks so much.
We did teach alot of people last week it was a good week we had a lot of fun and due to us teaching we got along great right.
Anslea is so old now I can't believe it. Its so weird I remember the time when she was young and called me all kind of names other than my actual name that was the funniest thing ever. That and when she did the Austin Powers saying.
But transfers are this week, And things are going to get 20 times better. Because guess what???? Well I will tell you Elder Beus and I are serving together.That is right I am going to Cole Harbour to spend sometime with my best friend. Both me and him were shocked but President just smiled and said make the best of it. So we will I can't wait I honestly didn't sleep well last night and probably won't tonight either since tomorrow at 5:30 is when were companions were going to kick some serious butt. Other then that I don't have to many other things to say. Other then that please tell me you took pictures of Jake in his awesome outfit? And tell Aimee she rocks and is my hero I will laugh about that for weeks.
Love Elder Davis.

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