Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Letter recieved 9/29/30


This week was super fun with Elder Redford he is a good elder, good replacement for Elder Nicholas definitely miss Elder Nicholas though. Poor Redford the last few days is probably sick of hearing stories about when me and Elder Nicholas served together. So your taking Nicholas shopping eh? When does he get there? Did he randomly call you or what? You will love that kid though he is a super funny guy. He will probably rank as my favorite companion. We towards the end were told by people in the ward that we complimented each other really well, And they could tell that we got along well with each other.
So did I tell you Elder Redford is 6'4 good gosh he is so tall ha ha. What we do is we go to doors and say we are reenacting bible stories and today were doing David and Goliath and that I will be playing Goliath and Elder Redford will be David well after a while it dawned on me that these people truly thought that Goliath was the short one and David was the giant. So yeah that won't work anymore at all. But to be honest I have been nice to him haven't done any welcome to the area pranks like Nicholas did with me. Just been to tired to do it.
So this week we are in PEI doing exchanges which is always awesome because PEI is by far the most beautiful part of our mission. It all starts right with a awesome ferry ride to the Island which is an hour and a half long. Then you get here and you just see beautiful country side. And the Charlottetown apartment is a ocean view apartment which is super sweet. You wake in the morning and get to go jogging on the boardwalk its so awesome. Only not so cool thing is me seeing a skunk playing around up ahead which made it super like oh crap if I get sprayed I will be pissed so needless to say we turned around right there and made a jog back home. Which was cool cause on the way back we were able to watch a cruise ship pull in it was super sweet to see that. I went on exchanges with an Elder Burr he is super funny and way sweet Elder. Favorite saying from him has to be Satan sucks.

Spiritual side though we were able to get ahold of Rose and we are going to go see her Thursday since Monday she was busy with school so were still being hope full with her. Also here in PEI I was able to teach a younger guy from Nigeria. Super humble guy. He went back to Africa to visit and when he came home a lot of his stuff was stolen it was sad I felt really bad for the guy. So as we taught him he knew what made a prophet and he knew the power of prayer. So we went on to teach him and we in the end committed him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. To which he said I would love to read it but I don't where to get it. I was truly humbled by this but even more humbled by him being genuinely thankful for us giving him the book for free. We set up a return appointment and I am excited to see how things go with him. I know that Elder Burr will be able to help him and I am sure he will be baptized. Iyk is his name and man did he teach me a lot about how much I take for granted particularly the Book of Mormon. To him it was a gift but most my life to me it was a burden something I had to read for seminary all though I can't say I really did that either. It helped me realize truly how sacred and how much I should love this book my challenge is for everyone to look at the book and see it for truly what it is. Many don't have it and many may never read it. Anyways though I love ya mom thanks for everything take care enjoy conference crazy its already time for that.


Elder Davis.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Letter recieved 9/22/10


So the transfer is done and yes I am sad to see Elder Nicholas go. Unfortunately we had one more exchange to go on Monday and Tuesday so that took sometime away. But when we got back we shared some good laughs and then I started realizing holy crap he is leaving. So the rest of the day was more of a crappy day as I realized I was losing one of my best friends. It is good though he will do great things back at home and he served a good mission. He has truly taught me a lot about being a better missionary particularly finding joy in the work and being a better leader. His lessons will not be forgotten nor will the laughs. I will be flying a flag at half mask if you would like to join me. As for my new companion it is Elder Redford I know him pretty well and am excited to serve with him he will be a good replacement with Elder Nicholas leaving. Oh get this Elder Beus got transferred into the zone which is really cool I am excited due to the fact I will be able to go up and spend sometime with him at least once this transfer.

So Sara is almost ready to explode eh that is so cool tell her congrats for me. What is it going to be? And Eden is getting baptized holy crap I remember when she was just a baby and she would always come down the hall when I was playing the a game or something and then we would end up playing some sort of a game. But good for her and Issy I bet they are both excited is grandpa still going to baptize Issy then?

So Doug and the camp out that is freaking funny that he took his Ipod up there I am pretty sure that most of the camp outs that was a strict no no. But when your the boss who cares right. Did he say he enjoyed it though? Tell Ans that is super sick that she won that competition! How many people competed in it? How often is she going to be working for Karen now?

So this week was a pretty cool week. Thursday to Sunday we knocked a lot and I mean a lot. To the point I started going insane, And towards the end of the night Sunday we were walking up to a door and we were knocking in a little town called Eureka and we walk up to a door and a lady was there on the phone then got off. So that was super unusual normally they stay just so they don't have to talk to us or they fake a phone call. We then say hello and introduce ourselves and she says do you want to come in? After we came back to reality we were like of course we would love to. Then we went in and talk to her found out she use to investigate in Alberta and moved here two years ago and hasn't seen any missionaries since crazy right. But we decided to reteach her the Restoration. And at the end the spirit was there and we knew we needed to invite her to be baptized. So we extended the baptismal commitment and she said yes so the date is November 5Th I am pretty stocked she was just a really humble lady. It does amaze me though how the Lord makes you work as hard as you can and then when he sees you have done all you can he then blesses you. Its a lesson I hopefully don't forget in the future. But that is all for now everything is good here just a little sad to see a good friend go. But talk to you next week.

Love ya mom,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

letter recieved 9/15/10


Holy crap I forgot it was dads birthday sorry dad.

So this week was pretty cool we made another trip to PEI. So that was kind of crazy. The third one this transfer which is alot of fun but the only problem with traveling so much is that it makes you super tired. So on the way there since we had to leave super early of course I just passed out. Then we get there and we meet up with Elder Burr and Elder Saunders give them hugs.Elder Burr said "Elder Davis you are much better hugging then hugging the phone" I was Burr your by far the funniest but yet weirdest Elder I have met yet. He is a funny kid. He has only been out 3 months now but he is really sharp. Has some good stories about how he sleep walks and what not. So I was laughing at him. Other then that we also went on exchanges with the District Leader from Amherst I went with Elder Haskell. Who unlike me is super serious. He is a different kid. Just innocent if that makes sense. Like he is the type that when we were on the drive back we were listening to a John Bytheway talk. "John goes and its called a ram.." and Elder Haskell gets all into it with the audience on the Cd goes Rameumpton. I just shook my head and was like oh no. Thought about asking him, I bet you got into the game shows on TV as a kid didn't ya. I did refrain though I was pretty shocked. Well by the end of it we had a really good exchange he is a good Elder. Had a lot of doctrine conversations not gonna lie not many laughs were in it. It was good for me though. Although when we met up with Elder Nicholas he goes Elder you look like you haven't laughed within the last 24 hours. So things were back to good and we went back to laughing at the retarded stuff again.

Spiritual side though right. Well if I had to be honest the exchange I was dreading I thought for sure it was going to be the most boring thing I will have to suffer for 24 hours. I was hugely proven wrong, It was a good exchange I ended up inside feeling bad for so badly miss judging this Elder. He taught me a lot about being genuine and sincere during prayers. And can he ever pray, my gosh. So right now we are back to finding a lot of the investigators.the ones we had are blowing us off which is hard. President gave a great talk to us in Zone Council about how we need to not have discouraging eyes. He said that the Lord doesn't have discouraging eyes and neither should we. Inside I thought that is easier then it sounds President then of course he said Elder Davis what do you do to deal with discouragement. So I was like well I just go work. So in a sense he had me teach myself. I am convinced discouragement and depression on your mission only come from when your not working hard. Because when your not working hard you have more time to sit and wallow in your pity and thing woes is me. Look around most of life's biggest complainers have to much time on their hands. Grandma is a great example of this when she was sick or even when she passing away she was worried for others thought less of herself and more of what can I do to help. I realized to much in my life or even on my mission I have asked "why me?" instead of why not me or Lord what can I learn from this. I don't know I am rambling on now so I will go for now love ya guys tons.

Love ya mom,

Elder Davis.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Letter recieved 9/9/10

This week we didnt hear from Kyle til late Thursday evening. His letter was short as you can see he has been in much training this past week.

This week I went to my first Zone Council, that was pretty intense but interesting we discussed a lot things and a lot things that we thought should be changed and need to happen in the mission to help it grow. Not gonna lie most of the time I was like where does everyone get these ideas I better start figuring out some of these ideas it was interesting but a good growing experience. Then we follow up with three days of trainings from 9-4 a day. Its new trainings that every mission is doing. They are going over some really good stuff that will truly, if applied lift the mission. Things such as how to be better question askers, listen better, be better at resolving issues. How to not just teach people lessons. Most important how to have the help of the Holy Ghost. It was very intense I enjoyed but am glad it is over mostly so we can start applying it in our own area. Also because that is to many days of just sitting there.

But other then that nothing to new is happening here just dreading the fact that Nicholas is almost done,Im going to miss that kid. Oh by the way Stowell is engaged crazy eh?

Love ya though,

Elder Davis.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Letter recieved 9/1/10


That is to funny that you were able to meet Casey Edgar she is a super sweet person. I was glad I was able to go there when I did and get to know her and her husband Rob. They are great people like a month after she was baptized she was made 2ND counselor in Young Women's crazy eh? But yeah that is to funny that you were able to talk to Kelly as well she is a funny person she actually came up that Monday and fed me and Nicholas it was really cool of her she has a become a good friend enjoyed being able to serve around her and get to know her. By the way that little fish's name was Sheerkahn named him after the fierce tiger from Jungle Book he was a tough catch I totally forgot about that though.
But who was saying I cut my hair? as for buzzing my hair I hate dealing with my cowlick so instead of spiking my hair in the front which who knows I might start doing. I just buzz my head. Plus in the heat its super nice. But yes we went up to PEI to do a baptismal interview it was a last second thing, And we couldn't get money fast enough to go. But I will actually probably be going again somewhere around September 11Th for another baptismal interview it will be interesting. But the last few days I have been up on Cape Breton Island its an interesting place I was in Sydney which is the Second Largest city in Nova Scotia it was a good time.
It was a three hour drive and made that again today to get back and teach Micheal and Karen were really excited to go teach them tonight it should be a good experience.
Sweetest experience of all this week was teaching Micheal and Karen. We walked in and they seemed tired as most parents of young kids are and Micheal who we both have been worried about. Mostly because he has never practiced any religion. Just seemed really skeptical well as the lesson went on we were able to teach them and Karen left. So it was just us and Micheal which worried me a little but as time went on Micheal ended up saying that he wanted to continue learning and wanted his family to continue as well because he knew it would be good for them. So we continue to teach about the importance of Prayer and taught the importance of having a Christ centered home and then showed him the 4 steps of praying. After which we asked him to pray and he did it was simple but powerful it was his first actual prayer. It was an amazing experience.

Anyways in closing you might of seen that this week Hurricane Earl is coming. I am pretty pumped for it. But also next week we have a Leadership training so it will take place on Wednesday so I don't know when for sure I will be emailing so don't worry the hurricane didn't get me.
Love ya,