Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Letter recieved 9/1/10


That is to funny that you were able to meet Casey Edgar she is a super sweet person. I was glad I was able to go there when I did and get to know her and her husband Rob. They are great people like a month after she was baptized she was made 2ND counselor in Young Women's crazy eh? But yeah that is to funny that you were able to talk to Kelly as well she is a funny person she actually came up that Monday and fed me and Nicholas it was really cool of her she has a become a good friend enjoyed being able to serve around her and get to know her. By the way that little fish's name was Sheerkahn named him after the fierce tiger from Jungle Book he was a tough catch I totally forgot about that though.
But who was saying I cut my hair? as for buzzing my hair I hate dealing with my cowlick so instead of spiking my hair in the front which who knows I might start doing. I just buzz my head. Plus in the heat its super nice. But yes we went up to PEI to do a baptismal interview it was a last second thing, And we couldn't get money fast enough to go. But I will actually probably be going again somewhere around September 11Th for another baptismal interview it will be interesting. But the last few days I have been up on Cape Breton Island its an interesting place I was in Sydney which is the Second Largest city in Nova Scotia it was a good time.
It was a three hour drive and made that again today to get back and teach Micheal and Karen were really excited to go teach them tonight it should be a good experience.
Sweetest experience of all this week was teaching Micheal and Karen. We walked in and they seemed tired as most parents of young kids are and Micheal who we both have been worried about. Mostly because he has never practiced any religion. Just seemed really skeptical well as the lesson went on we were able to teach them and Karen left. So it was just us and Micheal which worried me a little but as time went on Micheal ended up saying that he wanted to continue learning and wanted his family to continue as well because he knew it would be good for them. So we continue to teach about the importance of Prayer and taught the importance of having a Christ centered home and then showed him the 4 steps of praying. After which we asked him to pray and he did it was simple but powerful it was his first actual prayer. It was an amazing experience.

Anyways in closing you might of seen that this week Hurricane Earl is coming. I am pretty pumped for it. But also next week we have a Leadership training so it will take place on Wednesday so I don't know when for sure I will be emailing so don't worry the hurricane didn't get me.
Love ya,

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