Friday, September 10, 2010

Letter recieved 9/9/10

This week we didnt hear from Kyle til late Thursday evening. His letter was short as you can see he has been in much training this past week.

This week I went to my first Zone Council, that was pretty intense but interesting we discussed a lot things and a lot things that we thought should be changed and need to happen in the mission to help it grow. Not gonna lie most of the time I was like where does everyone get these ideas I better start figuring out some of these ideas it was interesting but a good growing experience. Then we follow up with three days of trainings from 9-4 a day. Its new trainings that every mission is doing. They are going over some really good stuff that will truly, if applied lift the mission. Things such as how to be better question askers, listen better, be better at resolving issues. How to not just teach people lessons. Most important how to have the help of the Holy Ghost. It was very intense I enjoyed but am glad it is over mostly so we can start applying it in our own area. Also because that is to many days of just sitting there.

But other then that nothing to new is happening here just dreading the fact that Nicholas is almost done,Im going to miss that kid. Oh by the way Stowell is engaged crazy eh?

Love ya though,

Elder Davis.

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