Wednesday, September 15, 2010

letter recieved 9/15/10


Holy crap I forgot it was dads birthday sorry dad.

So this week was pretty cool we made another trip to PEI. So that was kind of crazy. The third one this transfer which is alot of fun but the only problem with traveling so much is that it makes you super tired. So on the way there since we had to leave super early of course I just passed out. Then we get there and we meet up with Elder Burr and Elder Saunders give them hugs.Elder Burr said "Elder Davis you are much better hugging then hugging the phone" I was Burr your by far the funniest but yet weirdest Elder I have met yet. He is a funny kid. He has only been out 3 months now but he is really sharp. Has some good stories about how he sleep walks and what not. So I was laughing at him. Other then that we also went on exchanges with the District Leader from Amherst I went with Elder Haskell. Who unlike me is super serious. He is a different kid. Just innocent if that makes sense. Like he is the type that when we were on the drive back we were listening to a John Bytheway talk. "John goes and its called a ram.." and Elder Haskell gets all into it with the audience on the Cd goes Rameumpton. I just shook my head and was like oh no. Thought about asking him, I bet you got into the game shows on TV as a kid didn't ya. I did refrain though I was pretty shocked. Well by the end of it we had a really good exchange he is a good Elder. Had a lot of doctrine conversations not gonna lie not many laughs were in it. It was good for me though. Although when we met up with Elder Nicholas he goes Elder you look like you haven't laughed within the last 24 hours. So things were back to good and we went back to laughing at the retarded stuff again.

Spiritual side though right. Well if I had to be honest the exchange I was dreading I thought for sure it was going to be the most boring thing I will have to suffer for 24 hours. I was hugely proven wrong, It was a good exchange I ended up inside feeling bad for so badly miss judging this Elder. He taught me a lot about being genuine and sincere during prayers. And can he ever pray, my gosh. So right now we are back to finding a lot of the investigators.the ones we had are blowing us off which is hard. President gave a great talk to us in Zone Council about how we need to not have discouraging eyes. He said that the Lord doesn't have discouraging eyes and neither should we. Inside I thought that is easier then it sounds President then of course he said Elder Davis what do you do to deal with discouragement. So I was like well I just go work. So in a sense he had me teach myself. I am convinced discouragement and depression on your mission only come from when your not working hard. Because when your not working hard you have more time to sit and wallow in your pity and thing woes is me. Look around most of life's biggest complainers have to much time on their hands. Grandma is a great example of this when she was sick or even when she passing away she was worried for others thought less of herself and more of what can I do to help. I realized to much in my life or even on my mission I have asked "why me?" instead of why not me or Lord what can I learn from this. I don't know I am rambling on now so I will go for now love ya guys tons.

Love ya mom,

Elder Davis.

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