Friday, November 27, 2009

Letter to the Beebe Family 11/25/09

Doug and the Beebe Family,

Hey thanks for writing me this week. I didnt crack all the way,Colburn still thinks it is me I only cracked to my dad. I agree we have been helped more by the spirit to be guided on what to say.
That is way cool you were able to conduct for the baptism. Its fun to see a baptism of someone who was always ready and just needed that push to get things moving. I still remember going to your baptism the spirit was strong and I really enjoyed the experience.
There is times to be honest when I am so tired in the morning that I will read a entire chapter and not even know what I read. What I found that helped me is that I go through it and highlight things that I liked and then write a word or two about it. But yes the Book of Mormon for someone new would be hard as well as most things in the Gospel. When I am out here and most of the people in my ward are new converts, I notice how much I have to be thankfull for to be apart of the gospel my entire life. Its alot to learn but luckily the Lord doesn't expect us to get it over night. Learning is a eternal thing. Just do what you have been doing and keep praying and pondering on what you read and then the spirit will take care of the rest.
If you want to talk about being out of shape lets just start with me putting on 15lbs I don't know what is wrong with me. I sometimes try to tell myself that the scale is broken, Haha.
That is so cool that Jake bought a hat like that. I have one of those fur hats that uncle Eddy wears, Don't tell my mom. But most people laugh but that thing keeps your ears and face warm, And the drunk people get a kick out of it.
I can imagine that Jared and Colburn both present some good competition for the white elephant gift exchange. But I have a feeling you can beat them.
Oh by the way congrats on the trip to Hawaii I was glad to hear that everyone was able to pull it together. Which managers are going this year?
I think you should decorate like crazy and get the rock speaker and then what you do is. When you see someone walking you turn it up really loud to scare them. You should see me sometimes my companions get a kick out of me and dogs. The thing is though when I see a dog that can easily scale a fence I only going to naturely jump and position my companion between me and the dog. I told him straight up if a dog comes after us I will trip him. The other day we did have a dog try to bite us it was so scary I froze in place and about wet my pants luckily I realized it would be a good thing to run though. But if you have any questions ask me them and if nothing else talk to Colburn that guy knows alot. But I will look forward to coming home and seeing how much you have grown.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Letter to Grandpa& Grandpa Davis 11/25/09

Hey Grandma and Grandpa,
That is good to hear that Sister Postert was able to speak in your ward. I imagine she had alot of good experiences to share with you guys. A mission is alot of fun its different. I never thought I would be able to go a couple of days with out seeing a tv. But to be honest you just seem to notice its not there your just to busy.
Actually to be honest the weather here hasn't been to bad yet. It gets down to -5 but lately has been kind of warm, And only getting to 3 celsius at night.
I am bummed I can't here Jaces talk I am sure he will give a great talk and tell him I wish him the best of luck with Norwegian I heard it is pretty hard to learn that language.
But that should be fun for you to be able to go up and watch Lanae dance I didn't know she danced that I thought she did more singing.Thanks for your letters and give hugs for me to my family. Especially my mom and dad.
Love Elder Davis.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Letter to Grandpa 11/25/09

Hey grandpa,
Thanks for keeping me posted. But yes mold is a disgusting thing. Its always in shower its crazy how fast it grows to.
But for thanksgiving as far as I know we will not be doing anything we already had zone conference. But we have boxing day here as well. And we were told we are not to knock that day since it is a family holiday.
But thinking on how much can one person be asked to endure. I think of Emma Smith. We all know what Joseph was asked to do and went through. But could you imagine being Emma you lose most of your kids at birth. And yet you see your husband heal many. You then spend months alone while your husband is sitting in jail. And you are not sure whether he is ever going to make it out with his life. Then after all this he is killed. And you are left with his mother and little kids. I don't know how she did it. But I imagine her faith could move mountains.
Its interesting all of us say we are followers of Christ. But when hard times come we lose our testimonies and fall. I myself have been guilty of this several times in my life. When grandma passed away it literally shook my testimony to the very core. To the point I fell but I thank my Savior everyday for being the good shepherd and coming after me.
But I will look forward for the John Benbow experience. Thanks for writing grandpa. Love your Elder Davis.

letter recieved on 11/25/09


Hey how are you doing? Things here have been really good. I am upset that I missed out on Buddy's talk I remember he did a really good job on his farewell talk so I can imagine that he did good on his homecoming talk. But give him my email address I really hate writing letters. In fact most letters I get I will sit there and look at forever not cause I don't want to write back its just the last thing I want to do is sit down and write a letter.
But Gary and Flow cancelled last week since he had the flu I am not to worried though they rescheduled that night as well. Its so funny the H1N1 is like a huge deal up here and I swear most people in Canada are mental cause they all seem to have it. But I honestly think its just there way of saying please go away.
But this week has been a good but bad week. At first it was horrible no one wanted to talk to us. But the last two days we have gotten 4 new contacts that told us to come back so hopefully they will turn out. During this last week we were dropped by 3 more people. But on goes life. I did get the packages thanks. The sweaters were nice, although the Brown one was a medium and didn't fit so I gave it Elder Willis. I was able to talk to Beus on Saturday which was way cool. But yes transfers come out Tuesday but they don't actually happen till Thursday. But I sent a package home of ties and some lunies. But anyways have fun enjoy Thanksgiving.

Love, Elder Davis

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Letter Recieved 11/18/09

Hey Mom,

I am glad to hear that you enjoyed Arkansas and to see that the Taliban men didn't get you haha. But that is what Nova Scotia looks like super green and really hilly which you think is nice but really isn't. When you have to walk up and down hills all day its just never fun at all. Especially since Elder Willis is 6 feet tall so he obviously has a long leg span and makes to where I have to run to keep up with him. Haha and then at the end of the night he can never comprehend why I am so tired. I always respond Elder Willis I am getting fatter and fat people don't like to run all day.
I am still laughing at two things that one Kea was afraid of the dead cat. And two that Joe walked up on a officer he is lucky he didn't get tazed or something.
We haven't gotten our package yet unfortunately Canadians don't like to work so getting mail you really feel the pains of that.
But today was a good day I was sitting in the Temple and I look up to see Elder Trump walking in and I was like what the crap is he doing here. Well I guess the Aps had him go on exchanges with them so they came here so they could go to the temple. So I was able to talk to him for quite a while. And then caught up on Beus and found out he is still doing really good.
But this week has been a good but hard week alot of our investigators got antied. So we were dropped by quite a few people. But we are still teaching Gary and his wife. So it wasn't to horrible. But I figure rejection and being dropped is apart of this life and I might as well get use to it. It just means we need to work harder and be more focused and I know everything else will be taken care of. But love ya tons hopefully you guys have a good week love Elder Davis.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Letter 11/12/09

My week has been good here yeah it did snow which was crazy and for the most part it just melted but at night it got down to -5 which is funny. But thanks for sending the packages. This week has been a really good one we have some investigators finally and it seems like the Lord is really blessing us. One of the investigators is Gary and we met him knocking and he invited us back but didn't show for his appointment so we were bummed about that. So we tried back two more times. And we went back a third time planning it to be the last and he was there and told us to come in. He then said that he knows there is a reason we kept trying to visit him and why we knocked into him. And he is searching for the the truth or also to get back on the right track. So we are way excited to have met him. Just from our first visit he was so worried about never talking to us and got our email addresses to keep in contact and wanted to write President and other leaders in the church to tell how great he thought we were. I didn't think it was that great but he is a funny guy I and pray me and Elder Willis will be able to continue to help bring him into the gospel. Also we met a guy named Renee who when we first knocked on his door his wife said he was sleeping and then pretty much shut the door, And the rest of the night people pretty much just slammed the door shut and wouldn't talk to us. So we were walking back to our car both tired and depressed when we walk by Renees house and he was standing outside but we both didn't think to much of it and then he invites us in so we taught him the Restoration and Saturday we will go back and teach him again. That night a member from our ward called and said that a former investigator who we didn't have record of called the church and has asked for us to come back so hopefully he will be ready this time. So the Lord really has put his hand in the work and its obvious because I have done really nothing and he has just given them to us. But that is all that is going on here.
I hope you enjoy Teriney and the baby. And just relax the airplane rides are not that bad just take a dramamine or whatever it is called and just sleep through it. Jake is still possibly one of the funniest guys ever. But love ya tons
Elder Davis.

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Letter Recieved on 11/12/09

Hey dad,

Haha good old Trevor always getting to competitive and offending someone but at least he stands up and apologizes. But I forgot I signed Colburn up for the Elders quorum lesson I think if I remember correctly it was me and Doug that decided to do that one.
Dax flying over the handle bars all I have to say is only he could manage to do that. But I am glad to here he is doing ok. I remember the time he crashed his bike into a car. But I am glad to here you still have a job and it still gets busy here and there.
But mom was telling me about you getting the opportunity to go hunt which is way cool I am glad that you get to go do something that you love and enjoy while getting paid to do it. I wish the best luck with it.
But get this on November 6th and 7th it snowed over night isn't that wild its already snowing. And I finally go to see what -5 felt like. But then this last week it got hotter. So I guess it can decide what it wants to do here. But have fun and enjoy yourself hunting be safe and I love ya tons and thanks for always setting an example for me of how to be a hard worker. Love your son.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Letter to Grandpa 11-4-09

Hey grandpa yes knocking seems to be the best way right now to find contacts.
Our members don't want to work to much with us so we will do the work ourselves and it has been paying out. We have been able to talk to alot of people which is always nice. That is funny to here that Loren was trying to hook you up with a girl to date.
But I am glad my mom got the pictures I am really enjoying myself right now. I have been lucky enough to have a lot of really cool companions and a really good time as well. The tie rack by the way was my trainers tie rack. He had about 83 ties I believe he loved ties. So yes he did have a very nice collection. And that is to funny about your companion. There isn't many elders who don't shave anymore it seems like. But I do hope things go well at work for you. How else have you been though?
Elder Davis

Letter to the Beebe's 11-4-09

Well what was the embarrassing story my mom told you I can't remember anynow?
But no its not all the Korean food thank goodness. Its a whole lot of like pork, chicken, roast beef and stuff like that. And every meal ends with cake, ice cream, pie, or a combination of all that stuff. And yes they make you eat like two or three plates and you walk away feeling like your going to explode.
But yes I heard from the some those pranksters that got your house haha it was pretty good. And I didn't know Doug was a Christmas light fan. But that is cool the temple has a ton of those. But ya last week I lost track of time so I didn't get to write my mom that was my bad good thing I am here right. But anyways the pictures were awesome I love seeing pictures of people. You guys looked awesome.


Elder Davis.

Letter recieved 11-4-09

Halloween was nice we were asked to stay inside which was no big deal at all just meant that I got to go to bed alot earlier. Elder Willis is still kicking my but. I keep expecting to jump on the scale and see I lost weight but to my surprise it stays pretty steady and I just go up not down which is super crazy. I got the package the ties are awesome thanks for sending them to me I wish Canada had a Ross here. But oh well. President eyed the sour patch kids and I learned that he likes them as well but I wasn't about to share it with him.
I heard Anslea is driving around and stuff like that and from what I hear you are remaining calm. Its better then the days when I was learning and you just kept hitting me and slamming on the passenger side brakes. Haha just kidding. But I get the memory cards here after shipping and everything its probably cheaper for me to just get them.
I saw two 2 gigabytes cards for 17.99 at staples so I might just get those.

But the laugh of the day came from Keaton telling of Brother Sparks. Give him a high five for me. But everything is going good here the knocking is finding us alot of people to talk to which is always nice. Its funny now its getting harder to fit in the people and knock for 4 hours but we manage to make it work. I am glad you got those pictures to answer the question yes all that trash was in my apartment. It was in a room that when I first got there Elder Trump called it the junk room. And said we really needed to clean it. Well we finally decided to do it when President came in and asked us to clean it. But glad to hear everyone is doing good hopefully it will continue to stay that way. I can't complain from here. I so far have been a spoiled missionary I have had two killer companions and most don't get that lucky so I keep hoping for the best. I found out though that President has figured out what he wants to do with everyone of his missionaries up to February which is crazy. But talk to ya later.

Love Elder Davis

Monday, November 2, 2009

Some new Pictures of Elder Davis

Here are some new pictures from Elder Davis. The second picture is both companions he has had since being out. The one in the red tie was his trainer and the one in the yellow stripped tie is his new one Elder Willis he is from Heber Az.Notice his desk Doug and Brinton should be so proud.He attended a wedding for a new convert he said that this couple is amazing they have done alot of work to help the elder's out.
Then the third to the last picture is of him and Elder Beaus they were companions in the MTC and cant wait til they serve together again.