Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Letter to Grandpa 11-4-09

Hey grandpa yes knocking seems to be the best way right now to find contacts.
Our members don't want to work to much with us so we will do the work ourselves and it has been paying out. We have been able to talk to alot of people which is always nice. That is funny to here that Loren was trying to hook you up with a girl to date.
But I am glad my mom got the pictures I am really enjoying myself right now. I have been lucky enough to have a lot of really cool companions and a really good time as well. The tie rack by the way was my trainers tie rack. He had about 83 ties I believe he loved ties. So yes he did have a very nice collection. And that is to funny about your companion. There isn't many elders who don't shave anymore it seems like. But I do hope things go well at work for you. How else have you been though?
Elder Davis

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