Wednesday, March 31, 2010

letter recieved 3-31-10


Hey whats up? I am so glad to hear you guys are having a lot fun together as a family.
I knew Keaton would do a good job. I am bummed I missed it, But hey that means I will have to look forward to some of his others when I get home.
I am still laugh in at Jake. He is a funny guy. I tell Elder Beus stories about how crazy he was while were walking.
Thanks for the compliment I am enjoying myself here in Cole Harbour things are really looking good and we have been really blessed.

Lets see crazy updates well first off it all started with a call during weekly planning session. Elder Nicholas goes Elder Davis, Elder Beus you are invited to the leadership training this Friday, So see ya at ten. Anyways two guys from Salt Lake are coming to teach us how to be better leaders I am assuming not to sure. Then a couple of minutes go by.The AP's call again, he says put me on speaker again. Well I said there was no point cause Elder Beus was on the crapper. So he then goes you want the bad news or good news. I told him bad ,He goes alright well President is coming out with you Wednesday at 6-9:30 so have lessons ready and he is going to evaluate you. I was like great. I then said what is the good news, He goes well President is going with you Wednesday, it has to be better then going with one of the guys from Salt Lake. Haha the Aps and Zone leaders are going each with one of the guys from Salt Lake. So Friday is going to be super crazy.

But other then that. The new stuff is that Scott and Lisa came to church and they loved it. They are doing really well. We were hoping to take President there but it didn't work out that way. But we are going back tomorrow and we are going to extend the baptismal commitment so I am way nervous about that it will be my first time. Also we got a 3 member referrals so things are starting to pick up here. And we are truly receiving a lot of blessings. I hope things continue to go well for you guys back at home.

I love ya guys tons. Mom thanks for always sticking by me and making me go to church and do what I needed to do. I know if you weren't there I wouldn't be here today. I probably would be who knows where. I love ya tons.



letter recieved 3-31-10


Thanks for the letter. Your faith is strong continue to trust in the Lord. Its interesting something kind of like your job situation, happened out here on my mission.
On my mission the first 7 months I felt like I was wasting time and money. We had no investigators that were going anywhere in Sackville. I came to Cole Harbour and the same thing seemed to be happening. I remember at night crying because I was so upset, It was hard. I remember pleading with the Lord to help us get investigators. Then we got two new ones that looked really solid. The first one dropped us Sunday it was hard but I thought hey we got another.
We go Monday and her husband dropped us hardcore. I was upset and I was mentally drained as well spiritually. I was discouraged and was even doubt full of most things. In my mind I kept thinking of the training I gave that day. I knew I couldn't just walk home to waste time. We had to knock, I didn't want to at all but I knew I needed to. Me and Elder Beus decided to turn around and knock a street. The first door we knock into is Scott and Lisa they have progressed further then anyone I have ever taught including in the mtc.
Haha, but I know the Lord listen and things sometimes get worse before they get better. Its all a big trial of our faith. I know your hanging in you always have. Just continue to set the example for us I love ya tons and appreciate everything. Love Kyle.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well I hope this is a new missionary sign that means Im workin real hard,

Wow Im so proud of Elder Davis

This is a family in the ward that helps the Elders out quite a bit with missionary work.

Elder Beus and Ben

This is Hannah, Elder Davis tells me about her all the time.He said she reminds me of Anslea, you know MOM how you never know what she is going to say. That's Hannah

Letter recieved 3/24/10


This week was really good we weren't able to go visit Scott and Lisa on Thursday something came up with work. So it was to bad but they still came to Ben's baptism. I told you about Ben before and the Bruce family. They are a cool family that are super missionary minded. At the baptism they invited 30 nonmembers it was so crazy. The baptism had like a 100 people there.
Poor Elder Beus had to get up and sing in front of everyone, But he did good. He was also the one who baptized him. We get there and I go Elder Beus where is your extra garments, And he was like Dude you didn't tell me I needed some. Haha so he had to wear the same pair wet. It was so funny, But the spirit was very strong while there.

They are quite the talented family. All of them can sing, And Amelia plays the flute.Hannah plays the violin so they had a couple of musical numbers which made it nice. My favorite part of the baptism is when Hannah gets up to sing a song with another girl and right towards the end she just started laughing. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.
But it was a great experience. Scott and Lisa and their kids really enjoyed the baptism. We took the bishop over the other night and they really got along with him. All though its no surprise he is head of the seminary program here. And is a great teacher. But other then that nothing to knew here. Still finding a lot and still enjoying serving with each other.

I am going to email you some pictures make sure to pull all of them up. Anyways love ya tons thanks for everything
Elder Davis.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Letter recieved 3/17/2010


Hey that is good to see that things worked out. I am glad you were blessed and taken care of during that whole thing.

What is Nate's email or mailing address?

But lets see this week was pretty fun. We were able to go and teach Scott and Lisa sadly enough they hadn't prayed yet about Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon. But they did start praying as a family and that night their daughter Jenny she is 9 years old said the closing prayer. So we went back Monday and taught the first half of the Plan of Salvation and they didn't pray but we committed them to praying again and coming to a Baptism, Since Lisa had to work during church. We haven't been able to get a hold of the Abi Daoud family yet so that is a bummer. But we will get back in and teach them. So things are going good right now for me and Elder Beus the Lord is really showing forth his blessings in both parts for us and the work and as well.

We had our Zone Conference this week. And President did an amazing job as usual. It was spiritual and he taught us the importance of relying on the spirit. It was truly an amazing experience. The coolest part was he at one point said the Lord cares for you, he knows you and loves you, there is nothing you have done not to deserve his blessings, so get out there put the past behind you work and watch the blessings come from it. Then another moment where he showed how much he loved us he started to cry really hard,and said I am glad this winter is over because now I will no longer be saddened and worry about you in the cold weather and having doors shut in your faces and feeling cold and alone. It was an amazing experience for sure.

But now of course time for the funnies of Zone Conference. We will start with I was asked to lead the Zone in Our Purpose and Doctrine and Covenants 4. Well I am about done with Doctrine and Covenants and all of a sudden I hear President yell Alright stop and he puts his arm around me and begins to teach us about being connected to our purpose. If only you could seen my face. So I am like crap what the heck. I go up during our break and talk to Elder Nicholas and he goes out of the five I have been to that is the first time he did that. I was like what was it cause I was like what did I say wrong. I didn't see him winking at Beus. He was like no I am lying he did that in all five. So then the Aps get up and give their training, And they go alright were going to play a game show.Our first contestant is Elder Davis. So I get up and he goes no no sit down. So he then he tells everyone come on your the crowd your supposed to cheer him on. Elder Davis you need to be enthused you have been trying out for months. So I did my part ran up excited, And they then proceed to ask me if I have made a Pb and j so I admitted my mom made most of them for me but I can make one. So they then blind fold me and spin me around a couple of times.Then I begin making it and looked rather foolish and well I finish and they go you comfortable with it? I admitted not really. So they then say well alright who do you trust. So I say Elder Beus and they go Elder Beus should he eat it? He goes probably not. So I get unblindfolded and they replaced the jelly with mayonaise. But there was a good lesson connected to it, and again I was like Nicholas you owe me.

But that is for now. Thanks for the sacrifices you make back at home.

Love ya tons,

Elder Davis.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letter Recieved 3-10-10


So this week was really cool. Unfortunately I can't report any new stories about us getting offered to go to the club but oh well. These ones are a lot more worth while.
But first Maggie is 6 no way that is so crazy.I still think that is so funny that they have the dog now to funny, what was Heath saying about the car. The other day it was out there again and me and Elder Beus were tempted to just steal but we used our better judgement.
Tell Ans not going to lie the Trek sucked, I mean pushing a cart around not my thing. But its spiritual and makes you appreciate a lot of things. So even though its not fun she will love it and enjoy it if she allows herself to. The first day out there was a waste for me cause I was just mad and being rude. So don't do that and everything will be a blast.

But first family remember how I told you a little ago about a guy named Scott? Well we went by his house and he wasn't but his wife was she let us and introduced to the kids.We got their number and set up another appointment. So we went Monday, And had a great lesson with the whole family. They are a humble family,And we were extremely greatfull that the Lord led us to this family and trusted us with them. So we are going to go next week and teach them the rest of the Restoration, And get them out to church. But the spirit was strong in the first lesson and they asked all the right questions. Of which we had the answers for. So I am super excited to go teach them again Thursday.

Second is me and Elder Beus went knocking with our Ward Mission Leader Brother Podezwa and he is a door to door salesman in the summer. He basically invited himself to go knocking with us. So we went and he was like our goal is in the next hour get in a door and teach a family.So we were all trying hard at the doors to get in, at a door I was up and was like Hey were representatives from the Church of Jesus Christ.The mother invited us in,We were able to teach them as well. We can't get back in till Spring Break but it was still a moment you felt like you were on Cloud 9 so all the stories show how the Lord has really blessed me and Elder Beus this week. So things are looking good we have a lot to be thank full for and a lot more work to do.

But other then that nothing to crazy going on right now. Just working and tyring to figure out what the Lord would want us to do. But anyways love ya tons.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Check out this cool car MOM

Letter recieved 3/3/10


So let me start this letter off with a funny story. Well it all starts with me and Elder Beus walking to go knock when all of a sudden we hear a girl yell hey nice ties. We were like oh thanks keep going. Then another yells how old are you? So Elder Beus goes 20 why? She goes oh just wondering so we start talking to them. And at first they didn't realize that we were missionaries. So they all of a sudden read our name tag and are like oh crap I feel bad we were going to ask for your number. Hahhaha! So it doesn't stop there then they ask us about what we are teaching.We start teaching them and they say, Hey are you guys married. We were like no! So we continue and next thing we know we get invited to go clubbing. I was like Elder Beus you got to stop attracting the ladies. Its ridiculous they don't even want to talk to us they just want you to go clubbing with them.

So other then that this week was good. We went to Scott's unfortunately he wasn't home but we met his wife. And she kindly let us in. And apologized for him not being there. She then set up a appointment with us and gave us there number. So its like sweet now the whole family is involved so even though we didn't get to teach them we got to know more about them. And invite her to learn next week as well. So I am really excited for next week. We also met another lady named Nicole on Monday who has a son and has another one on the way. So I am excited for that. But other then that we will continue to work and try and find more people.

But I actually got a letter from Heather the other day I was glad to hear from her and see she finally found a job. Tell Adam I said congrats as well as Emily. But I must say I think its funny that I am haunting his dreams. It must mean that I am still waiting for that visit up here he was telling me about.

But tell Ans I love the whole comment about her teacher it just wouldn't be her if she didn't speak her mind, and if the shoe fits it must be true. Remember the time I told Cameron Brown the family secret that took place every Sunday?( going with his grandma to get a pop at 7-11 after church). I am impressed that Heath knows that someone living near him means they are in his ward,and I am sure it would be alright for him to take Daisy to church sometime.( Heath got a dog and he told everyone she is in his ward now)

Anyways thanks for the letter and love talk to ya next week.


Elder Davis.
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