Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thanks Cassie Edgar

the first picture is of the baptism of Cassie Edgar back in August of 2009. Then you have Elders Farrance,Davis,Willis and Trump at Cassie's Wedding. Then Brother and Sister Edgar took him fishing and he was ever so proud of his Mackerel.
Notice he still has hair I have advised him to grow it back.......

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prince Edwards Island

This is the Ferry ride over to PEI. Also his new Comapnion Elder Nicholas and Some people they have been teaching

letter recieved 8/25/10


That is cool to hear that you went to Stowells homecoming talk. I am not at all surprised that he did good he was a very good elder, And one of my favorite assistants.
That is crazy to hear that trek is already coming up didn't school just start and if so when are they going to do it?
Well this week was kind of crazy when we got back from PEI (Prince Edward Island) we went home through Dieppe, New Brunswick and stopped at another District Meeting to see how they are doing as well as give a quick training. Then on Sunday we drove to Port Hawkesbury its a super small branch that we go once a month to and teach how to do missionary work its crazy small. There is only 12 active members. The building has only 2 rooms, 2 small bathrooms and a kitchen area. Its funny the two rooms are just for the branch presidents office and the next one is for primary. Anyways the craziest thing this week is that we have been knocking in Ammonihah and met a nice lady who told us to get our Demon A out of her yard or she would remove us herself it was funny.

But things have been going really well for Elder Nicholas and I we have started teach a younger family named the Hotsons. Hopefully things go well they seem really sweet. Karen the wife said the prayer last time without us asking her to. Its always a neat experience when the investigator prays its way more powerful. Kelly came up to New Glasgow she took us out to lunch and she was telling us that she is still planning on going to Arizona.

I was reading in Act 5 it was intense it talked about Peter and John being arrested and beaten and then afterwards they said something interesting. And they departed from the presence of the council,they were rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name. It made me realize that I shouldnt be so upset when hard times come but that I like them should be grateful that Lord considered me worthy enough to suffer or whatever the cause may be for his name.
Anyways I love ya tons thanks for everything.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

letter recieved 8-18-10


So the week has been super funny. Lets start off with me and Elder Nicholas get here, And he says that we had an appointment with someone Elder Beus found but he didn't know him. So he goes and says do you want to knock it and talk to him. So I am like sure ,So I go up and a girl comes to the door. I was like hmm.. something is not right so I go hey is Tim here? She goes no Tim isn't here I don't know him at all then another girl comes up and was like Jade you didn't tell me two guys are at your door. So I was like whatever this is stupid this is a total prank. So the transfer started off right got prank ed right away.
Then Saturday was Elder Nicholas birthday but due to us being busy we went out to eat Friday we went to Jungle Jim's and I had everyone sing Happy Birthday he was so embarrassed. Then I also called everyone in the Zone and had them call and wish him a happy birthday.
Then Sunday comes and we get a call at 6 20 and were informed that we would be both giving talks in Sacrament meeting. It was crazy. Not the best wake up call by any means at all. Then after that we decide after dinner instead of brushing our teeth at home we will brush in the car so we are driving and Nicholas that punk starts trying to make me laugh by just snickering well anyways I drooled tooth paste on myself. But other then that nothing to crazy has happened well a lot has but just can't remember all of them right now. But we live in an apartment the town we live in maybe has 5000 in it at 9 everything is shut down its crazy. Oh yeah its cool I am PEI right now its crazy I forgot my cord for my camera so I can't email the pictures I took of the ferry ride over or of some of the other pictures but I will get it to you next week.

So as far as the work we do a lot of the same things I did before we still knock a lot. Al though because our Zone is in 3 different Provinces and we have 4 district leaders it requires more travel which is fun but hard due to you not being in your area for 3 days of the week sometimes. But its interesting the Lord has really blessed us Monday before we left we got 3 new investigators. Two of which I am sure will be baptized. Anna is one of them and she is older and has the read The Book of Mormon enough to highlight it like crazy. But we are going back over to her house tomorrow and we are going to extend the Baptismal Commitment we were going to last time but ended up getting kicked out due to her husband needing to go to the hospital. Anyways this week has been humbling I have learned a lot had fun but mostly seen a lot of blessing I am grateful for the Lord and him helping. Also for putting me with Elder Nicholas who has been teaching me a lot. But that is all for now love ya tons.


Elder Davis

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Letter Recieved 8/11/10


Whats up? So that is so crazy that Presidents letter took that long to get there. Holy smokes, but yeah President is a good guy that was very considerate of him to take the time to send the letter saying that.
I am glad that you enjoyed the text message from Darlene she is a super great lady I am going to miss her when I leave here.
Crapo and I are doing good, things improved and we were able to talk about it and move on and continue to get work done. As for our investigators everyone is doing well. Brandon is doing really well is one of the coolest guys I am going by tonight I will have to get a picture with him and his family. I know he will be baptized hopefully I will be able to attend it when it happens.
As for District Meeting they are a lot of fun. As for what I teach its really already planned out I just follow the schedule President makes and maybe at the end I will give a training on a Christlike attribute. But from now on out I won't plan another district meeting for a while so that will be a treat. That was the hardest part you would plan one then the next week you would plan another and get trainings ready for the next one.

I am glad that you guys had fun with the Beebe's. Was it hard to say good bye again? I wish I could of seen Bishop dancing. I am sure that Jake and Kea were a blast to watch. Did the Colburns go by chance? How is Brother Blair doing now though? I need to email him. I wasn't able to write him a letter since I got his last one which was forever ago. But I will write him back and send him an email. But other then that if you don't know its transfers this week.

Elder Beus is coming back as the new Assistant. I was so excited I know he will be a stud it will be super cool to be able to serve under him. I am leaving to New Glasgow to serve with Elder Nicholas so I am super excited for that. The crazy part is I am going to be a Zone Leader which is scary. I never saw myself as that type of person. But since it won't kill me I know it will make me better. But in our Zone we cover PEI, Montcon which is in New Brunswick and all of Northern Nova Scotia so its quite the area. Which means a lot of traveling. It will be my first area outside of the Metro which will be new. Mostly because the other areas have branches and its normally small towns. But with that I will be able to take a lot of beautiful pictures that I will send home. But mostly I am excited to serve with Elder Nicholas he is a good friend and I am sure we will enjoy each other. But anyways talk to you guys later love ya tons.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Letter recieved 8/4/10


That is so cool that Charlie is leaving on a mission but he was always a good kid.

That is so crazy that you found two Sean John ties at Ross, But ha thanks for the new socks I really needed them my others ones are getting holes in them now.
Keaton is in Jr High holy crap he is such an oldie now. Ans will be able to drive him to school now eh? What is the name of the new school that Dax and them are going to? So how do you feel your birthday is coming up tomorrow are you excited what does that put you at 45 hahha just kidding. I won't say your age on here.

As for my new investigators a lot of them have kept there interest. The cool thing is the mission is changing a lot we have been able to get into so many more doors. Its crazy I remember that before that was unheard of the only time you got in was to get yelled at by some crazy Atheist who tried telling you that you were wasting your life and that your brain washed. But we are currently working with a guy named Brandon and he used to be on baptismal date but then dropped. So when we taught him we found out that he was comfortable with doctrine he didn't feel like he knew enough. Because the missionaries before would just watch movies and never taught him anything so we are going over tonight to teach him more. And I know he will get baptized its just waiting till he is married. But other then that nothing to new has happened here either. Just trying to enjoy myself as much as possible.

Love ya though mom

Elder Davis.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank you Darlene

Elder Davis,Stowel,Crapo,Sckow,Clayton, and Elder Bench

Elder Davis, Crapo,Sckow,and Clayton

Every Missionary MOM needs a Darlene

Hi Heather,
Attached are a few pictures of your son and his companion and some of the other missionaries that are serving around him. This picture was taken today in front of the temple, from left to right is Elder Sckow,Elder Clayton,Elder Bench,Elder Davis,Elder Crapo and Elder Stowell. I took these today because most of them have new ties on that I bought this week and Elder Stowell leaves to go home in two weeks so I wanted a few pictures.
Well things are good here the weather is really good its not so humid anymore. I wont be coming to Arizona this month so I'm planning a trip to PeggyCove on a Pday in late August for the missionaries so stay tuned for some beautiful pictures. We all love Elder Davis as you already know, he is like my son they all are, in the past two weeks your son has received two ties from me.
Im sorry that he lost his pants at the dry cleaners. He was pretty unhappy about that.
Im sorry to hear about your daughters dog, will she get another one eventually. Please tell her that I'm sorry. Please send me some other pictures of your family I would love to see more.Thanks for updating Elders Davis Blog page weekly I love reading it. That's what I first read when I come home on Wed. I just want you to know that he is very spoiled here and we love him very much and when he leaves it will be a very sad day in Cole Harbour. I believe that he will move into being a Zone leader when he leaves here and i predict that he will leave here to go to New Glasgow or New Brunswick to be a Zone Leader. I also believe that he will go to NFLD in January. I usually try to predict where our missionaries go from here in Nova Scotia and usually I'm correct, so it will be interesting to see how or where he goes from here. but right now he is here he thinks for another 8 weeks. but when transfers roll around its any body's game. Well enough about that. Enjoy the pictures and I will get you some more in the coming weeks. Please know that he is safe, loved and well taken care of.
I love you very much and thanks for being my friend in Arizona. Its so nice to meet new people and the mothers of our missionaries that serve here. I usually adopt them when they are here and i try to give them a piece of home that they don't have. love Darlene