Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Letter recieved 8/4/10


That is so cool that Charlie is leaving on a mission but he was always a good kid.

That is so crazy that you found two Sean John ties at Ross, But ha thanks for the new socks I really needed them my others ones are getting holes in them now.
Keaton is in Jr High holy crap he is such an oldie now. Ans will be able to drive him to school now eh? What is the name of the new school that Dax and them are going to? So how do you feel your birthday is coming up tomorrow are you excited what does that put you at 45 hahha just kidding. I won't say your age on here.

As for my new investigators a lot of them have kept there interest. The cool thing is the mission is changing a lot we have been able to get into so many more doors. Its crazy I remember that before that was unheard of the only time you got in was to get yelled at by some crazy Atheist who tried telling you that you were wasting your life and that your brain washed. But we are currently working with a guy named Brandon and he used to be on baptismal date but then dropped. So when we taught him we found out that he was comfortable with doctrine he didn't feel like he knew enough. Because the missionaries before would just watch movies and never taught him anything so we are going over tonight to teach him more. And I know he will get baptized its just waiting till he is married. But other then that nothing to new has happened here either. Just trying to enjoy myself as much as possible.

Love ya though mom

Elder Davis.

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