Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Letter Recieved 8/11/10


Whats up? So that is so crazy that Presidents letter took that long to get there. Holy smokes, but yeah President is a good guy that was very considerate of him to take the time to send the letter saying that.
I am glad that you enjoyed the text message from Darlene she is a super great lady I am going to miss her when I leave here.
Crapo and I are doing good, things improved and we were able to talk about it and move on and continue to get work done. As for our investigators everyone is doing well. Brandon is doing really well is one of the coolest guys I am going by tonight I will have to get a picture with him and his family. I know he will be baptized hopefully I will be able to attend it when it happens.
As for District Meeting they are a lot of fun. As for what I teach its really already planned out I just follow the schedule President makes and maybe at the end I will give a training on a Christlike attribute. But from now on out I won't plan another district meeting for a while so that will be a treat. That was the hardest part you would plan one then the next week you would plan another and get trainings ready for the next one.

I am glad that you guys had fun with the Beebe's. Was it hard to say good bye again? I wish I could of seen Bishop dancing. I am sure that Jake and Kea were a blast to watch. Did the Colburns go by chance? How is Brother Blair doing now though? I need to email him. I wasn't able to write him a letter since I got his last one which was forever ago. But I will write him back and send him an email. But other then that if you don't know its transfers this week.

Elder Beus is coming back as the new Assistant. I was so excited I know he will be a stud it will be super cool to be able to serve under him. I am leaving to New Glasgow to serve with Elder Nicholas so I am super excited for that. The crazy part is I am going to be a Zone Leader which is scary. I never saw myself as that type of person. But since it won't kill me I know it will make me better. But in our Zone we cover PEI, Montcon which is in New Brunswick and all of Northern Nova Scotia so its quite the area. Which means a lot of traveling. It will be my first area outside of the Metro which will be new. Mostly because the other areas have branches and its normally small towns. But with that I will be able to take a lot of beautiful pictures that I will send home. But mostly I am excited to serve with Elder Nicholas he is a good friend and I am sure we will enjoy each other. But anyways talk to you guys later love ya tons.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

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