Wednesday, August 25, 2010

letter recieved 8/25/10


That is cool to hear that you went to Stowells homecoming talk. I am not at all surprised that he did good he was a very good elder, And one of my favorite assistants.
That is crazy to hear that trek is already coming up didn't school just start and if so when are they going to do it?
Well this week was kind of crazy when we got back from PEI (Prince Edward Island) we went home through Dieppe, New Brunswick and stopped at another District Meeting to see how they are doing as well as give a quick training. Then on Sunday we drove to Port Hawkesbury its a super small branch that we go once a month to and teach how to do missionary work its crazy small. There is only 12 active members. The building has only 2 rooms, 2 small bathrooms and a kitchen area. Its funny the two rooms are just for the branch presidents office and the next one is for primary. Anyways the craziest thing this week is that we have been knocking in Ammonihah and met a nice lady who told us to get our Demon A out of her yard or she would remove us herself it was funny.

But things have been going really well for Elder Nicholas and I we have started teach a younger family named the Hotsons. Hopefully things go well they seem really sweet. Karen the wife said the prayer last time without us asking her to. Its always a neat experience when the investigator prays its way more powerful. Kelly came up to New Glasgow she took us out to lunch and she was telling us that she is still planning on going to Arizona.

I was reading in Act 5 it was intense it talked about Peter and John being arrested and beaten and then afterwards they said something interesting. And they departed from the presence of the council,they were rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name. It made me realize that I shouldnt be so upset when hard times come but that I like them should be grateful that Lord considered me worthy enough to suffer or whatever the cause may be for his name.
Anyways I love ya tons thanks for everything.


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