Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Every Missionary MOM needs a Darlene

Hi Heather,
Attached are a few pictures of your son and his companion and some of the other missionaries that are serving around him. This picture was taken today in front of the temple, from left to right is Elder Sckow,Elder Clayton,Elder Bench,Elder Davis,Elder Crapo and Elder Stowell. I took these today because most of them have new ties on that I bought this week and Elder Stowell leaves to go home in two weeks so I wanted a few pictures.
Well things are good here the weather is really good its not so humid anymore. I wont be coming to Arizona this month so I'm planning a trip to PeggyCove on a Pday in late August for the missionaries so stay tuned for some beautiful pictures. We all love Elder Davis as you already know, he is like my son they all are, in the past two weeks your son has received two ties from me.
Im sorry that he lost his pants at the dry cleaners. He was pretty unhappy about that.
Im sorry to hear about your daughters dog, will she get another one eventually. Please tell her that I'm sorry. Please send me some other pictures of your family I would love to see more.Thanks for updating Elders Davis Blog page weekly I love reading it. That's what I first read when I come home on Wed. I just want you to know that he is very spoiled here and we love him very much and when he leaves it will be a very sad day in Cole Harbour. I believe that he will move into being a Zone leader when he leaves here and i predict that he will leave here to go to New Glasgow or New Brunswick to be a Zone Leader. I also believe that he will go to NFLD in January. I usually try to predict where our missionaries go from here in Nova Scotia and usually I'm correct, so it will be interesting to see how or where he goes from here. but right now he is here he thinks for another 8 weeks. but when transfers roll around its any body's game. Well enough about that. Enjoy the pictures and I will get you some more in the coming weeks. Please know that he is safe, loved and well taken care of.
I love you very much and thanks for being my friend in Arizona. Its so nice to meet new people and the mothers of our missionaries that serve here. I usually adopt them when they are here and i try to give them a piece of home that they don't have. love Darlene

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