Monday, May 30, 2011

Liz and Rand with Elder Davis: apparently Elder Davis is a messy eater so Liz takes care of him by givin him a cute apron.

letter recieved 5-30-11


So this week has been pretty good I am super tired though. We got up at 4:30 yesterday to catch a ferry so that was awesome it is always fun to take ferry rides. Just a really calm and beautiful ride. So then we got to New Glasgow and had a great District Conference a lot of good talks were given. It was definitely a blast. It was good to see a lot of the members I knew from New Glasgow that I used to know I am surprised that some of them still remembered me I wasn't there very long and since a couple of missionaries have passed through but it was cool to say good bye to a lot of them. But one of the funniest is there is a group of boys in the ward that love to punch us and the call it the club of getting punched lol. So I pointed to Elder Biddulph and was like hey he needs to be initiated so they all go up and start punching the crap out of him I was laughing so hard watching him. At one point he goes hey easy you almost got in a really bad spot. It was good but even better last night to just pass out. So let me now try to explain why I was wearing a apron. I was at Rand and Liz's a super funny family well I will talk about them for a bit. Rand is super funny and was actually the one who helped me realize I have agoraphobia yeah so that was pretty nuts. He also tells us everything that makes Liz happy like us shaking her hand and for some reason she really likes it if we touch her food or if we make gagging noises its really crazy. But anyways of course growing up in our family I hearing this always make sure to do these things just to get her going. So needless to say dinner there is always a blast and reminds me a lot of family dinners on Sunday. It seriously is a blast and always by the end has my face hurting from laughing so hard. I will have to get a picture of their kids they are all super funny as well. Back to the apron though well we over last Thursday and I was cutting up some food and it shot off my plate and hit my shirt so I talked about how I always spill on myself. And well next thing I know Liz is next to me with an apron and I couldn't resist I actually thought the flowers were fitting and brought a different shade out in my eyes I don't know but I do know I like it.

So on to this week. It has been a really good week we were able to get out and work and see some really sweet things. We decided that we wanted to improve our knocking and make it more effective. The coolest thing about this was the fact that we had this vision right of improving it. We took it to the Lord told him of our desires then did everything we could to make it happen. Another thing was we wanted to get to meet with Scott on a more consistent basis. With both of these being just two of our goals or we can say visions for the future we went forward. And the miraculous thing was in both cases things improved. One Scott schedule is now that we can come over more and teach him on a way more consistent basis. The next was the our knocking became a lot better our doors were better. A street that would take us 30 minutes takes us at least an hour. So the thought is back to Ether and the Brother of Jared taking the stones to the Lord and him wanting the Lord to touch them and put light in them. I believe that if we want assistance from the Lord in whatever it may be big or small. We need to have a vision of what we want the Lord to do. Make sure though that this vision is ok with the Lord. And then when you receive that confirmation do all you can and miracles do and always will follow. It amazes me as I have looked back on things I have come to realize miracles happen everyday all around us but we must stop and look for them. Expect a miracle and it will come. Anyways mom I love ya tons you are doing great things for the young women! Talk to ya next week.

Love ya tons,


Thursday, May 26, 2011

letter recieved 5-26-11


So this week was well good minus the fact that it was Victoria day so that was dumb cause it caused everything to shut down. And then we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders so with all this stuff things have been kind of crazy things still are a little busy which is good. But other then that things were really good this week. We were able to get on the ferry and with the fog and sun rise it just made for a really sweet ride. As well as some good pictures. So hopefully your able to get those cause I sent them so you can no longer say that I don't take enough pictures. So then we get to Leadership training that and that was a blast it was really fun to go there and get some great President quotes. So we will start with the first when we go we fill out this evaluation page and President goes is everyone almost done. And so I wasn't done so he goes Elder Davis if you don't get it by now I am sorry but it might be to late. So I joked with him a bit and then he goes actually Elder Davis put your name on it I wan't to see what you put down. So that goes on for a bit and then I still wasn't done so he chuckles at that and then someone goes you have to learn charity with that one and he goes "oh yeah I have definitely developed charity with Elder Davis". It was funny definitely made me laugh a lot. Then the next funny quote by President was that he said "he feels that it is OK to say that you think a girl is cute but that is it", "And that when you get married make sure you are somewhat physically attracted to them". He thinks its good for them to get the heart pumping every time you see them. It was totally awesome I was like good old President, then Sister Simpson comes in and he goes oh good thing your here Sister Simpson the Elders are getting me to talk about things that are completely off topic. So overall it full of a lot of laughs as well as some very good spiritual moments.

So there was a lot of cool moments. When we went to New Glasgow we went and talked to a man named Raymond who me and Nicholas knocked into last year he was a former and at the time just crazy haha to be honest really weird. I am sure Nicholas remembers him. Well I turned to Elder Howell that is who I was on exchanges with. And was like Elder the only way this will work is if humbled by the Lord. And we walk in and he goes I am so glad you guys came I am having such a hard time. So we began to talk to him and he told us he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet that the Book of Mormon was true. And so we read a scripture with him and then said invited him to be baptized. He told us no I already have. So Elder Howell began to talk to him again about how he knows that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and that through him the Priesthood Authority was restored. And Raymond agreed. But still wasn't willing so finally I felt to tell him Raymond this is the only way you will be able to make it to heaven. It defiantly caught him off guard, But he agreed. He is going to be baptized July 16Th well that is the date but most likely they will move it up. It was pretty awesome just kind of interesting how things can change. Which brings me to my point and it is this I have thought of where I was before my mission. I was shy, and very nervous to talk to anyone especially a group of people, I hated anything that I had to take charge in. It is amazing how the Lord can mold you into what he needs you to be. He knew I was weak and could not do this alone. So when I recognized my weaknesses he helped me break them and overcome them so I could more fully serve him and be what he needed me to be. It is my testimony that Ether 12:27 is true when you look at why it came about. Moroni was admitting his weaknesses and fears. That people would mock at it and not accept it. But now his Promise is one of the most powerful tools missionaries all over the world call upon. It is amazing what the Lord can do when we swallow are pride and humbly go to him for help. Anyways I love ya tons. Talk to ya next week as far as I know there is no holiday.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.
Elder Davis and President and Sister Simpson. Elder Davis will miss these two amazing people. He said I can not thank them enough for all the help and changes they have given me in my life.


First picture Elder's Davis and Sister Simpson ( his favorite lady next to his mother of course) 3rd picture Elder Davis and Unger 4th picture Elder Davis and "Big White" and his companion 5th Elder Davis and Bailey

Monday, May 16, 2011

Letter recieved 5-16-11


What is up? So this week was pretty awesome I was able to give a talk which I still am not always a fan of but luckily I don't get up and shake so bad the whole podium shakes with me. I often times wonder since I have given talks out here if I am not nervous cause in most cases only about 70-90 people are looking back up at me. So I don't know.
There hasn't been to many funny things this week. I got a new companion. And this week was definitely different to say the least. I felt bad for Elder Bailey hopefully he gets well soon and is able to come back. Everything here is going good.

It was funny actually the other night when we got Elder Unger he goes Elder Davis do you always talk this much. I was like yeah dude pretty much. He was like so you never go quiet and I was like dude I only go quiet when I'm having a bad day or just when its raining so normally yeah man I am just chatty.
Lately its been bad its been raining for 3 weeks straight we haven't seen the sun in three weeks I have been so depressed. I thought about calling President and asking if we could go to a tanning salon you know just to get some good rays of light that gives ya vitamin d which is always good for the health and well your overall happiness. Then I started thinking ya know that would just be a bad idea. I mean he shot down my last idea when I said since Bailey is going home maybe I could go to Kentville with Elder Beus and he just did his famous head shake and then followed up with what are we going to do with you Elder Davis and then laughed.
Then the next funny was when we were driving back I took a birthday hat from the Summerside Elders and then forgot/didn't care I had it on. So we cross the bridge and I still have the hat on. And so everyone starts laughing and I was like what then realized it was there. I of course thought it was funny. Just acted like no big deal and kept it on; And the Lady goes did you just come from a birthday and I said the first thing that came to my mind which was yes we just got back from our grandmas 100 birthday she is a centurion now. The lady totally bought it I got a kick out of it; And I was able to get one good laugh out of Elder Bailey. Oh wait I almost forgot a great story.
So we go to the Veitch's a member here. Upon arriving they have a fire in there chimney which is pretty bad. We walk in and they didn't even seem stressed. Well then after that we teach a lesson with non members. I was like holy crap I have never had such radical events happen all in the course of an hour.

Other then that things are going good. Unfortunately with the events that came up we weren't able to get over to teach this week as much as we should of been. So I do know though that Pixie is still doing well and she unfortunately was busy with work so she couldn't make it to church. Scott and Katie are still doing well. As well as a members daughter came to church and wanted us to come and teach her so I am excited we will be able to work more and I know that this place is just waiting to explode. So I am pumped to see some crazy cool miracles happen here in Charlottetown.
So when I got up and gave my talk. I said that I remember growing up if you were asked to talk you had to say yes; And for a while I would do that until I just became a big stinker. I was recalling how nervous I would be and how I would be so mad that you would make me do this. Now though as I looked back I realized I was grateful for a mom who would make me do things I didn't like even though it made me so mad and more then a little embarrassed. It also made me realize how grateful I was that you always got us to church early as well despite my best fake sick tactics there every Sunday. Interestingly enough the thing I liked the most I learned about the talk is that when we go to church it is up to us to have a spiritual meeting. It is up to us to be able find answers and the peace that dwells there in. We can't say well church was a waste of time because well the lesson, talk, or fast and testimony meeting was a gong show. We despite everything else going must make it spiritual to the point where the lessons and speakers should play a very little role in how the Sabbath ends up being. Anyways think about that its kind of crazy completely changed church and made me work harder that day. I was grateful I must say though that I shared that fact because well then didn't feel bad that they weren't relying on me to get them there.

Anyways love ya tons,

Elder Davis.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Letter Recieved 5-11-10


So it was awesome to talk to you yesterday haha. It was great always good to hear from ya and be able to make ya laugh. But as for sounding the same. Hahaha yeah I think the sad thing is I still love pretty much all the same stuff. Life is good though for me hear. I can't complain Charlottetown is still beautiful and things are still doing really well and all looking up for us. Things with Pixie is going awesome I will tell you about it in just a bit. So the funnies of the week. Is me and Elder Bailey driving around and I decided to start pointing in a direction as if I see something. And man we got so many people to fall for it was totally awesome. We had one guy at a stop light for like a good 3 minutes trying to figure out what I was pointing at. At a restaurant parking lot I got someone to stop in the middle of a turn to try and see what I was pointing at. It was good its always funny to make Elder Bailey laugh most of the times I realize I am more just laughing at him cause he winds up out of breadth from laughing so hard. And its just always a good thing to do well cause sometimes drives to appointments can be boring. And I know you should ponder the lesson. But the best of the laugh always gets me and do to being weak I give in and end up doing stupid stuff to make him laugh. The next crazy was running into Chinese people on the street and them wanting to take pictures with us. I don't know who they thought we were but I don't know I was ready to sign autographs. Unfortunately it didn't happen so things kind of just shut down there kind of upset me. But oh well I felt cool enough for like five seconds then it started raining and for the life of me I just can't beat the rain. It gets me every time and takes me from being happy to just totally upset and wanting to just not talk to be honest.

So Pixie she is doing awesome she came to church the other day. And she had to leave early so we walked her out and was talking to her about church and how she thought it went and seeing if she had any questions. And she then thanked us for having her come and told us that she felt the feeling we told her about and that she felt the Spirit of God. It was totally awesome. Its so crazy to teach someone who never knew about God at all or anything to that effect and watch them as they come to realize that He is real and that he cares for them. Scott and Jason are still doing really well as well. Scott is a really cool guy and fun to talk to and its a privilege to get to know him. Oh by the way Brother Greenlaw got baptized Saturday from what I heard it was an awesome baptism and that he looked really happy. I was glad to hear. Wish I could of seen it but oh well life goes on I guess you realize its not seeing that makes it worth it just them getting baptized is all that matters. Anyways this email is going to stink to who ever reads it cause well I told my mom everything yesterday. So next week hopefully its better talk to ya later though mom. It was good to talk to ya.

I love ya tons,


Monday, May 2, 2011

Zone Confrence with Elder and Sister Golden. This is the Anne if Green Gables house.

These are of a popular beach there in PEI (I think that is what he said)

The first picture is of the poor Elder " Big White " on his birthday. The second is of the apartment he lives in. The thrid and fourth are his views from his apartment.Last Picture is from StStephens, Elder Davis and Jarvis. Some of the college kids there.

Letter Recieved 5-2-11

Kyle Scott Davis to me
show details 8:21 AM (1 hour ago)


So everything is going really well here in Charlottetown minus I feel like crap. But its super funny there is a bunch of salesman here from Idaho and what not so they were talking to us. Pretty cool guys all young and recent return missionaries. So of course that always leads to good conversations. All of them would crack jokes about me going home soon.
Funny thing though so we went to the CES broadcast last night and it was just awkward I found myself thinking yeah singles ward will suck like everyone here is having a hard time introducing themselves. Like they get up and they were like struggling with two things to say. Its funny most always said where they served as one of the things about them. So then they made us introduce ourselves so to make it less awkward I said I was color blind it definitely got some good laughs and lightened things up. I don't know but I am not sure about the whole singles ward
thing it just seems weird. Especially sitting and watching it. Felt so bad for them.

So we had some cool Rob and Big White adventures this week. So we named Elder Unger and Elder Howell. Elder Howell is Wam Wam instead of bam bam and Elder Unger is Thin Zeus instead of Big Zeus. So yeah the crew is together. We decided that since Elder Howell and Unger with Big White 24/7 they had to be apart of Big White Security. So Tuesday last week was our P day and bam we decide to go out to eat cause Saturday was Big Whites B Day. So we go there and well I tell them I needed to get up and leave real fast. So I go and talk to the waitress and was like hey excuse me its one of our Friends birthdays and I was wondering if you could sing happy birthday to him. So she goes sure. So she ask for his name and I go its Elder Biddulph she goes what is his first name I wasn't sure so I go actually he likes to be called Big White. And she goes Big White and I was like yeah you know he is like 6'7 big guy ya know. And she goes right um.. I guess we could do that. So I go one more thing could you make it super loud and embarrassing. So she laughs and goes of course. So next thing we know the waiter comes up and they drop its his birthday and he goes well to be nice I won't sing to you but will bring you cake for free. I was so ticked well of a sudden you hear clapping which was the sign, And they come up and he goes everyone its Big Whites Birthday. They all yell yeah big white and he goes I thought you weren't going to sing he goes well I lied. Then Big White goes you did this I was laughing so hard and he just went red in face. It was so awesome. So that is why I sent you the pic with his him and his balloon they originally tied it to his wrist hahhaha. That was for sure my funny of the week. I am pretty sure we were all laughing. President if you read this sorry just couldn't resist.

As for spiritually this week was awesome I was able to a girl named Pixie well that is her English name she is from China,And she is way cool. So to update you we have a guy named Scott on date but his baby is dieing so we teach him at the hospital. Super sad to see and they can't take him out or it puts him at risk of dieing sooner so unfortunately he cant make it to church. So Pixie said she would come. So Saturday night I asked to see a miracle and asked that the Lord would bless that Pixie would come. Well Sunday came and Pixie didn't come due to have to work late. I was bummed and I can honestly say wasn't mad just thinking man that stinks. You know its one of those times you wanted it so bad and when it doesn't happen you just get hit hard right. Well time goes on and all of a sudden I see Scott walk in with his wife and little baby that is dieing. It was the coolest thing ever so I leaned over and told Elder Bailey so we go over to them. And they said the most awesome thing they said we wanted him to go to church at least once before he died. It was without a doubt a bigger miracle then I had asked for. I am grateful to the Lord for this he taught me that miracles are real and that if you ask he will show them to you. Its human nature to when it first doesn't happen immediately to doubt. I must admit many a times I did this. I would ask for something and when it didn't come I would doubt. But no wonder it never came because I lost faith. Moroni taught that miracles ceased because the faith of men ceased as well. It coincides the Lord can not do anything if you don't believe. Before he would heal someone he would ask do you believe that I can do this. And when they did he would do it. So if you want to see miracles learn from me and when it doesn't happen in your time. Don't doubt it wont happen but continue to be hopeful for the time that it does. Elder Neal A Maxwell said something to the effect of its silly to think we who wear wrist watches cant tell him who controls the cosmic clock when it would be the right time. Remember what Isaiah said in Chapter 55 verses 8-9 :" For my athoughts are not byour thoughts, neither are your cways my dways, saith the Lord. 9For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my aways bhigher than your ways, and my cthoughts than your thoughts." It was a hard lesson to learn and unfortunately took me a while but I know that the Lord will do things in his own time. Anyways love ya tons talk to you on SUNDAY!


Elder Davis.