Monday, May 9, 2011

Letter Recieved 5-11-10


So it was awesome to talk to you yesterday haha. It was great always good to hear from ya and be able to make ya laugh. But as for sounding the same. Hahaha yeah I think the sad thing is I still love pretty much all the same stuff. Life is good though for me hear. I can't complain Charlottetown is still beautiful and things are still doing really well and all looking up for us. Things with Pixie is going awesome I will tell you about it in just a bit. So the funnies of the week. Is me and Elder Bailey driving around and I decided to start pointing in a direction as if I see something. And man we got so many people to fall for it was totally awesome. We had one guy at a stop light for like a good 3 minutes trying to figure out what I was pointing at. At a restaurant parking lot I got someone to stop in the middle of a turn to try and see what I was pointing at. It was good its always funny to make Elder Bailey laugh most of the times I realize I am more just laughing at him cause he winds up out of breadth from laughing so hard. And its just always a good thing to do well cause sometimes drives to appointments can be boring. And I know you should ponder the lesson. But the best of the laugh always gets me and do to being weak I give in and end up doing stupid stuff to make him laugh. The next crazy was running into Chinese people on the street and them wanting to take pictures with us. I don't know who they thought we were but I don't know I was ready to sign autographs. Unfortunately it didn't happen so things kind of just shut down there kind of upset me. But oh well I felt cool enough for like five seconds then it started raining and for the life of me I just can't beat the rain. It gets me every time and takes me from being happy to just totally upset and wanting to just not talk to be honest.

So Pixie she is doing awesome she came to church the other day. And she had to leave early so we walked her out and was talking to her about church and how she thought it went and seeing if she had any questions. And she then thanked us for having her come and told us that she felt the feeling we told her about and that she felt the Spirit of God. It was totally awesome. Its so crazy to teach someone who never knew about God at all or anything to that effect and watch them as they come to realize that He is real and that he cares for them. Scott and Jason are still doing really well as well. Scott is a really cool guy and fun to talk to and its a privilege to get to know him. Oh by the way Brother Greenlaw got baptized Saturday from what I heard it was an awesome baptism and that he looked really happy. I was glad to hear. Wish I could of seen it but oh well life goes on I guess you realize its not seeing that makes it worth it just them getting baptized is all that matters. Anyways this email is going to stink to who ever reads it cause well I told my mom everything yesterday. So next week hopefully its better talk to ya later though mom. It was good to talk to ya.

I love ya tons,


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