Monday, May 16, 2011

Letter recieved 5-16-11


What is up? So this week was pretty awesome I was able to give a talk which I still am not always a fan of but luckily I don't get up and shake so bad the whole podium shakes with me. I often times wonder since I have given talks out here if I am not nervous cause in most cases only about 70-90 people are looking back up at me. So I don't know.
There hasn't been to many funny things this week. I got a new companion. And this week was definitely different to say the least. I felt bad for Elder Bailey hopefully he gets well soon and is able to come back. Everything here is going good.

It was funny actually the other night when we got Elder Unger he goes Elder Davis do you always talk this much. I was like yeah dude pretty much. He was like so you never go quiet and I was like dude I only go quiet when I'm having a bad day or just when its raining so normally yeah man I am just chatty.
Lately its been bad its been raining for 3 weeks straight we haven't seen the sun in three weeks I have been so depressed. I thought about calling President and asking if we could go to a tanning salon you know just to get some good rays of light that gives ya vitamin d which is always good for the health and well your overall happiness. Then I started thinking ya know that would just be a bad idea. I mean he shot down my last idea when I said since Bailey is going home maybe I could go to Kentville with Elder Beus and he just did his famous head shake and then followed up with what are we going to do with you Elder Davis and then laughed.
Then the next funny was when we were driving back I took a birthday hat from the Summerside Elders and then forgot/didn't care I had it on. So we cross the bridge and I still have the hat on. And so everyone starts laughing and I was like what then realized it was there. I of course thought it was funny. Just acted like no big deal and kept it on; And the Lady goes did you just come from a birthday and I said the first thing that came to my mind which was yes we just got back from our grandmas 100 birthday she is a centurion now. The lady totally bought it I got a kick out of it; And I was able to get one good laugh out of Elder Bailey. Oh wait I almost forgot a great story.
So we go to the Veitch's a member here. Upon arriving they have a fire in there chimney which is pretty bad. We walk in and they didn't even seem stressed. Well then after that we teach a lesson with non members. I was like holy crap I have never had such radical events happen all in the course of an hour.

Other then that things are going good. Unfortunately with the events that came up we weren't able to get over to teach this week as much as we should of been. So I do know though that Pixie is still doing well and she unfortunately was busy with work so she couldn't make it to church. Scott and Katie are still doing well. As well as a members daughter came to church and wanted us to come and teach her so I am excited we will be able to work more and I know that this place is just waiting to explode. So I am pumped to see some crazy cool miracles happen here in Charlottetown.
So when I got up and gave my talk. I said that I remember growing up if you were asked to talk you had to say yes; And for a while I would do that until I just became a big stinker. I was recalling how nervous I would be and how I would be so mad that you would make me do this. Now though as I looked back I realized I was grateful for a mom who would make me do things I didn't like even though it made me so mad and more then a little embarrassed. It also made me realize how grateful I was that you always got us to church early as well despite my best fake sick tactics there every Sunday. Interestingly enough the thing I liked the most I learned about the talk is that when we go to church it is up to us to have a spiritual meeting. It is up to us to be able find answers and the peace that dwells there in. We can't say well church was a waste of time because well the lesson, talk, or fast and testimony meeting was a gong show. We despite everything else going must make it spiritual to the point where the lessons and speakers should play a very little role in how the Sabbath ends up being. Anyways think about that its kind of crazy completely changed church and made me work harder that day. I was grateful I must say though that I shared that fact because well then didn't feel bad that they weren't relying on me to get them there.

Anyways love ya tons,

Elder Davis.

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