Wednesday, November 24, 2010

letter recieved 11-24-10 Man I love this Kid


Whats up things here are good. It snowed then now its freezing rain which is just weird the weather here makes no sense at all. Anyways I drove for my first time in a flurry storm holy crazy I thought I was going to die.Luckily I made it out OK and am still alive and didn't get in any accidents.
So lets see last week in church I gave a talk on genealogy don't ask me why they picked a missionary to give a talk on that makes absolutely no sense to me at all. So I get up and had no idea what to say for once. It was interesting I kind of thought it was the stupidest thing you could ask a missionary to speak on. But whatever life goes on and I gave the talk mostly heavily relying on Elder Nelsons talk since I had no idea what to talk about myself.
Oh yeah I got my first case of food poisoning holy nasty. We stopped and at a restaurant after exchanges last week and things went fine. Minus all of a sudden the next morning after taking a shower I start gagging next thing I know I am upchucking yup nothing like stomach acid definitely sucked.
So this week we have as well just been trying to find a new apartment since our is gross and always smells and literally there is mold in the walls, most nuts thing I have seen by far. So our quest is now to find someone to teach as well as get a new apartment is quite an undertaking.

As far as everything else its been an uneventful week. I want to remind everyone of the importance of prayer though. When Aaron taught King Lamonis father he invited him to pray to know of the truth of things. Joseph Smith also prayed from both of these experiences we see the power of prayer. One example led to thousands of baptisms and the other led to the restoration of the gospel. Prayer according to Bible Dictionary it says "Prayer is a form of work, and is an appointed means for obtaining the highest of all blessings." So we must pray it is essential. Christ was the example of all things and certainly in prayer was he an example he prayed always good bad happy or sad. No matter the reason he prayed. It is the only way to talk to the Father. So if we want divine help we will pray and it will not be a burden but something that will become instinctive and natural to us in our life's. The times when things go the worst is during the times of your life you prayed the least. President Simpson said that your spiritual life will only be as good as your prayer and scripture life. So its simple pray. We all want more faith and faith is a blessing of obedience its a commandment to pray so do it and watch the blessings come. Anyways love ya tons talk to ya later.

Elder Davis.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Letter recieved 11/17/10


Whats up so sorry this email is coming in late and I will have to be fast so everyone else in the family sorry but I have to be quick.
But this week has been a lot of fun we have been in Leadership Training. Which is 9-4 everyday for the last 3 days I forgot to tell you this last week sorry I am sure you were trying to figure out what the heck is going on.
So some funnies of the training one there is an Elder that looks exactly like Clark Griswold and no joke I was laughing so hard when I was staring at him. I just kept thinking about the time that Clark comes in and says well good news guys I was just watching the news and they said they spotted Santa, then Eddie chimes in are you serious Clark. So of course while thinking about this I looked like an idiot cause I was giggling.
The trainings started off bad as we had two other Elders with us and some of them took long showers, so we were late. Of course due to being raised by you I was freaking out and was in a bad mood the rest of the morning wasn't good.
In the end all that happened was when I arrived President said Elder Davis your finally here and then drops did the Assistants tell you that you need to pick out the opening hymns and prayers which of course to top off the morning they didn't tell us. So yeah that was that day in a nut shell. But other then that it kept on going and President of course as usual made some good comments. One of the best was he called Sister Simpson up during a role play and had her play an investigator and his comment was she will probably kill me for this tonight. So we all laugh and he goes hahah no really she will. She just gave him the look it was awesome.

Serious side though we were able to learn a lot more. Here is the interesting thing this training happens every other month and its always the same stuff so this is the second time I have heard it. And the cool thing is I still walked away learning a ton of stuff from it. One of things that I liked the most is the fact we don't need to fix everything as missionaries we feel like we must solve every issue. Another thing was that it is OK to sit and be quiet for a bit while you think about what they said and try to listen to what the Spirit says. It was awesome we were able to apply me and Elder Gammell he has been out for a little bit and we were able to get hopefully a new investigator out of someone that came out trying to kick us off her door. So I am pretty stocked to continue to apply this. But I got to go I love ya tons talk to ya later.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Letter recieved 11-10-10


Holy smokes Buddy is getting married that is so crazy tell him I said congrats what girl has he been dating?
So you guys have Stake Conference this week huh that is nice I am sure you are excited about it.
So I am laughing at Dave's email telling me that he took my spot as well as Devyn writing one that he took my spot I was like oh brother you guys are all nerds. Definitely brought a smile to my face.
So that is crazy that Eden is getting baptized she doesn't seem that old at all just weird to think that she is really that old already.
That is to funny how is things going with Nicholas being at the home? Does he call his mom at least and let her know how he is doing?

Lets see nothing to crazy has happened this last week as far as funnies. Its been raining like crazy and its warmer which stinks. I really do hate knocking in the rain it just makes it ridiculous. Elder Beus was down for the week and we were able to go on a exchanges that was a lot of fun. I enjoyed giving him a hard time as usual. He is a dork for sure. He seems to be doing really good though they are up in Sydney by themselves and they are three hours from any other set of missionaries its crazy to think they are that far away.
So nothing to crazy has happened here its been kind of uneventful really I got sick again which stinks. Its the apartment there is mold everywhere its gross but I think we cleaned it up enough that we should be fine or at least I hope if not we will just have to move out which isn't super exciting but right now a good possibility. So who knows it all depends on if we continue to get sick or not.

As far as Kyle he has disappeared off the face of the earth it seems like. So we will continue to work and find others that is all you can do really. No point in getting frustrated over it doesn't do ya any good except make you see all the negatives of every thing. So life will go on. This week has been pretty uneventful due mostly to me being sick so hopefully next week I will have more to report on anyways love ya tons talk to ya later.


Elder Davis.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Crazy Elders

Beautiful Prince Edwards Island

There hearts will go on and on

Elder's Davis' and Boyd

Letter Recieved 10/3/10


Whats up so we got some sweet picks from going up to PEI I will be sending you some in this letter. A hint think Titanic and then think that we were on a ferry at night time all alone hahah yes our hearts will go on. But nothing to crazy has happened this week. Its Elder Boyd's last P day in the mission haha poor sap has to go home. He is so depressed unfortunately I was not able to get him to sleep walk at all the entire time he was here.
Yes Tuk stupid word,Its just a beanie lol its so retarded. Almost as dumb as Elder Beus every time I talk to him he says at the end cheers. So Nicholas backed out eh what a chicken he was probably to afraid to ride the rides.
In the zone not a whole lot of changes were made only one change was made actually and it was one of the Dieppe Elders getting transferred. So everything else will remain the same and I will be staying obviously which will be nice because that is one more PEI trip and of course honestly New Glasgow is a sweet place to serve in.

As for the Disney trip that sounds like it was a blast glad to hear that you guys were able to have fun and have a safe trip. I can't believe Doug was afraid of riding Tower of Terror.
But Eh lol yes its a very commonly word used by all Canadians but don't tell them that because they will deny it, Its there way of us using huh. We say it a lot and most of the time we don't really notice us saying it. But yeah I think that is why they are in so much denial. Don't worry about sending up the Volcom shirts I will just ruin them here. That is sweet that you found some sick clothes.
So advice with Nicholas get him to make the family breakfast burritos he makes some pretty good burritos, And also he has a bed wetting and drooling problem so if you could put some sort of covering over my pillow and mattress that would be great and save us a lot of money. Hahha just kidding.

So this week was pretty good we were able to go out to PEI and do a baptismal interview and then the next day we went on exchanges with the Elder is in Amherst so I was in Amherst and its a different place. Kind of weird to be honest ha. Just different people in general. But it was a lot of fun I was able to go with Elder Chastain who haha is so trunky it will be funny to watch him this transfer since its his last. Then we went and to Dieppe New Brunswick Monday and came back yesterday so its been pretty crazy and I am super wiped. But all is well. We are still working with Kyle and Emily as well as knocking to try and find more investigators. So we are just working and of course having fun. Anyways that is all for now thanks for the letter and thanks mom for all you have done for me. I was blessed with a good mom. Love ya.