Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Letter recieved 11-10-10


Holy smokes Buddy is getting married that is so crazy tell him I said congrats what girl has he been dating?
So you guys have Stake Conference this week huh that is nice I am sure you are excited about it.
So I am laughing at Dave's email telling me that he took my spot as well as Devyn writing one that he took my spot I was like oh brother you guys are all nerds. Definitely brought a smile to my face.
So that is crazy that Eden is getting baptized she doesn't seem that old at all just weird to think that she is really that old already.
That is to funny how is things going with Nicholas being at the home? Does he call his mom at least and let her know how he is doing?

Lets see nothing to crazy has happened this last week as far as funnies. Its been raining like crazy and its warmer which stinks. I really do hate knocking in the rain it just makes it ridiculous. Elder Beus was down for the week and we were able to go on a exchanges that was a lot of fun. I enjoyed giving him a hard time as usual. He is a dork for sure. He seems to be doing really good though they are up in Sydney by themselves and they are three hours from any other set of missionaries its crazy to think they are that far away.
So nothing to crazy has happened here its been kind of uneventful really I got sick again which stinks. Its the apartment there is mold everywhere its gross but I think we cleaned it up enough that we should be fine or at least I hope if not we will just have to move out which isn't super exciting but right now a good possibility. So who knows it all depends on if we continue to get sick or not.

As far as Kyle he has disappeared off the face of the earth it seems like. So we will continue to work and find others that is all you can do really. No point in getting frustrated over it doesn't do ya any good except make you see all the negatives of every thing. So life will go on. This week has been pretty uneventful due mostly to me being sick so hopefully next week I will have more to report on anyways love ya tons talk to ya later.


Elder Davis.

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