Monday, July 11, 2011

Stephen and Nicole are some great friends of Kyle's they made him a good bye cake. Sorry the picture of Stephen and Nicole wont upload I dont know why. The other picture is of Valerie and her children Kyle said she is " Awesome"

The last Chapter !!!!


Hey how are things going? What a crazy two years. At times I sit here thinking is this real? Have I been dreaming? I don't know what really to think or what to say about it. Except for amazing. I remember always when people would say the best two years I remember thinking oh wow listen to all the good things they say about it. It must be fun some type of vacation. This was definitely no vacation. What I learned was there are nights you wet your pillow with tears. For reasons varying from missing home, being dropped by those you love, or from all the rejection you go through day in and day out. By no means has this been the easiest thing in my life. It has been among the hardest. I have never written of these things because I always wanted to find the positive I wanted no one to worry. Now then that being said this has been the BEST THING FOR MY LIFE! Nothing has ranked even close to it. The things I have learned have been amazing. The feeling, strength, and comfort that come from the Lord after all these trials are like none other. I would never trade my mission in for anything. I have made friends that have taught me, comforted me, and pushed me when I felt like throwing in the towel. The mission is where everyone should be. The reason I get upset when I see missionaries goofing off or when people say the mission is not for them. Is the fact that they could never be so wrong in there life. The mission is for everyone especially those who have messed up. Who like me thought with my past what could I offer the Lord and this world. If any reading this thinks this way. My response is don't deny the atonement any longer in your life accept move on. And always remember Alma the Younger and Sons of Mosiah who when I think of these guys I think get out of there way because we will just slow them down. Well were they not the same who it was said were among the most vilest of sinners. And if these can conquer sin through the Atonement and go on to be great missionaries perhaps among the best of the Book of Mormon. And what about Paul or perhaps we shall remember him as Saul who was on the road to Damascus to incarcerate members of the church who also at the stoning of Stephen held the coat of those who casted stones. If he who is the great missionary of the New Testament can overcome and become great through the Atonement. Let excuses no more get in our way. For to long did I let them rule my life.

I am grateful for you mom and you dad! As well as for my family and friends. It was you who helped me I would not be here today without each and everyone of you. I would be I am sure still be doing drugs and in the activities that I was in that was utterly destroying my life. And those around me who I professed to love. I love you guys more then you will ever know. On this nights when I felt like quitting it was the thought of you that gave me strength. It was you who gave me the desire and the will power to move on and to continue despite difficulties. I am who I am thanks to you and as well as in great part to the Lord. Who was willing to leave the 99 and go and find me. At times I thought what happened was harsh. But it was what I needed. I would never change it. I know without a doubt in my mind that prayers of parents were heard. And this was what was going to make me realize it. I love you guys I am grateful for my mission. Especially for the nights I thought the Lord had forsaken me. For without these trials I never would know the joy that comes soon after. I would never be able to recognize the miracles that are always around me. I often times think of my favorite picture of Christ it was the one grandma had on our night stand. And it was just a normal picture of his face and it had a saying which read I never said it would be easy just worthwhile. How true that is for a mission. It was never easy but always worthwhile. I can't wait to see each of you and give you hugs. It will be something I will look forward to. I am sure all of facebook is glad the day count is almost over. I am sure most if not all are annoyed. LOL I love ya.



Monday, July 4, 2011


Letter recieved 7-4-11


So lets start with some funny moments this week. Well I was sitting in a lesson. And I ask a group of University students what do they picture when they think of Heavenly Father. So this kid goes well I think of the KFC guy and without missing a beat I go oh you mean Colonel Chicken and I genuinely thought it was his name. Then all of a sudden Elder Unger starts laughing and goes you mean Colonel Saunders. I was like um well if that is his name then yes that is what I mean. It was funny we all had a good laugh and it helped get the guys more involved and willing to talk, read and answer questions. Then the next funny is me arguing with Elder Unger about a color of a car. And having him going for a bit and then finally saying dude I am color blind I know I am wrong I just wanted to see how long I could get you going with it.
But lets see crazy news is that Prince William and Princess Kate are in town. We were going to get a picture of them but then we realized how many people were going to be there and realized it would be retarded to even try to get a picture of them. But yesterday they drove right in front of us. So I can say I was at least with in 10 feet of them. It was pretty cool. And at the same time I was like its not like its that big of a deal its just two married people. So I don't know what to think I did want to get a picture so grandpa could see them. Since he served his mission in England I thought he would like that but it just didn't work out. And seemed really unsmart to sit around all day trying to get a picture. So yeah that is the week just been raining a lot which I don't really get that cause its supposed to be sunny here and always nice. Well then I show up and it rains a lot and I have feeling its because well the Lord knows I hate rain. And he is just trying my patience until the very end.

So this week has been really good. Me and Elder Unger were talking about the wonderful people were able to teach. And the faith they have as well. You have Scott and Katie who with Jason daily they wonder if this is last moment with him. Stephen and Nicolle who everything that could go wrong seems to. Whether its from faulty electronics to well health. I ask myself would I have the faith or the perseverance to pull through. Would I be able to make it through the trials the Lord has put these great people through. I don't know the answer to that. I would like to hope I could say yes but sometimes I question myself. And in the end find myself grateful for the blessings I have been given. I was born in this great church. I don't have to wonder would I of accepted or would I have ever been able to find it. It was given to me in a sense and I know we all have to become converted and I am not disputing that. But as I watch all the trials Satan puts each of them through I am reminded that Satan is truly in everything. He will stop at nothing to destroy us. Both as investigators or members a like. It bothers me when I hear people say I am converted enough that I would have more control. If David who was favored of the Lord and in all rights a righteous man. Can fall to Bathsheba then certainly we can all fall pray. No one is beyond Satans reach. To think we are is sheer stupidity in its finest. This is a beast that doesn't sleep, doesn't eat, he has someone watch every little move you make. He studies you and learns what bothers you what makes you weak. He has been here since the beginning. He is a terrible foe. But in the end we are told in 1 Nephi 15:24 that scriptures are a means of defense. The Lord himself when faced with temptation turned to scriptures. Truly the way to win and keep your defenses up is only through scriptures they must be a part of our live there is no other way. We will lose with out them and ultimately be brought down to misery. Read the scriptures they are the shield of life.

Anyways I love ya tons and will talk to ya next week.

Love ya,