Wednesday, July 28, 2010

letter recieved 7/28/10


Whats up? I am glad to hear that it sounds like you had a lot of fun in Colorado. This week was pretty good it was hot and had some rain. But other then that it was a normal Nova Scotia week.
That is to bad that Ladybug (anslea's dog)died ,but a plus could be is that you won't have to hear her bark everytime someone knocks.
This week was a lot of fun though we had district meeting, And of course Elder Smith( he loves to tease this elder) is there and I did give him a hard time. So his companion is telling us about how he taught him the five waves right. He said he taught the the double shooter. Then his companion says Elder Smith did the double shooter to a car full of girls. I was laughing so hard. So of course I go on to say easy shooter. He got embarrassed and was like Elder Davis I swear its not true. It was such a good time I just kept shaking my head and saying Elder stop ok you just got to stop flirting and trying to get girls your here to baptize not to date. So needless to say it made my week.

But this week was Zone Conference and we had a lot of fun there it was an awesome time. President taught a lot about eye of faith. It was a good training. We also were able to knock into a guy named Jason who was taught six years ago and then moved and the missionaries lost his info so he just dissapeared so we knocked into him and he let us in and we taught him. We also were able to teach a lady named Anna who is going out of town this week, But said next week she would come to church with us. So its been fun we have been able to go and talk to a lot of people and get some lessons so hopefully things continue to go well and we continue to find and then baptize. But thanks for everything mom love ya tons.



Sunday, July 25, 2010

Letter Recieved 7/21/10


Yeah Darlene is awesome. She has been to nice to me as well as every missionary that has passed through.
So here is the funny of the week. I was at a Dinner Appointment and I was talking to the members and they go "we were over at the Rodriguez's "some members in our ward. They made some of the most amazing food ever,and I was like oh yeah what was it and they go well it wasn't taquitos. It was like a round thing and you put beans on it, lettuce, cheese, chicken, and what ever else ya want to put on it. So I am laughing as I know what it is. I drag it along on and I turn to Elder Crapo and Was like you know what it is? He says no.They keep going I know it starts with a T its just not a normal name though. So I am like you mean a Tostada. They go yeah how do you know I was well lets just say I have had a few in my life time. That is how much not Mexican food it is up here. Tostada is foreign and amazing to them. You would of thought they made like a 5 star dinner from them the way there were describing it. I was laughing so hard.
So of course when we leave. I turn to Elder Crapo and go that is how much better the States is then Canada we actually have a lot of good food. Since he is Canadian he tried to argue but it got him no where. Poor kid I have like 3 American flags in the Apartment. And not one Canadian I always joke I am going to say the Pledge of Allegiance and often times invite him.

Colorado should be fun. On the serious side we are still knocking a lot and getting ready for Zone Conference tomorrow. We have dropped some people and now just need to call and try to set up appointments with some of the other contacts we have found. I am sure if we keep it up will baptize this transfer. We have enough time to do it. But sorry for the shortness I don't have anything to new to update on. I love ya tons and hope ya enjoy Colorado travel safe. Love ya Kyle.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thank You Darlene Kearley, this mom loves you......

Hi Heather,
I couldn't remember which email address to use so I used both of them, Here are a few pictures of your son on his birthday, he had a great day the sister missionaries called and sang happy birthday. I took him to dinner for Chinese food that was his choice. I bought him his card that he is holding in the pictures. The other missionary that is in the picture with him is his new companion, he seems to get along very well with him, And of course the other ugly one is of him and me. Then after I left him at his apartment, my son and my niece and myself went to walmart and we went to marks work warehouse and there were these pants there for 5 dollars, they were not quite a dress pant but they are good for the boys to wear out tracking so I bought Elder Davis and Elder Crapo pants , and they fit them to a T so I was happy about that, then we went to Walmart and we bought them ties also, Elders Davis is a spoiled boy right now. He is very happy to be celebrating his birthday and his year on his mission
We love Elder Davis just like he is part of my family, he is like a son and I would do anything for our missionaries. Well i hope that you enjoy the few pictures that I took of him on his birthday. Please enjoy and I will talk soon.
Love from Canada

Elder Davis' turns 21

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Elder Davis, Elder Hendricksen,Elder Stowell and Elder Nicholas. Football on the beach good times.

Letter Recieved 7/14/10


That is funny you could only imagine Blair dropping the bed post on his foot. Man that hurts nothing hurts more and makes you want to say some bad words then when you drop metal objects on toes or fingers.
Its crazy how fast the month of July is flying by actually how fast this transfer is going by. The teaching went well I have a good district and for the most part dont really have to worry about someone crazy doing something stupid cause to be honest if anyone in the district would do something crazy most likely it would be me. I think President knew this hence the reason I am the district leader now. I was actually just thinking the other day when I was kicked out of Sunday School class for some of those reasons. Crazy how fast things change.

Mashed potatoes and chicken though. What kind of birthday meal is that? I mean you got to go for the green chili burritos. But that is crazy that Alea is 10 right? Tell grandpa thanks for the gift and thank you mom and dad for it as well.

So this week we have been trying a new door approach and have had a lot of success. We also knocked 29 hours which may not sound like much but when your only counting knocking as finding and not including all the time you spend walking to places its a lot and super exhausting. This week has been a very long week. Its been mega hot and humid which literally takes everything out of you. But we have met some cool people one of them is named Stephany and we are going to go teach her Friday and the cool thing is she is also independently trying to quit smoking. We also met a guy named Matt who used to take the lessons and wants us to come back and reteach him again. He has a copy of the Book of Mormon and has been reading it on his own for years. But yeah blessings have come for the work and its exciting to see.
Thanks for everything mom can you believe I am turning 21 crazy eh?

Love ya tons though,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Whats up ?So the new Elder, I did work him pretty hard we knocked about 5 hours each day but we had a lot of success from it which was cool. We were able to meet some new people and get 3 appointments so I am really excited. I didn't make him chafe that I know of, but I did make him have to soak his feet in water nice eh? Hahaha I feel bad in all honesty.
A little a bout him though he is from Alberta so he is a native not to worry though. I am working on making him realize that America is better then Canada. He is stubborn though. I think I am going to start saying the Pledge of Allegiance every day since we have an American flag in our apartment.Yes you guessed it there is no Canadian flag. He is the middle of six kids there is three boys and three girls just like our family. He reminds me a little bit of me when I first came out minus the fact he really likes to read a lot. Which is cool. As for pointers I would love some from Colburn so this is me officially calling you out.

As for your new calling that is awesome you will do great in it. You really did do a good job last time you were in it. All the young women loved you. Look what you did for Heathers older sister Rachel. Who told you that you would be in there till Alea and Devyn get in? That is wicked awesome. Then again crazy enough they aren't to far from entering young women's. What Devyn is only like a year a way pretty much. I can't believe that.

Fourth of July sounded a lot better then it was hear. We knocked apparently no one here celebrates it. Its really a shame.
I wish I could see Postma just breaking it down and ripping out some crazy dance moves. Just Dance when did you buy that game? I don't think we had when I was home or did we?
How is everyone else doing like Garin and Sara? Nate and Amy? Jesse? Adam how is he doing does he have a calling yet?

My year mark is tomorrow its honestly kind of excited slash depressing. Its gone by way to fast. I don't feel like I have been out a year at all. It feels like 6 months. But we will probably still go knocking we have a teaching appointment. Kelly's birthday is that day so we will probably go out to eat with her and celebrate a little bit of both right. So I am excited next week the 13Th is Elder Stowells birthday so we will celebrate our birthdays together so it should be a lot of fun.
Some Elders for there year mark burn a shirt. President has asked us not to teach the new Elders any traditions like that so I will for go that. Honestly I doubt I would of burnt one anyways.
yes mom you had me when you were really young( I told him I cant believe he is 21, I said either Im old or I had you when I was really young) love ya tons.