Sunday, July 25, 2010

Letter Recieved 7/21/10


Yeah Darlene is awesome. She has been to nice to me as well as every missionary that has passed through.
So here is the funny of the week. I was at a Dinner Appointment and I was talking to the members and they go "we were over at the Rodriguez's "some members in our ward. They made some of the most amazing food ever,and I was like oh yeah what was it and they go well it wasn't taquitos. It was like a round thing and you put beans on it, lettuce, cheese, chicken, and what ever else ya want to put on it. So I am laughing as I know what it is. I drag it along on and I turn to Elder Crapo and Was like you know what it is? He says no.They keep going I know it starts with a T its just not a normal name though. So I am like you mean a Tostada. They go yeah how do you know I was well lets just say I have had a few in my life time. That is how much not Mexican food it is up here. Tostada is foreign and amazing to them. You would of thought they made like a 5 star dinner from them the way there were describing it. I was laughing so hard.
So of course when we leave. I turn to Elder Crapo and go that is how much better the States is then Canada we actually have a lot of good food. Since he is Canadian he tried to argue but it got him no where. Poor kid I have like 3 American flags in the Apartment. And not one Canadian I always joke I am going to say the Pledge of Allegiance and often times invite him.

Colorado should be fun. On the serious side we are still knocking a lot and getting ready for Zone Conference tomorrow. We have dropped some people and now just need to call and try to set up appointments with some of the other contacts we have found. I am sure if we keep it up will baptize this transfer. We have enough time to do it. But sorry for the shortness I don't have anything to new to update on. I love ya tons and hope ya enjoy Colorado travel safe. Love ya Kyle.

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