Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thank You Darlene Kearley, this mom loves you......

Hi Heather,
I couldn't remember which email address to use so I used both of them, Here are a few pictures of your son on his birthday, he had a great day the sister missionaries called and sang happy birthday. I took him to dinner for Chinese food that was his choice. I bought him his card that he is holding in the pictures. The other missionary that is in the picture with him is his new companion, he seems to get along very well with him, And of course the other ugly one is of him and me. Then after I left him at his apartment, my son and my niece and myself went to walmart and we went to marks work warehouse and there were these pants there for 5 dollars, they were not quite a dress pant but they are good for the boys to wear out tracking so I bought Elder Davis and Elder Crapo pants , and they fit them to a T so I was happy about that, then we went to Walmart and we bought them ties also, Elders Davis is a spoiled boy right now. He is very happy to be celebrating his birthday and his year on his mission
We love Elder Davis just like he is part of my family, he is like a son and I would do anything for our missionaries. Well i hope that you enjoy the few pictures that I took of him on his birthday. Please enjoy and I will talk soon.
Love from Canada

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