Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Whats up ?So the new Elder, I did work him pretty hard we knocked about 5 hours each day but we had a lot of success from it which was cool. We were able to meet some new people and get 3 appointments so I am really excited. I didn't make him chafe that I know of, but I did make him have to soak his feet in water nice eh? Hahaha I feel bad in all honesty.
A little a bout him though he is from Alberta so he is a native not to worry though. I am working on making him realize that America is better then Canada. He is stubborn though. I think I am going to start saying the Pledge of Allegiance every day since we have an American flag in our apartment.Yes you guessed it there is no Canadian flag. He is the middle of six kids there is three boys and three girls just like our family. He reminds me a little bit of me when I first came out minus the fact he really likes to read a lot. Which is cool. As for pointers I would love some from Colburn so this is me officially calling you out.

As for your new calling that is awesome you will do great in it. You really did do a good job last time you were in it. All the young women loved you. Look what you did for Heathers older sister Rachel. Who told you that you would be in there till Alea and Devyn get in? That is wicked awesome. Then again crazy enough they aren't to far from entering young women's. What Devyn is only like a year a way pretty much. I can't believe that.

Fourth of July sounded a lot better then it was hear. We knocked apparently no one here celebrates it. Its really a shame.
I wish I could see Postma just breaking it down and ripping out some crazy dance moves. Just Dance when did you buy that game? I don't think we had when I was home or did we?
How is everyone else doing like Garin and Sara? Nate and Amy? Jesse? Adam how is he doing does he have a calling yet?

My year mark is tomorrow its honestly kind of excited slash depressing. Its gone by way to fast. I don't feel like I have been out a year at all. It feels like 6 months. But we will probably still go knocking we have a teaching appointment. Kelly's birthday is that day so we will probably go out to eat with her and celebrate a little bit of both right. So I am excited next week the 13Th is Elder Stowells birthday so we will celebrate our birthdays together so it should be a lot of fun.
Some Elders for there year mark burn a shirt. President has asked us not to teach the new Elders any traditions like that so I will for go that. Honestly I doubt I would of burnt one anyways.
yes mom you had me when you were really young( I told him I cant believe he is 21, I said either Im old or I had you when I was really young) love ya tons.



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