Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Letter Recieved 7/14/10


That is funny you could only imagine Blair dropping the bed post on his foot. Man that hurts nothing hurts more and makes you want to say some bad words then when you drop metal objects on toes or fingers.
Its crazy how fast the month of July is flying by actually how fast this transfer is going by. The teaching went well I have a good district and for the most part dont really have to worry about someone crazy doing something stupid cause to be honest if anyone in the district would do something crazy most likely it would be me. I think President knew this hence the reason I am the district leader now. I was actually just thinking the other day when I was kicked out of Sunday School class for some of those reasons. Crazy how fast things change.

Mashed potatoes and chicken though. What kind of birthday meal is that? I mean you got to go for the green chili burritos. But that is crazy that Alea is 10 right? Tell grandpa thanks for the gift and thank you mom and dad for it as well.

So this week we have been trying a new door approach and have had a lot of success. We also knocked 29 hours which may not sound like much but when your only counting knocking as finding and not including all the time you spend walking to places its a lot and super exhausting. This week has been a very long week. Its been mega hot and humid which literally takes everything out of you. But we have met some cool people one of them is named Stephany and we are going to go teach her Friday and the cool thing is she is also independently trying to quit smoking. We also met a guy named Matt who used to take the lessons and wants us to come back and reteach him again. He has a copy of the Book of Mormon and has been reading it on his own for years. But yeah blessings have come for the work and its exciting to see.
Thanks for everything mom can you believe I am turning 21 crazy eh?

Love ya tons though,

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