Wednesday, October 28, 2009

letter recieved 10/280/09


Elder Willis and I have had a good week. We talk alot about how awesome Arizona is and,will sometimes for fun debate this with certain members in our ward. We have not gotten anyone yet to agree with us but we will keep trying. But this week I am pretty tired. Elder Willis is known as being two things one a work horse and two a super fast walker. So he has destroyed me in the last few days. But its all cool we have been finding alot of people we both decided that we wanted to step up and start knocking a whole lot more. So we committed to knocking 4 hours a day. And we started on Saturday and have found 14 new contacts and 5 of them are investigators. So its been a really tireing but killer awesome week.Tell Colburn I believe last I checked he was banned from the MTC for trying to surf down the stairs using his bed as well. That is to funny what you did to Doug Beebe. But yes I am still in Sackville so just keep sending them to the apartment. I was able to buy some shoes last week and some cool hats, wool socks, and I need to get some gloves still forgot those. But before I go I was going to tell you I sent you my memory card the other day so you should be getting that soon. Its got the pictures of some trees and some other stuff and the wedding that I went to so hopefully you like it. But talk to you later.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Letter to the Beebe Family 10/21/09 (good thing they share with his mother)

Beebe family,

Fall is here which is crazy to think all the leaves are changing and I always forget my camera don't tell my mom she will kill me. But my dad was telling me about your great house and how spooky it is. If you can send me a picture I love seeing things like that. As for walking into the kitchen and seeing a crazy looking guy. One night I got up and we had our balcony door open to make it cooler in our apartment. Well I woke up and need to go get a drink. So I walk into the kitchen half awake and see something dart in from the door. So I was like ok that is not cool I am kind of scared now. So I grab a broom stick and walk over by the door. And it was a cat that decided to come in. So yes I got pretty scared as well. Disneyland is always a blast and I am glad to hear you guys had a great time. My mom was pretty jealous of you. As am I. I think when I get home we should all go together it would be good trip to go on. I am always bragging to everyone I meet how kick but our ward is in baptisms as well as member missionaries. Its hard to go from a ward like that to a ward where its just not something members do or to be honest care about. But yes we do trade ties I have a strict restriction on the blue tie Doug gave. Everyone knows if they ask I will straight up refuse. But its really not necessary for you guys to send me ties you have already done alot for me. And I would feel bad to ask for more. But thanks so much for writing me and putting Dougs two cents in. Haha you are seriously one of favorite letters to read you guys rock and take care.


Elder Davis

Apparently His Mother doesnt matter / letter to his Dad 10/21/09

Hey that stinks I am sorry to hear about the cactus and the cancellation. But yes I remember teen elect I can honestly say I spent the entire time wishing I wasn't there it was not fun at all. But I am pretty proud of Keaton its to funny to think he is passing the sacrament now. The weather here has actually gotten a little warmer its now 10 celsius in the day time which is weird. And it hasn't rained here in a while so everythings really nice and calm. But the bad news is last I checked they said there might be snow for Halloween I am hoping that is not so it would make for a bad start but I guess it doesnt matter theres not much I can do the winter is going to get bad no matter when it decides to snow. But tell everyone I appreciate there prayers. And right now in Canada me and my new companion Elder Willis who is from Heber are just going to start knocking like crazy. This last two weeks we have dropped quite a few people. But it will all work out and the work will go on. Love ya tons Elder Davis.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Letter Recieved on 10/14/09

That is crazy the deal you got on the ties from Ross they don't have Ross here they have a place called Winners which is like it but not as good of deals. And Zellers is basically the Canadian Target. But they still have best buy and staples and costco and other stuff like that. The Paynes are a crazy funny family. I still cant believe Keaton is a deacon its so weird to me. But the weeks do fly by transfers are next week which is just super crazy to me. What really flys by faster then weeks though to me anyways is the months like October is basically over already. I don't know if they celebrate American Thanksgiving here I have heard depending on your area and the members certain members will celebrate for the American elders but who knows we will see. The food though is the exact same really Turkey, Ham, Potatoes, Yams, stuffing, Corn and other veggies, and lots of pie. Oh and my personal favorite came from the Couple missionaries who made fruit salad. It didn't compare to Saras but it was still a great treat. And honestly I have gotten to the point where I will eat anything at peoples houses really I even eat steamed vegetables. But the one thing to this day I don't like and wouldn't mind never getting again is Korean food yuck!!! Oh and no one here can make Mexican food so that is all ways a big disapointment. Canada is beautiful. Its just if your going to spend that much money I would rather just go on vacation to somewhere else and have fun. And its not hard to believe that the kids just want to go to Disneyland its the greatest place on earth. But nothing to new has happened this week. Other then its starting to flurry which is not right at all. When I heard it was supposed to do that I looked at Elder Trump and said this is so not cool. So temperature wise its Arizonas early mornings and nights in the winter right now during the day. We came out this morning to find ice on our car. It was pretty freaking lame. But I went to a wedding this week. It was our recent baptism her and her boyfriend got married. And they are kicking butt right now in member missionary work compared to the rest of the ward. They are working getting two of their friends ready for us to teach them. And haha we got in the wedding pictures. But I can buy a memory card if needed cause I talked to brother Edgar and he said he wants to go to Peggys Cove but I will send you the card soon in the mail. In one picture I took pictures of all the crap we pulled out of one room it was disgusting but you might enjoy and it might explain why me and Elder Trump kept getting sick.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

letter to his Dad 10/7/09

Hey Dad,
My week was really good we had a conference then zone conference with a Elder Maynes he came in and taught us for 3 hours straight it was just crazy stuff.
But the week has been a really good one with alot of help and hopefully growth. I heard you went to Priesthood with Doug. How was Keaton I heard he got sick but did he seem to enjoy the session.
Its already quail season that is crazy how many quail did you guys get? I keep forgetting to send pictures home I need to I think the easiest way is just to send them through the mail since really I never go to walmart and its to far and will waste alot of our K's which we don't have a lot of to begin with. But thanks for helping me be out here and taking care of all of us so well. Your a great dad and I love ya tons and miss ya.
Elder Davis.

Letter Recieved 10/7/09

Hey conference was great this year! I was telling the Beebes in all honesty it's the first one where I watched and stayed awake for all sessions, embarassing but oh well. Life goes on.
Tell Keaton not to worry he will be fine passing it is not that hard. But today I just got back from our Zone Conference and Elder Maynes came and visited (I think that is how you spell it not sure). But he taught us for 3 hours and I was amazed at everything he said he was an awesome guy and truly inspired.
To answer the question though about President loving his missionaries. There is no doubt in my mind he does for the following reasons. Today when he got up to talk he couldn't he was crying pretty hard and he told us that he loves to see us and he knows the lord truly sent him the best of the best. There is nothing he wont do for you. The next reason he deals with me making things seem weird. Like for example last week when I went in and told him I could drive, I asked to talk to him. I said President as you know before I came out I made alot of bad choices. I then paused and he had somewhat of a concerned look like oh no what is going to say next. Seeing it I assured him I took care of everything but that I was going to talk about how my license is renewed. He then smiled and said that is good Elder Davis I really need you to drive so I am glad things were able to work out. But before I left he told me how he didn't care about the past choices I made that he loved me and thanked me for coming in and talking to him. But as far as driving since my record I can't drive till he says I can and since I don't need to he hasn't told me to drive yet so oh well.
The shorter dark haired elder is yes Elder Baker and the one that looks oriental is actually is from Hawaii and his name is Elder Cooper. The stuff I was reading in the video was what area I was going to be serving in and who my companion was.
I did get the package thanks so much both me and Elder Trump were super happy about it. I never got to Peggys Cove though the member had to go to work and also found out that his son was getting married soon so things weren't going good for him at the time. But I believe he will still take us I will have to ask him. He goes there all the time and I am sure he probably just forgot about it. How many elders were in the picture that you said you thought was my district? But talk to you guys next week love ya.
Elder Davis.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Letter to The Postma Family 9/30/09

First of all I want to apologize I keep forgetting to mail back letters for the scouts I have them just always forget to grab them. And the whole blog thing is just crazy ask my mom the promise I asked her to keep before I went out concerning blogs and tell me what she says. I am glad to hear your family is doing good I was just thinking about how I haven't heard from you guys in a little while the other day you guys are more family to me then you are friends so its always really fun to hear from you guys. But that was some great thoughts about praying for faith something I could always work on as well. Here is something interesting I have learned since being on my mission which hasn't been very long. The other day me and my zone leader were knocking and the people here in the Maritimes can be offended real easy and you never want to be to bold with them. So when you knock you don't be to pushy otherwise they will just say no. So for example you just normally don't bring up baptism. So back to my story we knocked on a door and it was my turn to talk so I asked the man what he thought the purpose of life was. He looked at me and said I have no idea so I began to talk about the same thing HCman did about how we are here to learn and progress. And then said also to repent of our sins and one of the ways we do this is by BAPTISM. Immediately I was like uh oh I said baptism he is for sure going to just shut me down now. But I then asked if it would be ok for us to come back another time and teach him since he was going to the dentist to my surprise he said yes. So my thought is with faith trust always the lord knows the people you are talking to and don't be afraid to open your mouth and say that which comes to you because your truly don't know how they will respond.