Wednesday, October 7, 2009

letter to his Dad 10/7/09

Hey Dad,
My week was really good we had a conference then zone conference with a Elder Maynes he came in and taught us for 3 hours straight it was just crazy stuff.
But the week has been a really good one with alot of help and hopefully growth. I heard you went to Priesthood with Doug. How was Keaton I heard he got sick but did he seem to enjoy the session.
Its already quail season that is crazy how many quail did you guys get? I keep forgetting to send pictures home I need to I think the easiest way is just to send them through the mail since really I never go to walmart and its to far and will waste alot of our K's which we don't have a lot of to begin with. But thanks for helping me be out here and taking care of all of us so well. Your a great dad and I love ya tons and miss ya.
Elder Davis.

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