Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Letter Recieved 10/7/09

Hey conference was great this year! I was telling the Beebes in all honesty it's the first one where I watched and stayed awake for all sessions, embarassing but oh well. Life goes on.
Tell Keaton not to worry he will be fine passing it is not that hard. But today I just got back from our Zone Conference and Elder Maynes came and visited (I think that is how you spell it not sure). But he taught us for 3 hours and I was amazed at everything he said he was an awesome guy and truly inspired.
To answer the question though about President loving his missionaries. There is no doubt in my mind he does for the following reasons. Today when he got up to talk he couldn't he was crying pretty hard and he told us that he loves to see us and he knows the lord truly sent him the best of the best. There is nothing he wont do for you. The next reason he deals with me making things seem weird. Like for example last week when I went in and told him I could drive, I asked to talk to him. I said President as you know before I came out I made alot of bad choices. I then paused and he had somewhat of a concerned look like oh no what is going to say next. Seeing it I assured him I took care of everything but that I was going to talk about how my license is renewed. He then smiled and said that is good Elder Davis I really need you to drive so I am glad things were able to work out. But before I left he told me how he didn't care about the past choices I made that he loved me and thanked me for coming in and talking to him. But as far as driving since my record I can't drive till he says I can and since I don't need to he hasn't told me to drive yet so oh well.
The shorter dark haired elder is yes Elder Baker and the one that looks oriental is actually is from Hawaii and his name is Elder Cooper. The stuff I was reading in the video was what area I was going to be serving in and who my companion was.
I did get the package thanks so much both me and Elder Trump were super happy about it. I never got to Peggys Cove though the member had to go to work and also found out that his son was getting married soon so things weren't going good for him at the time. But I believe he will still take us I will have to ask him. He goes there all the time and I am sure he probably just forgot about it. How many elders were in the picture that you said you thought was my district? But talk to you guys next week love ya.
Elder Davis.

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