Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Letter Recieved on 10/14/09

That is crazy the deal you got on the ties from Ross they don't have Ross here they have a place called Winners which is like it but not as good of deals. And Zellers is basically the Canadian Target. But they still have best buy and staples and costco and other stuff like that. The Paynes are a crazy funny family. I still cant believe Keaton is a deacon its so weird to me. But the weeks do fly by transfers are next week which is just super crazy to me. What really flys by faster then weeks though to me anyways is the months like October is basically over already. I don't know if they celebrate American Thanksgiving here I have heard depending on your area and the members certain members will celebrate for the American elders but who knows we will see. The food though is the exact same really Turkey, Ham, Potatoes, Yams, stuffing, Corn and other veggies, and lots of pie. Oh and my personal favorite came from the Couple missionaries who made fruit salad. It didn't compare to Saras but it was still a great treat. And honestly I have gotten to the point where I will eat anything at peoples houses really I even eat steamed vegetables. But the one thing to this day I don't like and wouldn't mind never getting again is Korean food yuck!!! Oh and no one here can make Mexican food so that is all ways a big disapointment. Canada is beautiful. Its just if your going to spend that much money I would rather just go on vacation to somewhere else and have fun. And its not hard to believe that the kids just want to go to Disneyland its the greatest place on earth. But nothing to new has happened this week. Other then its starting to flurry which is not right at all. When I heard it was supposed to do that I looked at Elder Trump and said this is so not cool. So temperature wise its Arizonas early mornings and nights in the winter right now during the day. We came out this morning to find ice on our car. It was pretty freaking lame. But I went to a wedding this week. It was our recent baptism her and her boyfriend got married. And they are kicking butt right now in member missionary work compared to the rest of the ward. They are working getting two of their friends ready for us to teach them. And haha we got in the wedding pictures. But I can buy a memory card if needed cause I talked to brother Edgar and he said he wants to go to Peggys Cove but I will send you the card soon in the mail. In one picture I took pictures of all the crap we pulled out of one room it was disgusting but you might enjoy and it might explain why me and Elder Trump kept getting sick.

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