Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Apparently His Mother doesnt matter / letter to his Dad 10/21/09

Hey that stinks I am sorry to hear about the cactus and the cancellation. But yes I remember teen elect I can honestly say I spent the entire time wishing I wasn't there it was not fun at all. But I am pretty proud of Keaton its to funny to think he is passing the sacrament now. The weather here has actually gotten a little warmer its now 10 celsius in the day time which is weird. And it hasn't rained here in a while so everythings really nice and calm. But the bad news is last I checked they said there might be snow for Halloween I am hoping that is not so it would make for a bad start but I guess it doesnt matter theres not much I can do the winter is going to get bad no matter when it decides to snow. But tell everyone I appreciate there prayers. And right now in Canada me and my new companion Elder Willis who is from Heber are just going to start knocking like crazy. This last two weeks we have dropped quite a few people. But it will all work out and the work will go on. Love ya tons Elder Davis.

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