Thursday, October 1, 2009

Letter to The Postma Family 9/30/09

First of all I want to apologize I keep forgetting to mail back letters for the scouts I have them just always forget to grab them. And the whole blog thing is just crazy ask my mom the promise I asked her to keep before I went out concerning blogs and tell me what she says. I am glad to hear your family is doing good I was just thinking about how I haven't heard from you guys in a little while the other day you guys are more family to me then you are friends so its always really fun to hear from you guys. But that was some great thoughts about praying for faith something I could always work on as well. Here is something interesting I have learned since being on my mission which hasn't been very long. The other day me and my zone leader were knocking and the people here in the Maritimes can be offended real easy and you never want to be to bold with them. So when you knock you don't be to pushy otherwise they will just say no. So for example you just normally don't bring up baptism. So back to my story we knocked on a door and it was my turn to talk so I asked the man what he thought the purpose of life was. He looked at me and said I have no idea so I began to talk about the same thing HCman did about how we are here to learn and progress. And then said also to repent of our sins and one of the ways we do this is by BAPTISM. Immediately I was like uh oh I said baptism he is for sure going to just shut me down now. But I then asked if it would be ok for us to come back another time and teach him since he was going to the dentist to my surprise he said yes. So my thought is with faith trust always the lord knows the people you are talking to and don't be afraid to open your mouth and say that which comes to you because your truly don't know how they will respond.

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