Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9/30/09 Letter to The Beebe Family

First off thanks so much for the ties and box of goodies its means alot that you guys do this for me I swear you are like Aunts and Uncles to me. And according to Bullys gf Doug is my dad so whatever makes sense now I guess haha. But I am glad that Doug made budget its good to hear that everyone did there part. But yes do please send pictures I would love that. I honestly can say as weird as it sound I teach lessons that you guys as a family taught me my companion must think I am secretly in love with you cause next to my family you guys come up the most haha. But my mom is a super hero shes just sometimes flat out amazing. I am not at all surprised that Doud did great on his talk and blessing I truly believe that the lord had his hand in Dougs life which Doug should be worried about cause that leaves endless possibilities as to why the lord did that but it will be fun to watch all the fun callings and growth that will happen to him. I am sure crazy things will happen after he goes to the temple so tell him to enjoy his break now. How else is your family doing how is crazy Meagan, Taylor, and Emily? And this is what we always need to realize about Elders there is two of us just because one likes to be on time doesn't mean the other understands how to do it. My companion can struggle with it. But he is a great guy so its easy to ignore. Thanks for your prays and so far staying warm is easy. Oh how I fear what is coming.

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