Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hey this week has been really good I am super tired as I have in the last two days done 15 hours of service. Its been intense and I am still super sore I dug a ditch, then moved 6 tons of gravel and then after that went and stacked 6 quarts of wood. I don't know what I am going to do I am still super sore and dead tired. But its all been good right they both weren't members and one is a contact of ours and hopefully this will help both of the people we talked to and gave service to. I will be perfectly honest though I hate giving service sometimes when I am there I just get lazy and complain way to much inside. But its always when I am done,That I look at the work and the gratitude of those I help that I then go crap I have a lot of repenting to do. Its a lot of joy and something I need to work on being more positive about doing. What is Tanners address again now I need to send the letter but realized I don't know what is address is. Could you actually send 4 copies of the movie the Bedford elders were jealous when they found out I just had two coming. I can't believe I missed Doug's talk, And where is Colburn these days? Oh ya where did you send the package to? The office or my apartment? But other then that Monday night we taught an elect lady about the Book of Mormon she is from the Philippines and she is crazy faith full. She is moving to Truro which is a really sad but my buddy Elder Beus is there so he will make sure she is taught well. Other then that this week has just been crazy busy with alot of service which is always good for everyone.

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