Wednesday, September 16, 2009

letter received on 9/16/09

For a camera I just went with a Kodak the cameras out here just get messed up or stolen in church apparently haha so I decided to just grab a cheaper one and some new towels. And no worries about the phone call and yes Elder Baker is an awesome guy when the aps showed us around the metro he was the one that sat in the back with me and talked to me alot so we got to know each other pretty well he is an awesome elder and just a crazy cool guy overall. Yes both of the packages came thanks so much for everything kind of crazy though the chips and salsa went bad I think. The blueberry muffins would be awesome if you sent them I do have a can opener so you should be fine just sending them. But yeah I need to write alot of letters I have one I need to send to Ben and also the scouts wrote me and so please tell Heidi I will write back its just I always forget to grab them but they will get there I promise. That will be way cool if you talk to Elder Keeney he is a goofy guy made me laugh alot he was fun guy to talk to. Our cars that we drive here we all drive a malibu or cobalt is the most common but I believe on PEI they drive a van I think not sure. But the Assistants drive a truck but those are what all the vehicles consist of. Oh ya we have a big 15 passenger van that is used for transfers. And me and Elder Trump mostly walk because that way you have the chance to offer help mowing someones lawn or just talking to them but our area is pretty big you could drive 30 minutes in each direction and still be in our area so its just a big area and sometimes we do have to drive but we try to walk. And I haven't been able to meet up with Elder Hoffman yet or Elder Rogers they both aren't in the metro oh well we all have sometime to get around each other. Tell dad happy late birthday and Keatons is coming up right isn't it like the 28th I knew they were both this month just can't remember the days. Oh when you were talking to Elder Baker did he tell you that he was going to lose? If he didn't let me explain me and another elder in our district started a ab competition that has now gone across the zone haha so its getting intense. Funny story though when the Elder Baker heard me and the elder talk about it and how just we were going to do it he was like I want in so then everyone else joined. And then we made it a companionship thing where both companions have to have good abs to win. But anyways so Elder Cooper the other ap drops to the ground and just starts doing crunches and stuff then jumps up and goes this will be awesome this is my last transfer and I will go home with a 6 pack. Then follows up with I have never had a 6 pack in my life Elder Baker was like Elder you might makes us lose now its going to be harder for you to get one now. It will be good for me though I most of the time never exercised when I was supposed to I would just sit there and stair at the ground and think about doing a push up. But this will help me become more obedient which is good because President is stressing right now exact obedience so its better to take his advice then not. But as far as our investigators well we have people were teaching one that we were excited for she wasn't home so that really stunk. But the other day I was in Sackville with Elder Packard my zone leader and I planned the day and did an hour straight of knocking. Which got us three contacts and one of which used to be Elder Packards investigator in Windsor and she was like this must mean something if you found me here in Sackville so it will be cool to go teach her and hopefully she won't be super busy like I guess she was in Windsor. So things are going good were in finding stages right now but its cool the whole metro is right now so I am excited as much as I don't like knocking I do like it and you see how when you truly say what comes to mind and not think about what your going to say how it can make the people more interested in what you have to teach them about. Tell Doug and Amanda thanks alot for the money that is really cool of them. I love you guys all tons and hope everything is going ok with you there.

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