Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Letter received on 9/8/09

So my week has been really good this week transfers happened I am not the newest missionary anymore in the metro the poor kid came out with 2 sisters so from what I got he is really nervous. Its not really getting cold here since you are walking you actually get hot and I got sun burned the other day. But it is cool its right now it’s a lot like Arizonas late winter early spring weather right. And I can't wait to get Jace’s letter tell him again congratulations from me. My companions mom is from Norway so he is pretty jealous. And tell Doug a pink tie I am not sure I can wear it but will try and get a way with it anyways haha I am excited for that package. I didn't get Jessies package but I got one today and just haven't opened it yet. Oh I did get your sweaters last week. They are way cool. Oh ya please tell Tanner I am planning on writing him back its just I keep forgetting I have a couple of letters written and just sitting on my desk but I always forget to grab them. But as far as the Camera charger do you know when it will be here because on the 23 of September a member is going to take us to Peggys Cove for our P-day and Elder Trump told me its really beautiful so I would love to get pictures taken there. Oh haha listen to this my hair got buzzed using a 3/4 inch guard crazy eh. And yeah that is way exciting that I won't have to get a SR-22 when I get home how blessed is that. And no sadly enough I haven't gotten any fish at all you don't get it much in the metro. But lets see my last few day's have been pork, roast, and some more roast. But the other one before all those I walk in and grabbed a lot of ceaser salad sit down eat it all and then the wife came and slapped down two hot dog buns and two hamburger buns and I just kept thinking oh crap I am screwed. But I managed to put it down and then all of a sudden two types of rather larger cheesecake slices are coming my way. I felt like crying and exploding at the same time haha. And no tell people to email me its fine I hate writing letters its just I might not write alot back but as of right now I haven't been running out of time so I am fine. But things are going really good here it still makes me laugh how you look up like 40 yards ahead and see people running to the other side of the street to avoid us. So me and my companion since were bored and have the same humor cross the other side as well right at the last second. But right now were still trying to find people and make some of our contacts into progressing investigators. I was reading in Mosiah I can't remember which chapter sadly but it was the one where King Benjamin is talking about basically no matter what we do in life we will always be indebted to our Savior. The missionary joke is that when you work hard you get hot wife points right. But thinking on how much I owe my savior I realize how much I need to work hard and give everything I have so I can at least be somewhat closer to my Savior and more importantly show my gratitude for everything he has done for me. But I pray for you guys always and love ya tons. And I am sad this week a good friend and Elder is going home his name is Elder Keeney who is probably one of the coolest guys in Arizona.

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