Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9/30/09 Letter to Grandpa& Grandma Davis

Hey Grandma and Grandpa,
Its really good to hear from you guys I talk to Sister Postert all the time she is a blessing in disguise she actually knows how to make salsa which is just something Canadians don't understand. She is going home soon which is really to bad not just for the salsa sake but also since she is a really nice lady. But how is St Johns and how are you doing? I will always work hard to keep an honor to the family name but also to help my testimony and work habits grow. Its crazy up here I stack wood and have never done that so I always have some horrible pile I was like I should spent more time in St Johns haha. But I cant believe Jace is going to Norway that is insane what a crazy hard but cool language to learn

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