Thursday, September 24, 2009

Letter recieved 9/24/09

Ya the jacket fits great the other day I used it for a rain jacket so its an awesome jacket. It came with stickers which they quickly went to decorating the back of name tags. The camera is a really good camera for being the cheapest one there. Its 10 megapixels whatever that means and takes some really good pictures. The towels were just hard they would get smelly like after 3 days of using them so they just werent working at all. So I got new ones and I don't need any blankets or anything they have tons of blankets in our apartment.
I am not at all surprised by the fact that Doug did well with the baby blessing. I feel bad for him cause I wouldn't be surprised to see him become a bishop sometime down the road, He smart and strong in the church. The whole Brexton thing about not having a bath or shower in our house is perhaps one of the funniest but smartest things I have ever heard. I am impressed that he could come up with that as a reason as to why he didnt take one.
Its really cool here right now the average temperature is like 18 celsius during the day so its always nice and cool out but you still manage to sweat somehow I don't know I am always impressed when I take by back pack off and my back is drenched in sweat its pretty cool let me tell you. I haven't gotten any package except the jacket and the candy. So hopefully I get it soon. And S.O.L. what does that mean could you please tell me I am guessing Stranded on Land but that doesnt make sense. But I currently have enough hair products you barely have to use any shampoo it seems like compared to back home. But here is a crappy story when I was on exchanges with my zone leader we were giving each other a hard time that night. And he gets real serious and goes Elder Davis I see you doing great things here. He goes and whats crazier is when I was told that it was my Zone Leader who said that to me. I told him that was not funny at all. And how was it eating at the Laparras? I imagine they eat some pretty good food. Oh ya I need you to call in because you need to change our stake president info to President Salmon. So I forgot to tell you that last week but you need to call in and change that. But um then I guess you can ask for that to be faxed to you. I am still taking pictures of all the trees they are starting to change already. But ya that should work yesterday was so strangely busy.

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