Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Letter to Grandpa Smith 2/24/10


Thanks for your letter. If someone was to ask me the thing that I noticed about Canadians versus Americans I would say it is the fact that they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. When your walking down the street you will at least get a hello even though it may be followed with boy got my own faith but didn't want to be rude hahaha. I love it. But its so funny to give members a hard time about the States beating them in hockey. Me and Elder Beus got brownies and Chocolate Chip cookies out of it.
I agree I miss grandma quite a bit as well. Its interesting you bring her up something very interesting happened at church. A guy was talking about the hymn Because I have been give much helped him out a lot. I thought about how grandma loved that song as well. He then told a story about a lady dieing. She called her bishop over to talk to her. She asked him how will he recognize me. The man then said show him your hands. I think we all know grandma was the hardest working lady we have ever known or might know as well. She gave service no matter how hard or how inconvenient for her. I am so glad I was blessed to have been around grandma and learned from her she was an amazing example to me. My mission has brought the most amazing experiences in my life. Some I will never forget but since my mission I have felt closer to grandma then I have in a very long time. Obedience is the key one of the last things Nephi said was "I must obey". Those are three words are something I am trying to apply. Its simple but yet so important we must always obey no matter how uncomfortable it makes us or how much we hate doing it. We must obey and from there the Lord will bless more then we can measure. I am grateful and will always be for the Lord returning me back to his fold and then allowing me to have this privilege to serve him for these 2 years in my life. I love ya tons Grandpa. Its funny Elder Beus goes you know so much how do you know these things. I then always say for hours my grandpa use to sit and teach me. So thank you so much I owe a lot to you. Take care and talk to you next week.

Love your Grandson.

Letter recieved 2/24/10


That is good to hear that Jace is out and has a lot of contacts that is really good to hear I am sure he will make a great missionary. What did he say about his trainer? But that is to funny that Kevin Gibbens knows Elder Nicholas' family that is really cool.The night we had transfers he told me again that I really needed to move up there with him get an apartment and go to school with him. He is a funny guy Elder Nicholas.

That is interesting. And sad that they got rid of the branch. But we know that First Presidency knows more then we do and I know it will be for the best. Even though we think that is hard and not always the easiest thing to do.

Its funny that bishop is pushing for us to be out in the public eye more. That is so awesome because are bishop is pushing for his members to do the same here. The problem is sometimes we are so willing to help those in our church which is great. But its more powerfull when non members see we are willing to help those who aren't part of the church. It makes them comfortable and then they ask questions and next thing you know they will be baptized. Its a great idea and I hope everyone is willing to do it.

But this week was a good for me and Elder Beus. We had a great talk on Sunday by a member who was less active then put in the Bishopric, he talked about how he tried to avoid it and couldn't understand why him. He then said Because I have been given much came to his mind. It made me think of grandma how she loved it. He then goes on to tell about a lady who was dieing and she called her bishop over. As she was laying there dieing she said how will he recognize me. The bishop then lifted up her hands and said show him these , she had given much service through out her life. Grandma was truly an amazing women. She gave more service and worked harder then anyone I have ever known. She was happy even though she was sometimes given many tasks to do she never complained. She was as Nephi who said I must obey. While I was thinking about her an amazing experience happened in which I will never forget and am grateful for. Oh how I miss grandma she was a wonderful grandma and example of faith.

As the week went on we were dropped twice by two people we were really excited about. The second hit both me and Elder Beus really hard. Her name was Belinda she was more definite then the other, but we were told to get lost pretty much by her husband. After sometime of walking and pouting to be honest. We knocked and the first two doors we got new investigators. There names are Scott who was really cool and we were able to teach him a lot about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. The other guy was Ray who is an older man but doubting his faith. So this week was a trying but good week. Things seem to get better.

Oh yeah,except for Presidents surprise visit. Elder Nicholas didn't even warn us that President was coming on Friday to have Companion Study and Weekly Planning session with us. But all in all only our kitchen was dirty. President taught us how he wants us to plan. He then said you guys are my guinea pigs so ha you get to be the ones I try out things on. So yes we are serving together another transfer. And it is transfer week. So here comes another awesome six weeks. I hope we will be more faithful and more guided this transfer and we will baptize.

But love ya tons mom thanks for the letter. Let me know how things go. And tell me more about the tie thing. When is fathers day by the way? I think Mothers day is April 9th right?
( I reminded him that although the savior and I have many similarities Mothers day is in May)LOL

Love ya,

Elder Davis.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Letter recieved 2/17/10

To answer your question about the people here, The thing is most people don't listen to us due to misconceptions, But when we do get them to listen. They aren't the most ready to change. It doesn't mean that they never do and that they can't. It’s just for some reason sometimes the people on the east coast like the way things are they are old school and change scares them. But it will change soon. It’s really all a matter of being more effective, finding the people who are truly ready. It will happen it’s just as missionaries ourselves we need to have more faith and more desire to baptize. We sometimes put limits on ourselves because of past experiences and the way things use to be. But I have a feeling things are going to start changing real quickly.
That is so crazy that Davis is getting married. Did he send you a wedding invitation? And how is Knudsen doing?

I was just telling Elder Beus that the other day that Doug was getting ready to go through the temple and how excited I was for him. I can't believe it’s been a year.

But the summer here is actually normally warm and humid and two months out of the year it gets really disgusting like to the point you get in bed and you sweat It’s so gross. It makes sleeping a really hard thing to do, And it didn't help in Sackville I was stuck in between two other apartments so it was extra hot. Sometimes our apartment would be hotter in it then it was outside.

How is the family doing? Is Anslea driving yet? When are you guys planning on going to Disneyland?
Nothing new has happened this week, Other then Patricia who we have been teaching we might drop soon. Due to her not really wanting to learn. But we will give here one last shot and go talk to her. She was the one I told you about last week. She called me the next day and said she believe she got her answer of no. And so we talked about it and she then said that she wanted to receive that answer. So I explained why would the Lord give you an answer if your not willing to act on it. So we will see what happens we can't make people change we can only help them if they want to. But ultimately whatever happens I will be ok with because I know the Lord has a lot of people prepared and I just have to work hard to find them.Today I will be going on a exchange with Elder Nicholas till tomorrow so that will be fun. The kid always cracks me up. And I am sure he has a lot he can teach me so it will be a really good experience for the both of us.

Love ya tons,

Elder Davis

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Letter Recieved 2/10/10

Hey mom,

My week was good we were able to get out Monday at start working. It was good for both of us I think we both were ready to die from boredom. Elder Beus apologized quite a bit which made me feel bad cause I was like I hope I am not making you think I am mad at you. But we were able to teach Patricia last night and the spirit was strong. Elder Beus is a great teacher and I am glad I have this chance to serve with him he teaches me a lot. Its funny we feel like were in the mtc again. We did the same teaching style as in there, President told me and Elder Beus to switch off every week and let the other be Senior. I wasn't really to happy about that cause I was like dude come on are you serious, Just man up. He just said yeah take your own advice panzy! But to be honest even the switching off think isn't a big deal. We both just don't see the line. Its sweet it helps us work well together especially being we have the same vision in mind.
Tanner Merrill is he one of the twins?
I am not to surprised that Doug did well though on his lessons. He is smart and progressing really well in the church. I still can't believe its been a year. I am bummed I will miss out on his first temple experience. But to be honest I would rather be no other place right now then here. The mission is rewarding. Its funny somedays yes you do nothing but go knock doors. But if you let it be boring it is. But it can be one of the funnest things on your mission. Did Bishop and the rest of them say they enjoyed the cruise though? How is Jake doing still crazy as ever? Tell brother Blair I am looking forward to a email from him then. Next week I am hoping to have a lot more fun things to report back to you. Just most of this week we were in so not a whole lot has changed. Oh funny story one night we couldn't sleep. So we drank some Nyquil. Well I have tasted some nasty stuff but that was on the top of gross stuff. Elder Beus chucked it back up it was so funny.

Anyways love ya tons,

Kyle (weird saying that)
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Letter Recieved 2/10/10

Hey dad,

Well first off I will say hopefully work picks up, And to answer your question yes we are back out on the streets and teaching people and out working. It’s nice to be back out I think towards the end both me and Elder Beus were dieing of being inside. But he is feeling better so I am glad to see that.
Now then as far as the racing goes, I must know is Keaton and Dax getting that fast and do I need to be worried. That is not good that you did a superman across the pavement. We must remember Superman was a man of steel, but he also didn't skid across the pavement. I am glad to hear you walked away with no serious injuries that wouldn't have been good. I think from thinks like that your ego is more bruised then your body or at least it is for me. I have eaten twice since being out here, And every time I feel like a fool. It’s funny last time I ate it on the ice. I went in before my interview with President and put a band aid on it because it wouldn't quit bleeding. So I walk in President ask how I am doing “I go good just a put a band aid on “ he goes oh you carry band aids with you. I was like no but I probably should. But that story did make me laugh a lot dad.
I will continue to stay positive I have a lot to be thankful for and I am starting to see more things everyday. Be careful next time you decide to race.
love ya tons
Elder Davis.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Letter recieved 2/2/10

Hey Mom,

Well this last week was a bit boring. We got to escape the cold which is always nice, Elder Beus is suffering pretty bad with a bad sinus infection. He went to the doctor last night and got some prescriptions. So hopefully he will continue to get better. I felt bad I was working him pretty good, And he was pretty out of it. So this week we havent had to much time tractin we have been in doors since Saturday. So I think we both our going a little crazy. You can only listen to so many talks and read so much before you feel like your going to die. I feel bad for him you can see it in his face that he is feeling crappy.
But grandpa was telling me about the service project that is way cool. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves you took pictures right? But I forgot my camera again. So no new pictures all though I don't really have very many!
But as far as light ties. Be careful with those because President got up and reminded us that we need to have conservative colored ties. So don't go to light or to extreme.Right now I am good with ties so no worries.
This letter is going to be short mostly because nothing to exciting has happened. I have been reading a lot lately and have come across a scripture I like a lot its in 1 Nephi 21:16. It talks about how Christ has engraven thee or us upon the palms of his hand. What stood out is this is coming from Isaiah who we know was before Christ came to this earth. The love he had and the fact that he prepared from the beginning to do this amazes me. And I often feel bad for not always appreciating and using the atonement enough in my life. So my challenge is remember it and study it more and then learn to apply it more fully in your life. It was done out of love and is given out of love.


Elder Davis.