Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Letter Recieved 2/10/10

Hey mom,

My week was good we were able to get out Monday at start working. It was good for both of us I think we both were ready to die from boredom. Elder Beus apologized quite a bit which made me feel bad cause I was like I hope I am not making you think I am mad at you. But we were able to teach Patricia last night and the spirit was strong. Elder Beus is a great teacher and I am glad I have this chance to serve with him he teaches me a lot. Its funny we feel like were in the mtc again. We did the same teaching style as in there, President told me and Elder Beus to switch off every week and let the other be Senior. I wasn't really to happy about that cause I was like dude come on are you serious, Just man up. He just said yeah take your own advice panzy! But to be honest even the switching off think isn't a big deal. We both just don't see the line. Its sweet it helps us work well together especially being we have the same vision in mind.
Tanner Merrill is he one of the twins?
I am not to surprised that Doug did well though on his lessons. He is smart and progressing really well in the church. I still can't believe its been a year. I am bummed I will miss out on his first temple experience. But to be honest I would rather be no other place right now then here. The mission is rewarding. Its funny somedays yes you do nothing but go knock doors. But if you let it be boring it is. But it can be one of the funnest things on your mission. Did Bishop and the rest of them say they enjoyed the cruise though? How is Jake doing still crazy as ever? Tell brother Blair I am looking forward to a email from him then. Next week I am hoping to have a lot more fun things to report back to you. Just most of this week we were in so not a whole lot has changed. Oh funny story one night we couldn't sleep. So we drank some Nyquil. Well I have tasted some nasty stuff but that was on the top of gross stuff. Elder Beus chucked it back up it was so funny.

Anyways love ya tons,

Kyle (weird saying that)
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