Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Letter recieved 2/17/10

To answer your question about the people here, The thing is most people don't listen to us due to misconceptions, But when we do get them to listen. They aren't the most ready to change. It doesn't mean that they never do and that they can't. It’s just for some reason sometimes the people on the east coast like the way things are they are old school and change scares them. But it will change soon. It’s really all a matter of being more effective, finding the people who are truly ready. It will happen it’s just as missionaries ourselves we need to have more faith and more desire to baptize. We sometimes put limits on ourselves because of past experiences and the way things use to be. But I have a feeling things are going to start changing real quickly.
That is so crazy that Davis is getting married. Did he send you a wedding invitation? And how is Knudsen doing?

I was just telling Elder Beus that the other day that Doug was getting ready to go through the temple and how excited I was for him. I can't believe it’s been a year.

But the summer here is actually normally warm and humid and two months out of the year it gets really disgusting like to the point you get in bed and you sweat It’s so gross. It makes sleeping a really hard thing to do, And it didn't help in Sackville I was stuck in between two other apartments so it was extra hot. Sometimes our apartment would be hotter in it then it was outside.

How is the family doing? Is Anslea driving yet? When are you guys planning on going to Disneyland?
Nothing new has happened this week, Other then Patricia who we have been teaching we might drop soon. Due to her not really wanting to learn. But we will give here one last shot and go talk to her. She was the one I told you about last week. She called me the next day and said she believe she got her answer of no. And so we talked about it and she then said that she wanted to receive that answer. So I explained why would the Lord give you an answer if your not willing to act on it. So we will see what happens we can't make people change we can only help them if they want to. But ultimately whatever happens I will be ok with because I know the Lord has a lot of people prepared and I just have to work hard to find them.Today I will be going on a exchange with Elder Nicholas till tomorrow so that will be fun. The kid always cracks me up. And I am sure he has a lot he can teach me so it will be a really good experience for the both of us.

Love ya tons,

Elder Davis

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