Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Letter recieved 2/24/10


That is good to hear that Jace is out and has a lot of contacts that is really good to hear I am sure he will make a great missionary. What did he say about his trainer? But that is to funny that Kevin Gibbens knows Elder Nicholas' family that is really cool.The night we had transfers he told me again that I really needed to move up there with him get an apartment and go to school with him. He is a funny guy Elder Nicholas.

That is interesting. And sad that they got rid of the branch. But we know that First Presidency knows more then we do and I know it will be for the best. Even though we think that is hard and not always the easiest thing to do.

Its funny that bishop is pushing for us to be out in the public eye more. That is so awesome because are bishop is pushing for his members to do the same here. The problem is sometimes we are so willing to help those in our church which is great. But its more powerfull when non members see we are willing to help those who aren't part of the church. It makes them comfortable and then they ask questions and next thing you know they will be baptized. Its a great idea and I hope everyone is willing to do it.

But this week was a good for me and Elder Beus. We had a great talk on Sunday by a member who was less active then put in the Bishopric, he talked about how he tried to avoid it and couldn't understand why him. He then said Because I have been given much came to his mind. It made me think of grandma how she loved it. He then goes on to tell about a lady who was dieing and she called her bishop over. As she was laying there dieing she said how will he recognize me. The bishop then lifted up her hands and said show him these , she had given much service through out her life. Grandma was truly an amazing women. She gave more service and worked harder then anyone I have ever known. She was happy even though she was sometimes given many tasks to do she never complained. She was as Nephi who said I must obey. While I was thinking about her an amazing experience happened in which I will never forget and am grateful for. Oh how I miss grandma she was a wonderful grandma and example of faith.

As the week went on we were dropped twice by two people we were really excited about. The second hit both me and Elder Beus really hard. Her name was Belinda she was more definite then the other, but we were told to get lost pretty much by her husband. After sometime of walking and pouting to be honest. We knocked and the first two doors we got new investigators. There names are Scott who was really cool and we were able to teach him a lot about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. The other guy was Ray who is an older man but doubting his faith. So this week was a trying but good week. Things seem to get better.

Oh yeah,except for Presidents surprise visit. Elder Nicholas didn't even warn us that President was coming on Friday to have Companion Study and Weekly Planning session with us. But all in all only our kitchen was dirty. President taught us how he wants us to plan. He then said you guys are my guinea pigs so ha you get to be the ones I try out things on. So yes we are serving together another transfer. And it is transfer week. So here comes another awesome six weeks. I hope we will be more faithful and more guided this transfer and we will baptize.

But love ya tons mom thanks for the letter. Let me know how things go. And tell me more about the tie thing. When is fathers day by the way? I think Mothers day is April 9th right?
( I reminded him that although the savior and I have many similarities Mothers day is in May)LOL

Love ya,

Elder Davis.
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