Monday, January 31, 2011

letter recieved 1-31-11


So whats up? So yeah with transfers the weather really wasn't that
bad. What really made it go behind schedule was first the fact that
because they thought it was going to be bad they shut down the airport
which meant that the new missionaries got stuck in New York lol, And
also the fact that they said there was going to be a foot of snow and
freezing rain both of which didn't happen. But in all honesty the area
is pretty sweet. We go to Maine everyday if we so choose. I shop in
Maine and get milk for yes you guessed it 3.44 a gallon which your
going who cares but in Canada you pay 3.96 for a half gallon. Chicken
is like 8 bucks for 2.5 lbs you would normally pay like 20 bucks for
that at least if now probably more actually. Well lets see 5 chicken
breast will cost about 26-32 bucks. So things here are awesome when it
comes to that.

But story time that will make you laugh kind of. Maybe make you kind
of go through the emotions of me offering to buy Cameron Brown a soda
during fast offerings. So here we go. Well it all starts with me
finding the red bull girls right. You know the ones that drive around
downtown Halifax and give out Red Bulls so me being me was like Elder
we got to get one. So we stop the girls talk to them and I come out
and was like can we have a free Red Bull and the of course give us
one. I decide to drink mine before bed time. Stay up till 2 haha make
the mistake of telling the Assistants, And then bam were sitting in
the office and Elder Randall kind of quietly/loudly whispers to Elder
Smith did you stay till 2 as well. So President goes who stayed up
till 2 so I go I did (thus begins the circus de Davis) he goes why so
I go well I drank a energy drink President you did what? Why did you
do that? So I go well cause I got it for free. He goes so if I gave
you a bottle of urine would you drink it? I laugh no President that's
gross. So then he goes Elder Davis don't drink an energy drink on your
mission or even after your mission ever again ok? I go ok. Then he
goes how did you get it for free? Again me dumbie oh the Red Bull
girls gave it to me. President the who? You know the girls that drive
around in the red bull car everyone always stops them and gets a
drink. Haha then I switch subjects on him cause he asks if someone
hands you a bottle that looks like alcohol but it isn't alcoholic do
you drink it so I said no its the appearance of evil. So that kind of
makes him happy then he goes on about how two Elders in one of his
zones drank this Woodpecker Apple Cider which apparently said
nonalcoholic but really had 3%. So now time for the switch of subjects
since I don't want President to lecture me much longer. So President
did they get drunk? And then he does his chuckle and goes oh yeah they
did. So bam conflict over. Elder Smith was definitely squirming and
didn't say a word the entire time just went really bright red. The
assistants told me that was the best subject change they have ever
seen. And also one of the funniest conversations they have ever seen
President have. I told them yeah thanks wieners.

But anyways mom sorry yeah like I said at first you will be like come
on really. But down the road you will laugh(he hopes I will laugh).
Oh so yeah Colburn that means I can't drink a red bull anymore with you when we head to the church welfare farm.
Serious note though the area will be good for
me. Its a small town. But there is a member in the ward who use to be
a local 70 so that is cool. He built a loft in his house for us. And
ever other week we will be going down to his house for 2-3 days to
work his area. So I am really excited for that. And other then that we
will be working and trying to find people to teach. It will be a lot
of fun. This town is super small. Like by far the smallest place I
have ever served in. So it will teach me a lot. Anyways I love you talk to
ya later.


Monday, January 24, 2011

letter recieved 1/24/11


So whats up mom! So as Laura told you I am getting transferred to St. Stephens which is right on the border of Maine. Which will be awesome. Mostly because well everything is cheaper and more awesome there. For example cheese, milk, and chicken will be like half the price. So I am really excited about that.
It was crazy when I found out it all started with President calling me and leaving me a message. So I call him back and he makes some small talk about a bunch of stuff and you could tell something was up. So I am like yeah but whats up President so he goes well Elder Davis I feel strongly inspired to give you an assignment that I know your to do. So he tells me I am going to St. Stephens it will be awesome I am a little nervous he told me of some concerns but without struggle where is victory. So I am excited well and to be honest kind of nervous for this new area it will be different for sure. But I am excited for the challenge it will be a huge growing experience I am sure of it just the way things sound. So I am sad to leave Elder Smith he was an awesome companion I really got a long with him but, at the same time. I am going to the States which is the promised land of this mission for sure. So things will be really good.

Anyways I will be packing for that and getting ready for this crazy change. But in the mean time the good news is that there is members that live in Maine that will let us use there address for sending packages and what not. Which is definitely awesome. That means mail comes in 3 days for a letter and 6 for a package pretty freaking awesome eh. On a serious note though things this week has been really good. Which should of been a sign of me getting transferred. Every time things start getting good I get moved but oh well it keeps ya humble I guess. Or that is what they say. So humility is my lesson for the next six weeks I guess or that is what I am feeling it will be. But that is alright humility is always a good lesson to learn if not one of the best to learn especially while on your mission. Its not easy to learn here but its good to learn because then you draw closer to your Savior. Which makes you a ten times more effective missionary. So anyways got to go for now. Love ya mom talk to ya later.



Monday, January 17, 2011

letter recieved 1-17-11


Yeah I always knew that Nicholas would cave in and end up getting a rubber player (watch). The fact that he would bring it up that the Rubber Player wasn't cool was a dead sign. But yeah the diamond is real in the watch that is why on the back of the watch it says yes its real lol. Elder Randall every time he sees me always says is that a real diamond. Oh get this if he has black and I have white the cool thing is we can be yin and yang or whatever the crap that thing is. But I am actually going to be getting a new Nixon Newton from Elder Beus the cool thing is that it is fake its from China so he is giving me one. I am not sure what color I am getting yet. But it will be sweet.
So what are you guys going down to Thatcher for?

So Matt McClure is extending that is pretty awesome he must be doing good. President Simpson never lets you extend well actually Salt Lake wont let you. To answer your questions the ward is starting to warm up to us more and more. We are actually at the point where people will come up and say hi to us. And some have even started to feed us. So its just crazy the missionaries before us had good intentions but just did it in a bad way. Which caused things to get a little bad. And Elder Smith is an awesome kid I enjoy serving with him. The other day he looked at me and said how is it that you have managed to pick up everything that bothers me in only four weeks and use them to bother me. Super funny kid to bother mostly cause he was the youngest so he gives the reaction that you are looking for. So in all honestly we get a long I don't bother him that much. He is a good missionary and leader he makes it easy to serve with him and helps a lot with the fact I don't always have to wonder what the crap he is doing.

But the work is going OK we went by and visited Megan and when I asked her if I could reteach her. She went dead quiet so I was like oh boy here it comes. No joke I thought she was going to cry and then finally says can I think about it. So hopefully things go well. She came to church which is good mostly because when she was taught in the past she only came to church once. So hopefully she will continue to come to church with John her husband who is a member. The other glimmer of hope is that a member is working with a lady from Peru who just took a copy of the Book Of Mormon so we are trying to get over to her house and hopefully we can teach her. We just need to gain the trust of the member so we have some ideas of going about doing that so things should start working out. But as for knocking its different here in Halifax hard to find people. Its interesting you literally only have a 30 second chance to intrigue them. So we are trying to find what that subject would be that would intrigue the people at the door. Anyways I hope things go well for you guys this week. I love ya have fun

Elder Davis.

Monday, January 10, 2011

letter recieved 1/10/11


Hey whats up? So the pictures of Dave on the scooter made me and Elder Smith die laughing it was so funny to see him on it. I am a little surprised that he bought it so soon, But not really because all he talked about on the phone with me was how much he wanted a scooter like that. So tell him I definitely want a scooter ride.

I am glad you got Beus's letter he is a good kid he actually just sent me an email today he sounds like he is doing really good I am happy for him he is a good kid miss being able to talk to him as much as I use to back in New Glasgow but from what I can tell he seems to be doing really well up in Sydney and he seems to be enjoying training so I think things should continue to go well for him. To answer the question no I didn't lock the door I kept it open so I could talk to him and yeah then came the camera I was like are you kidding me dude(companion sent us a picture of Kyle sittin on the toliet). But yeah he said he was kidding then a few weeks before he sent it to you he called me and was like guess what? My response not much why Elder? He follows with I am totally sending that picture to your mom with Happy Kwanza on it. So then yeah he sent it and now you have it and it looks like you have shown everyone it. So thanks for keeping it secret eh.

So you got Ans a beach cruiser for her birthday eh? That is to funny. Can she drive yet?
But yeah ten months in an area eh?(talkin about and elder in our area) That is a lot longer then I have ever served in an area. I have only made it 7 1/2 months in an area. But I will probably be in the Metro for a total of 20 months by the time I am done with my mission.
Oh by the way Cassie told me she sent you an email asking what my favorite food was, And yes I did almost cry when I walked in and saw chicken enchiladas. It was totally awesome. Then she follows up with hey do you want the left overs.

But lets see this week has been pretty good I can't complain I should say. Nothing to crazy has happened except this guy who is a less active but married to a non member. Who we have been trying to get a hold of and kind of worried about him not being active. Showed up to church on Sunday so when we talked to him he told us that he was interested in becoming more active and really wanted us to come over and work with his wife. So we are pretty excited about that and the fact that he is having her read and pray with him. So it makes things a lot easier for us so lets hope for the best. Then another lady came up in church and told us she gave a Book of Mormon to her friend that rides the bus with her. And is going to work on setting up a time to have her meet with us. So things are starting to look a lot better. We have also been getting to know ward members a lot better. So things here are going really good and were pretty pumped for all the blessings we have been receiving while being here.

Anways love ya tons. Take care enjoy the beach cruisers. Be safe its awesome it finally snowed here. So we had a couple of good snowball fights.

Love ya though,

Elder Davis.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Letter recieved 1-5-11


The one wearing glasses is Elder Smith not me. But yeah they are
pretty cool glasses. Well this week was fun crazy to think its 2011
already time is flying by way to fast. This Saturday will be my 18
month mark which is just crazy. Some funnies of the week have been
convincing Elder Wilkinson that Elder Smiths ex girlfriend is Audrina
Partridge from the Hills. Drinking all the Sparkling juice and then
taking it and feeling it up with water and then watching the other
Elders come in to drink it and be like this is just crazy it looks
like water. Then they start drinking it and they were like your so gay
dude. So things were pretty funny. But nothing besides P days now
being Mondays have changed. Which stunk this week because well in
Canada when ever there is a holiday on the weekend they carry it over
to Monday. So yeah that means that everything that had to do with the
government was closed. But oh well live goes on and we just move
things as well. So yes P day will continue to be on Monday from here
on out. The reasoning behind it was simple Salt Lake said things work
better when it is on Monday so President said in Zone Leader Council
how can he expect his Elders to follow the Mission Handbook if he
doesn't trust and follow the council from the brethren. So life here
is good President was pretty funny at Zone Leader Council he was
sitting there and some the new Zone Leaders were there and they were
doing the Zone Reports he would say to them if you want to come to
another of these don't mess up. So really that is it for changes
though in the mission.

It was a good Zone Leader Council we were talking about newer Elders
and them having problems knocking well mostly the fact that they don't
always see immediate results from knocking. It is something that can
really wear down on you to. Believe me I have had a couple of days
where I think why does this have to be so hard. You often times when
you 4 weeks of knocking straight and not getting in one door and you
are not able to get any return appointments and then to make matters
worse you drop or are dropped by your only investigators. It can be
mentally and emotionally tough in so many ways. So we were talking
about this and how to help them. And then President said he was
convinced that there is more blessing that come from knocking then
just getting a new investigator. We discussed how it teaches
obedience, a work ethic and diligence. It's true but that lead me to
realize that each little stupid trial really is there to teach you
something and the crappy thing is sometimes you just don't want to
learn it. And you wish it would just end. But it is in those moments
that you are growing more then you will then if you see success after
success. Anyways that is all for now I will talk to you on Monday I
guess love ya tons.

Elder Davis.