Monday, January 17, 2011

letter recieved 1-17-11


Yeah I always knew that Nicholas would cave in and end up getting a rubber player (watch). The fact that he would bring it up that the Rubber Player wasn't cool was a dead sign. But yeah the diamond is real in the watch that is why on the back of the watch it says yes its real lol. Elder Randall every time he sees me always says is that a real diamond. Oh get this if he has black and I have white the cool thing is we can be yin and yang or whatever the crap that thing is. But I am actually going to be getting a new Nixon Newton from Elder Beus the cool thing is that it is fake its from China so he is giving me one. I am not sure what color I am getting yet. But it will be sweet.
So what are you guys going down to Thatcher for?

So Matt McClure is extending that is pretty awesome he must be doing good. President Simpson never lets you extend well actually Salt Lake wont let you. To answer your questions the ward is starting to warm up to us more and more. We are actually at the point where people will come up and say hi to us. And some have even started to feed us. So its just crazy the missionaries before us had good intentions but just did it in a bad way. Which caused things to get a little bad. And Elder Smith is an awesome kid I enjoy serving with him. The other day he looked at me and said how is it that you have managed to pick up everything that bothers me in only four weeks and use them to bother me. Super funny kid to bother mostly cause he was the youngest so he gives the reaction that you are looking for. So in all honestly we get a long I don't bother him that much. He is a good missionary and leader he makes it easy to serve with him and helps a lot with the fact I don't always have to wonder what the crap he is doing.

But the work is going OK we went by and visited Megan and when I asked her if I could reteach her. She went dead quiet so I was like oh boy here it comes. No joke I thought she was going to cry and then finally says can I think about it. So hopefully things go well. She came to church which is good mostly because when she was taught in the past she only came to church once. So hopefully she will continue to come to church with John her husband who is a member. The other glimmer of hope is that a member is working with a lady from Peru who just took a copy of the Book Of Mormon so we are trying to get over to her house and hopefully we can teach her. We just need to gain the trust of the member so we have some ideas of going about doing that so things should start working out. But as for knocking its different here in Halifax hard to find people. Its interesting you literally only have a 30 second chance to intrigue them. So we are trying to find what that subject would be that would intrigue the people at the door. Anyways I hope things go well for you guys this week. I love ya have fun

Elder Davis.

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